Heart speaks first - Ryan Sheckler fan fiction

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Created by mamiBf1y on Monday, July 06, 2009


CHAPTER 1: "Why making the effort now?

Ryan threw the ping pong ball from the other end of the table into the cups across from him. He cheered as he shot the white round ball into the first red cup. "Score!" Ryan cried.

As he took a sip from his red cup, he noticed the girl he had a huge crush on in freshman year. The brunette chick was sitting on the sofa in her favorite purple tied dyed tank top with dark blue denim jeans, which were revealing her tanned legs. She still looked the same with those dark eyeliner, that defined her almond shaped eyes. She was even more glowing than before.

"Hey babe" Ryan's girlfriend Tasha put her arms around his waist. "You have your thinking face on, what's on your mind?"

He looked into Tasha's unexciting hazel eyes, "Just about you sleeping over tonight" Ryan lied.

Tasha kissed him, "I'm stoked too baby" Ryan rolled his eyes and turned the other cheek. He noticed her leaving, he walked past Tony who was making out with a girl, we all know he hardly knows. Ryan followed the gorgeous brunette until he knew it was the right time to stop her.

"Leaving already?" Ryan asked.

She turned around and nod, "Yea, you know me" Then looked at her Blackberry Curve, "Eleven forty nine"

Ryan frown, "It's been a while Kourt"

"Yeah, it has but things happen"

"I feel like a jerk" He put his left fingers in his pocket.

Kourtney shook her head, "Like I said, things happen. Her phone was vibrating with 'dad' flashing on the screen. "I gotta go though. My dad's calling"

Ryan smirk, "Is there anyway I could get you to stay longer?"

"I'll see you around Ryan" She walked out of his front door and into the dark

Kourtney could hear the smooth noise of the water as she pushed open the gates that entered to her backyard. As she locked the gates behind her, she noticed her older brother Kevin in the pool. "Isn't it a little too late to go for a swim?" She asked as she threw her purse on the grass and went to sit by the pool.

"Has any guy give you an unsure answer?" He ask his little sister.
She smirk,"They always do, why?"She dipped her legs into the pool.
Kevin rest his chin on his little sisters knees, "Jasmine is making my head spin"

"She isn't a guy though" "But she's confusing! Paps told me you were at a party?" Kourtney slowly nodded, "Gay ass party" "Ryans?" His sister smirk then looked away, "Thought so, what happened?" "I. Don't know" She said, "I fricken don't know. He comes up to me and tells me to stay? Like what the heck? I've been to most of his parties and out of all the parties he had, he had to tell me to stay at this one?" "Probably because he didn't notice you?" Kevin chuckled. "No, he noticed me all the time. It's weird." Kourtney explained. "I just don't understand" "You're a nice girl. You're there for him when he needs you. He's probably realizing it now that he was a jerk" Kourtney let out a big laugh as she showed Kevin her phone, "Yo dude. Wanna chill tomorrow?"

"What did I tell you?"
"Girls are always right" Kevin smirk.
"Exactly" Kourtney sigh.

Ryan pulled into the driveway, noticing he got rejected by Kourtney three times. He got out of his car and walked up the front steps to a house he had remembered coming to when he was little.

The door to the front door pulled open, "I don't know what part of leave me alone don't you understand" Kourtney said.

"Take it easy Kourt"

"I just don't understand why"

"Why, what?" Ryan ask.

Kourtney looked behind and closed the front door. "I don't understand why you want to talk to me now. When years you had the chance to talk to me, why the hell now?"

Ryan shrug, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry about it all. But you've been all I thought about everyday"

Kourtney crossed her arms and shrug, "I still don't understand why Ryan"

"I'll explain if you change your mind"

"I don't know"

"Come on Kourtney. I won't let you down" He said, "Just this one time"

She looked at him and bit her lips. "Fine. Just this one time"

"Sick" Ryan said as he pulled her into a tight hug. "That's my Kourtney I know"

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