How To Annoy Organization 13: Marluxia

As much fun it is to bash him, I have a special place in my heart for our pink-headed friend, Marluxia :D ~Alex~

Created by HOTDOGHOBO on Tuesday, July 07, 2009

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*How To Make Marluxia Wish He Could Turn You Into Mulch*

1. Dye his hair black

2. After watching "Little Shop of Horrors", look at him strangely. (you gotta watch the movie to get this one...)

3. Set his garden on fire and blame it on Axel (is it just me, or do you blame everything on Axel??).

4. Await the impending bitch slap from the "Graceful Assasain"

5. When he asks you to water his plants, pour gas on them, get Axel to walk on by, and get your video camera...


7. Paint his room black. Don't be surprised to see him switch rooms with Zexion.

8. Go to an anime convention cosplaying as him. Hit on every other Organization 13 cosplayer at the convention in his presence.

9. Just like Xemmy and Axel, bump into him and mistake him for a girl.

10. Call him 'Flower-Boy'

11. When he's used to that, call him 'Flower-Girl'

12. When training, cheer for him by yelling (at the top of your lungs): "YEAH, FLOWER POWER!" (anything like that works).

13. Ask why he's called the Graceful Assasian if Axel is the one who does the assasinating...

14. Replace all his black robes with pick tutus

15. Set him up on a blind date with Larxene. (Once again, get the handy dandy video camera)

16. Make fun of his "feminine side"

17. When he pouts and stomps the ground and protests, saying he's extremely manly, bounce back at him, saying that he has a pink scythe as a weapon, has control over flowers, has pink hair, and was sadly defeated by a 14 year old boy with a duck and a dog as friends, wielding a giant key, and wore huge ass yellow shoes.

18. Bleach Axel's hair so that it'll end up pink, just like Mar Mar's.

19. When Marly sees Axel and gets all excited that they're matching, try to hold in your laugh when Axel assumes it was his fault and beats him mindlessly.

20. Skip and prance around Marly with a basket-full of daisies, singing "I feel pretty"

21. Dress him up as Strawberry Shortcake on Halloween.

22. When playing Re:Com (Re: Chain of Memories) on PS2, when you hear his 'sexy voice', look at him surprised and exclaim "You're actually a guy in the game!"

WARNING: You may wake up to be strapped to your bed with rabid vines, in the belly of a Venus Fly Trap,or, EVEN WORSE, your hair dyed pink (or chopped off, depends on how much you annoyed him).


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