Fast and Hard **Rated R!**Chapter 1


Created by alice1ashley on Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This is rated r because sex is in every chapter! It was Mindys first day at school and she had no clue where to go. Mindy saw the most beautiful guy ever. She walked over to him and said.
Mindy: Hi my names-
Joe: Mindy. Youre the new girl (smiles) *checks her out*
Mindy: Yes. I need help finding this room.
She shows Joe the paper and points at the class number.
Joe: (thinking) I can show her to the Janitors closet so we can get it on.
Joe: Ya I can show you
Mindy: Thanks
He watched her boobs bounce side to side.
Mindy: Joe what are you looking at?
Joe: I-uh- Lets go
Joe took Mindy to the Janitors closet.
Joe: Here we are
Mindy pointed at the sign.
Mindy: It says Janitors closet.
Joe took his chance and opened the door, pushing her in. They started making out. He pulled up her shirt.
Mindy: What are you doing?
Joe: Boning you
Joe pulled her shirt over her head along with his own.
Mindy: Youre a dirty boy. Good cause Im a dirty girl.
Mindy unhooked her bra and let him suck on her nipples. She moaned. Joes boner was rubbing on her inner thigh making her moan louder. Joe slipped off his pants and Mindys pants. Then her underwear. His boxers were off in seconds.

Mindy: Im tired of waiting. Fuck me!
Joe: I will..
Joe teased her again by rubbing his boner on her inner thigh.
Mindy: Uh...Come on
Joe straddled her.
Chapter 2 coming soon.

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