Is this supposed to happen? *Neji Hyuga Love Story*INFO

This is an attempt so pleze message me so i know how i did. ^_^ (btw if your smart enough there are spoilers for my next series of lost love in here)

Created by deidarafangirl567 on Thursday, July 09, 2009

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Your Name: Kita Mori (Kita=tree feildMori=forest)
Personality: You are kind and very warm hearted. One of your good and bad traits is that you will go out of your ways for others. That has caused you heartache many times and it will many more. You are very positive about your Christian religion and even listen to Christian rock music!!!!
I love Christian rock!!! (Me: Yay! I know it rocks!!!!)
Ok....... O_e (Me: go fall in a hole jkjkjk)

Family: You live with no one but your dog. Your mother, Kiki, left you in the village to go be a knightmare pilot. You had no clue what that was, but you knew she would come back. Your situation was kind of like Annie, you knew your mother would come back but you didn't know when.
Strengths: You are very skilled at Taijutsu. You've trained to protect yourself from harm since you were 4, and Neji and Lee admire your skill.
Team: Gai's squad.
Looks: You have brown hair about the length of Neji's. You wear glasses only when you are at home and no one is around. You have brown eyes.


Her you are! Kita Mori!

I hope you enjoy

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