`Love Lore` ?Dean Winchester? 10 [final]

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Cleaning skeletons out of closets. Just not literally.

Here’s your siren history from what I remember: It can make itself look like anyone to fill a certain person’s need. (For example on the show, the siren fulfilled a man’s sexual fantasy.) The siren makes its victims fall in love with it by kissing or any other mouth-to-mouth means. (like in the show Dean drank the same soda as it did) Once the siren infects a person, they kind of go crazy, expressing feelings that might otherwise be repressed. The main thing the siren wants is to be loved and if that means its ‘lover’ has to kill to be with it, than the siren will influence that person to commit murder. For whatever reason the siren’s true form can be seen in mirrors etc.

Gee I hope all that made sense...you can always just watch the ep, it’s called ‘Sex & Violence’. Thanks a lot Kripike, couldn’t have done this chapter without ya! ♥


“Angels aren’t very nice Ben…” Dean started. You glanced away from the laptop curiously.

“Why do you say that?” Ben asked, perched on the bed.

“Glad you asked..” Dean responded rolling up his sleeve. He showed Ben the scar of Castiel’s handprint.

“An angel did that to you?” Ben pressed.

“Yeah the one ya met.” Dean replied fixing his sleeve.


“Sore loser - mad ~~~~~~ loved me more than him.”

“Dean!” you spoke up.

“Really?” Ben asked.

“Yeah.” Dean said.

“No.” you argued standing.

“~~~~~~~.” Dean warned.

“Tell him the truth.” You said.

“No.” Dean said.

“What’s the truth?” Ben asked.

“Hell exists.” You answered.

“Well…yeah.” Ben replied, unfazed.

“And…” you started.

“~~~~~~ no damnit!” Dean interrupted.

“People go there.” You told Ben. “…Dean was one of them…” Dean slammed the lamp off the counter. “BUT Castiel pulled him out and everything’s okay now…” you finished.

Ben turned his attention from you to Dean who was fuming. “What’s hell like?” he asked.

“Awful.” Dean answered glaring at you. “Will you give us a minute alone Ben?” he added. Ben glanced at the two of you, stood, bent down to pick up the lamp and placed it on the counter as he ducked into the bathroom. “~~~~~~~~~~!” he snapped.

“Well you shouldn’t have lied about Cas!” you said.

“What do you care?” Dean asked.

You just shook your head. “You didn’t have to show Ben your scar so don’t be mad at me!” You replied.

“Whatever. We have work to do…Ben c’mon.” he called, slipping on his leather jacket.

“What this siren crap?” you asked gesturing to the laptop. “It doesn’t seem like a very reliable case to me…how’d you hear about it?”

“Oh an old friend.” Dean said with a half-smile that put you on edge as he herded Ben toward the door.


“Jo.” You noted.

“Yup.” Dean said.

“Jo.” You repeated glancing at him as he drove.

Yeah.” Dean said curtly.

“Who’s Jo?” Ben asked who was sitting between you two.

You crossed your arms. “One of Dean’s many past flings.” You scowled staring out the window.

“You had a fling with a guy?!” Ben asked.

“Wha-NO! No-no-no…” Dean answered. “She’s a girl. Not really my type but….”

“Oh please you were all over her.” You interrupted.

“Yeah I…was.” Dean said. You glanced at him as he licked his lips. It almost sounded like he had been about to say something else.

“So uh….you and Castiel were almost together?” Ben asked breaking into your thoughts.

You blinked as you glanced down at him. “Well…”

“Yeah the guy might’ve pulled me out of hell but he also tried stealing my girl.” Dean spoke up. “The two of them had a history.”

“Okay that’s not fair, I had a history with Jimmy,” you argued. “non-romantic by the way…” you added to Ben.

“Wait I’m confused who’s Jimmy?” Ben asked.

“Jimmy is the sap Castiel is wearing.” Dean answered before you could.

“He’s called a vessel Dean.” You corrected.

“So Castiel is…possessing Jimmy?” Ben pressed.

“Basically.” You said with a nod.

“Awkward.” He murmured.

“Hey I got an idea ~~~~~~~,” Dean started. “How about we tell him about dear perverted Charlie hm?” he continued finally glancing at you.

“Charlie?” Ben repeated not sure who to look at – you or Dean.

“~~~~~~~~’s other other boyfriend.” Dean informed.

“He wasn’t my….!” You started.

“You made out with the guy!” Dean interrupted.

“And you were standing right there when I did it!” you snapped.

“You know you’re right, I was standing right there when you kissed Jimmy too.” Dean said.

“He was dying Dean!” you replied.

“Did you ever kiss Castiel?” Dean asked. You opened and shut your mouth a few times silently. Dean raised his eyebrows quickly glancing at the road as he waited for a response. “Did you?” he pressed.

“Ummmm…” you stalled debating whether or not to lie.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean swore.

“I-I’m thinking about it!” you said.

“You shouldn’t have to think - obviously he did! How many times?” Dean asked. You grimaced. “How many?” Dean demanded his tone getting rougher.

You sighed. “Twice.” You admitted.

“Oh that’s just..super.” Dean spat.

“Just let me explain!” you said.

“I don’t think that’s necessary.” Dean responded.

“Yes it is!” you argued. You took a deep breath. “Remember Halloween? When we were talking about the dreamdropping?” you began.

“…Barely.” Dean said.

“When Castiel first told you about Lucifer and the seals…”

“Is that a show at SeaWorld?” Ben spoke up. You and Dean both glanced at him in surprise, having forgotten he was even in the car.

Dean smirked. “That’s what I said.” He replied.

“Anyway,” you murmured inhaling deeply again continuing again. “I was there just out of sight. Castiel called it dreamdropping later. But um….Zachariah wanted to test me. I mean my feelings for Jimmy. He kept saying ‘dominant or dormant’, God I hated him. That’s when….Castiel kissed me…”

“Whoa he kissed you?” Dean asked.

“It was a test and we passed, I-I didn’t care about Jimmy so…”


Don’t. Don’t care about Jimmy. Okay?”

“Alright what about the second time you two kissed?” Dean asked.

You bit your lip. “Well….when that Genie had me…”

“Castiel kissed you.” Dean finished. “I knew it. Knew I shouldn’t have trusted him. Had no choice, Charlie was freaking useless for once.”

“It wasn’t that simple Dean…” you murmured. Damn you shouldn’t have said that.

“What?” Dean asked.

You closed your eyes, aware that you were about to contradict yourself. “Well…I mean when I woke up in that fake comatose world….I was with you. You were normal.” You started, unable to bite back a smile.

“Normal how?” Dean asked.

“You worked in an office building.” You answered.

“Ew God.” Dean mumbled. Ben laughed at the look on his face. The two of them shared a smile and for a minute you thought you were off the hook. “Continue.” Dean requested.

“Um….apparently….Jimmy and I were….I mean I was….cheating on you..with him.” You stammered.

Dean stared at you for a long moment before his eyes flicked to the road again. “You were what?” he pressed.

Ugh he was gonna make you repeat it? You sighed. “Jimmy and I were…” you started.

“Doing the nasty? Behind my back?” Dean demanded.

“I-I guess so! Look I threw him out…” you continued.

“Well that makes up for everything doesn’t it?” Dean interrupted.

“Then Castiel starting poking around and eventually I started to believe him but I had to be sure so…I kissed him.” You said. Dean scoffed. “AND he hesitated Dean, so I knew it wasn’t Jimmy.”

“He hesitated but still kissed you.” Dean noted. “I’m gonna kill him.” He added when you didn’t say anything.

“You cant he’s my guardian angel.” Ben pointed out.

“Dean…” you murmured.

“Cant wait to see Jo.” He announced smacking his hand on the steering wheel for emphasis. You frowned. Well that wasn’t good.


The Impala pulled up to Roadhouse Rules – a skimpy building that looked ready to fall apart at any minute.

“Wait in the car Ben.” Dean requested.

“Wait…” you protested.

“He has the knife.” Dean said, as Ben pulled it out. “You’re welcome to wait with him.” He added. You gave him a look. “Keep the doors locked Ben.” he told Ben. He nodded. You and Dean got out of the car.

“Dean can we talk?” you asked as he hopped up the steps.

“I think you’ve talked enough for one night.” Dean responded curtly pushing through the door. You hung your head a little as you followed him inside. The interior of the roadhouse was as shabby as the exterior; the floorboards beneath your feet looking like they were ready to rot. The first thing you really noticed though, was the place was filled with burly men. They were dressed like traditional hunters, camouflage hats, unnecessary vests, but you couldn’t help wondering if they shot at werewolves instead of bears. Aside from a couple near a back corner, Jo was the only girl. “Jo!” Dean greeted loudly, raising the latch to enter the space behind the bar. You could tell Jo was about to bitch him out, but he wrapped an open arm around her shoulders pulling her close then crashing his lips against hers. Your jaw dropped as a few guys hooted. You felt an angry rash spread from your heart throughout your entire body. Just as you marched toward them, Dean quickly separated from Jo as an older blonde appeared from an inner room (that led up to the bar).

“Well hi Dean.” She greeted.

“Ellen, how are ya?” Dean replied in a quick though sheepish matter as he wiped his fingers down his mouth. He glanced back at you for the briefest moment before smiling at Ellen and Jo.

Well if he had been trying to make you jealous it worked. You had had enough. You stormed out, jumping down the steps of the roadhouse. Ben slowly rolled down the window as you approached the car. “What’s wrong?” he asked. You shook your head as you climbed inside the driver’s side of the Impala. You knew you’d explode if you opened your mouth and you didn’t want to unleash your anger on the wrong target. You stared at the ignition of the car – Dean had left the keys. You glared up at the Roadhouse. You had only kissed other men when you had no other choice, but there was no excuse for Dean kissing Jo. He was just being a jerk. So you’d show him. You turned the Impala on. “Where are we going?” Ben asked softly.

No clue. Away from Dean. For a little while at least. “You can get out.” You respond. Ben glanced up at the roadhouse, then at you shaking his head. Well Dean would think you were really mad if you not only took his car but his kid too. You shrugged, just now realizing how tense you were as you carefully backed out of the so-called parking lot and eased the Impala onto the road. You had never driven it before since Dean was such a control freak.

“What’d he do?” Ben asked. You bit your lip with no intention of answering. “Did Dean kiss Jo?” he guessed. You blinked in surprise glancing at him automatically. “It’s okay ~~~~~~. I don’t think any guy can really like a girl with a man’s name.” Ben continued.

“Thanks for coming with me Ben..” you murmured.

Ben nodded with a small smile as you exchanged glances. Suddenly his eyes widened in surprise. “Look out!” he cried. Castiel had appeared in the middle of the road and you were forced to stomp on the breaks. The Impala lurched to a stop about a foot away from him.

Your heart was still racing along as Castiel walked to your side. You rolled down the window. “What-what….?” You stammered, trying to say ‘What was that?!’ but failing to.

“Let me drive.” Castiel responded.

You exchanged looks with Ben. “Is he in trouble?” you asked.

“Yes.” Castiel said.

Oh great. You got out and stood in front of him for a moment. “Thanks for coming.” You said softly. He nodded silently and you walked around the car as Castiel got in. Cas glanced into the mirror and as you climbed inside the passenger’s seat, your attention on Ben and his attention on you.


He smashed his fist into the mirror causing you and Ben to jump. “It’s important to avoid reflections.” Castiel said as he started driving. You clenched Ben closer to you glancing at the mirror shards worriedly. Just as you glanced at the side mirror it suddenly exploded and you realized Cas had made it explode by merely flexing his finger.


The three of you had arrived back at the motel.

“Should I be freaking out?” you asked pacing in front of Ben.

“You already are a little.” Castiel noticed with a small smile. Your eyes narrowed. “Dean.” He continued. “Always was the drama queen.” You laughed a little.

“Hey.” Ben protested.

“Why don’t you get some sleep Ben.” Castiel said walking up to him.
”I’m not…” Ben trailed off, falling asleep as Castiel pressed a finger to his temple.

“Was that necessary?” you asked.

“Yes.” Castiel replied. He slowly turned to you. “We needed to be alone.” He announced.

“Why?” you murmured.

“I’ve always been there for you ~~~~~~~…” he began hesitantly.

“What?” you respond.

“I always will be too.” He continued.

“You’re not sounding like yourself.” You mused taking a step back.

“I love you.” Castiel said coming forward.

“I-I thought this was about Ben.” You respond wearily.

He slowly shook his head. “It’s about you ~~~~~~~, it’s always about you.” He said. He locked his hands around your neck hurting you a little as he slid his tongue into your slightly open mouth.


“…..You really got no clue where to start looking for the siren huh?” Dean asked who had sat down at the bar. Ellen and Jo shook their heads. “Alright, I’ll see what I can dig up.” Dean continued taking a long gulp of his drink.

“You better go make up.” Jo said as he stood.

“Excuse me?” Dean replied.

She gave him a look. “~~~~~~~? That’s her name isn’t it? You used me to burn her again….” She said. Dean flinched a tiny bit as he glanced toward the door. “Why do you do that Dean?” she added.

“Hey I just found out she made out with three guys! I mean…technically just two cause Jim and Cas are the same person…and I was there when she kissed Charlie but that’s not the point!” Dean responded.

Jo’s eyes were narrow. “What are you talking about?” she asked.

Dean shook his head. “Nothing.” He sighed. “You’re right. I’m an idiot. Here’s hoping she’ll forgive me.” He said finishing the last of his beer. He slammed the mug on the counter, nodded at Ellen, then headed for the door. As he walked out the first thing he noticed was the Impala missing. “Where’s my car?” he said out loud.

“Dean.” Said the real Castiel. Dean glanced at him, momentarily forgetting about his car as he faced Cas. “We have to talk. Now.”

“Ya know I am so sick of talking. I feel more like hitting.” Dean said. He punched Castiel, only hurting himself as Castiel’s head jolted to the side. Dean groaned a tiny bit cradling his fist as Castiel’s head swiveled straight again.

“~~~~~~~ is in trouble.” Castiel informed.

“Yeah I’ll say,” Dean said, shaking his hand as if that would ease the pain. “She took my car!”

“One of us is going to have to stab her.” Castiel said.

Dean stared. “What?!” he asked.

“The siren’s got her. Probably infected her by now too.”

“Son of a….”


Dean busted into the motel room and you cocked the shotgun in your hands. “~~~~~~, it’s me.” Dean said gesturing to himself.

“It’s me.” You mimicked. “No sh-t it’s you! Dean, the jealous jerk! The manwhore that got pissed just because I kissed, KISSED two guys when I had no other options.” You respond.

Dean’s eyes darted to (the fake) Castiel. “And I see you’re back at it again.” Dean said.

“Castiel loves me unconditionally. He doesn’t feel jealousy.” You replied.
”He doesn’t feel a lot of emotions does he?” Dean challenged.

You raised the gun. “I don’t care! Love is all that matters to me Dean but all you care about is yourself!”

“Just lower the gun..” Dean requested.

“Oh is than an order Mr. Control Freak?”

“More like a friendly request.” (he said that in ‘asylum’ xD)

“Screw you Dean AH!” you screamed as someone stabbed you in the shoulder. You fell to the ground the gun slipping out of your hands. Dean quickly kneeled beside you as you glanced over your bleeding shoulder. Your jaw dropped as you saw Castiel had stabbed an apparent doppelganger of himself which was gaping for air.

“That’s the siren ~~~~~~~.” He explained.

“Wha-Cas was the sire…oh…” you mumbled returning your attention to Dean. “I’m sorry.” You said.

“No I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed Jo. That was lame.” Dean responded.

You felt a hand on your shoulder and you glanced up at Castiel wearily. “You stabbed me.” You noted even as a part of you realized he had also just healed you.

“To kill a siren you have to mix its victim’s blood with its own.” Castiel said stonily. He glanced over at Ben who was still sound asleep.

Dean stood pulling you up with him. He immediately kissed you, his lips moving in a perfectly passionate harmony with yours. He pulled back to glance at Ben too and you saw that Castiel had disappeared. “Maybe things can get back to normal now…” he mused.

You glanced at him in concern. “What’s normal?” you respond.

Dean chuckled. “Why don’t you tell me more about this normal life you dreamed of hm?” he said wrapping his arms around your waist.

Your eyes narrowed. “You’re not implying that we should abandon hunting are you?” you asked.

Dean shrugged. “That’s kind of the general idea yeah…” he said.

“But Dean…”

“~~~~~~~~…we cant keep doing this. It’ll tear us apart….I mean it’s already torn us up…pretty literally…” he laughed. “We need to leave it behind. Focus on us, and Ben.”

“But how?”

Camera flash taking pictures of Dean the model...


You rested your hands on Ben’s shoulders. “Your Daddy is sap.” You informed.

“He looks like a mobster.” Ben grinned.

“Well a sappy mobster.” You said as Dean stood.

“Like the hat?” Dean asked turning it as he approached.

“Like Arby’s? We’re starving.” You replied.

Dean glanced at his watch. “Geez lunchtime already.” He mused. “Yeah alright, let me change into my street clothes.” Dean said leaning over Ben to peck you on the lips. “YO we’re done right?” he called as he walked away. Giggling you led Ben in the opposite direction.


Charlie stood outside Dean’s dressing room. He held out his hand. Dean rolled his eyes, pulled out a roll of money and smacked it into Charlie’s hand. Smirking Charlie pocketed his hand as he followed Dean inside (the dressing room). “So when am I going to be introduced to Ben as Uncle Charlie?” he asked curiously.

“Uh….never.” Dean replied tossing his hat aside before loosening his tie. “I don’t even know what I need you for.”

“I protect your fancy-pansy apartment. Plus I’m an insurance policy…anything supernatural pops up in a 50 mile radius and poof! It disappears.” Charlie said.

“I’m pretty sure Cas could do that…” Dean responded.

“In case you haven’t noticed he’s still a little guilt-stricken from having to stab ~~~~~~~~ after that siren crap.” Charlie pointed out.

“Yeah speaking of which where were you doing that hm?” Dean challenged as he slipped out of his dress pants.

“I was going to intervene….but I was really hoping she’d kill you.” Charlie said with a shrug. “No offense.”

“Ah course not.” Dean responded pulling on his jeans.

“You’d the same in my position.” Charlie told him.

“Good point.” Dean agreed putting on his leather jacket.

“Well have fun. With my girl.” Charlie said as Dean headed for the door. He paused.

“She was never your girl Charlie.”

“Not yet. But I’ll be waiting.”




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