I Slept With My Best Friend's Brother... Crap.

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Created by aahhmmiii on Saturday, July 11, 2009

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I slept with my best friend’s brother… Crap. Chpt. 1

All I remembered was being welcomed into my best friend’s home… and the next thing I know is…

…I wake up in her brother’s bed…


“What time do I pick you up tomorrow?” my dad asked as he kept his eyes on the road, driving towards my best friend, Claudia’s house.

I turned to him and nonchalantly said, “I don’t know. Whatever time’s good for you.”

Disgruntled with my answer, he narrowed his eyes on the road. “Tell you what, I’ll pick you up no later than 8pm tomorrow, but if you figure out whether you want me to come earlier, just call,” he said.

I nodded in response, then averting my eyes back to the road. It was quite rare that my dad allowed me to go on a sleepover. Heck, he never said yes to any of my pleading. Although, after getting his permission for this case, I think I may have found the trick.

Claudia had invited me to sleepover at her house and I explained to her that my dad never allows me to sleepover at anyone’s house. Claudia couldn’t accept that and suggested that SHE ask him, herself. I didn’t really know how to respond to that, so without thinking, I just told her to go for it.

Unexpectedly, she returned from asking for his permission, all calm and collected and said, “I’ll be expecting you at my place, tomorrow at 9!”

I grinned to myself, thinking about that day, as we neared our stop.

My dad gave me an uncomfortable glance without my awareness then cleared his throat. “There won’t be any boys, right?”

I shook my head. “Claudia’s brother’s leaving for college tomorrow. We’ve never even exchanged two words, so you have nothing to worry about,” I responded with no hint of interest in my voice, which reassured my dad somewhat.

Claudia’s brother was a mystery. He’s not once acknowledged any one of Claudia’s friends whom she brought home with her. He’d talk to Claudia when she’s around me and other people, but it’s as though he doesn’t even know we’re there.

I shook thoughts of Claudia’s brother off my head, as my dad drove up Claudia’s driveway. My dad parked the car and walked me to her front porch. Being the overprotective father he is, he wanted to see if an adult was present in the household.

I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door.

Before someone did, I whispered to my dad, “So if you don’t see an adult, are you just gonna take me home?”

He whispered back, “If that’s the case, yes.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

The door opened and revealed Claudia’s brother, being the one to open the door. He was wearing a white T and plaid pajama pants.

Our eyes met and I couldn’t help but curse to myself in my head, thinking about how she could’ve picked a better outfit going to Claudia’s house- Navy blue T and jean shorts, oh did I just look fab. I gave him a small smile, not wanting to be rude and he returned it, then quickly glanced over to my dad.

“Good morning,” he greeted my dad, letting out his hand for him to shake. Dad smiled and nodded his head, greeting him, starting to feel uncomfortable with the idea of his 15 year old daughter sleeping with the presence of the likes of the good looking teen he stood before.

William, Claudia’s brother, excused himself and turned to the inside of his house. “Claudia, you friend, Amy’s here!” he yelled out.

I was a little taken aback, shocked at the fact that he knew my name. Then I started to think of the possibilities of why that may be. Claudia could have informed him she was sleeping over, or it could have something to do with whenever I called, he’d usually be the one answering the phone and calling Claudia over to tell her to get on the other line.

I stopped my thoughts when I saw Claudia running down the stairs. She hugged me without stopping her tracks and I hugged her back, struggling to keep myself balanced.

Claudia let go then greeted my dad.

“My mom’s in the kitchen making lunch for us, so come in and we can start the fun!” Claudia said, pulling me inside after saying bye to my dad. I figured that with him knowing that information, he’d be reassured that there are adults in the household, so I didn’t bother to stop Claudia from welcoming me in.

As soon as we saw my dad leave the driveway, I whispered to Claudia, “Are your parents really here?”

Claudia chuckled. “No, they’re on a business trip and plus, mom said she didn’t want to be here when Will leaves. She said it’d be too hard and that she’ll be back tomorrow night,” she answered. “Anyways, let’s go to my room!” she happily said as she ran up the stairs, yelling over to William to tell him we were going to be at her room.

Thinking about how Claudia’s parents were away, made me feel nervous. I thought I was being stupid for feeling this way, but I couldn’t help it. He’s probably one of the hottest guys I’ve ever come across in my life and I’m going to be in a house with him and his sister alone in a parent-free house.

But then I figured I’m no fairytale princess. Who was I to be acknowledged by the prince, being him?

I shook off any thoughts of him as Claudia and I entered her room. She let me in before she had entered, then closed the door behind her. I dropped my stuff by her study desk then walked my way towards her bed and sat down, where she followed.

She had this smile on her face, like the smile that usually said, “I-got-some-juicy-gossip.” I wondered if I should ask what was up, then figured she was gonna tell me anyways, so I just waited for her to bring it up.

“Wanna know a secret?”

‘Bingo,’ I thought. I crossed my legs on her bed and looked at her with interest in my eyes. “What?”

She looked excited to tell me. Whatever it was, it made her really giddy and it just boosted up my curiosity.

“Oh my god! Spill it out!” I said in anxiousness, softly hitting her with the first pillow I found within my reach.

“Okay, okay! But you CANNOT tell anyone! Especially, my brother!” she said, taking the pillow away from me.

I started to think about what she was about to say that made her bring up her brother. Could she have gotten a boyfriend, perhaps? I don’t think I recall her mentioning a guy she liked.

I nodded in response, anticipating what she was gonna say next.

She took a deep breath and said, “I think my brother likes you!”

My face dropped and all I could think of was, ‘no way…’

I couldn’t believe what she had just said. I averted my eyes away from her and turned to the floor, trying to hide my blush.

“Wha-what makes you think that?” I stuttered, finding it hard to believe. I was utterly shocked and I couldn’t think of any possibly way he could even have those type of feelings for me. “Th-There’s no way he could!”

“Dude, seriously!” she said, grabbing my head and turning it towards her. She looked at me deep in the eyes and said, “My brother’s never talked about any girl as much as he’s been talking about you.”

I narrowed my eyes, my face still in between her hands, “and WHEN exactly has he been talking about me?” I asked, annoyed by how she still had my head in her grasp.

She narrowed her eyes in return, “I was telling him yesterday that you were sleeping over and for some reason he asked a whole bunch of questions about your stay! Like what time are you coming over, how I’m going to entertain you, what time you’re going home!”

I narrowed my eyes even more, finding Claudia’s reasoning unbelievable. I put my hands on her hands and released her hold from my head. “Just that does NOT say he likes me. He’s just being responsible. That itself doesn’t even SUGGEST that he likes me. And I don’t even see how he could!” I reasoned. “I’ve done nothing for him to like me and fact is, I haven’t even exchanged two words with the guy! So HOW in the world could he like someone like me?”

Claudia just scratched her head, trying to think of a response. “Well…”

“Drop it, Claudia. There’s absolutely NO WAY that he likes me-.” My voice was cut off with the sound of a knock from Claudia’s door. To my embarrassment, I see William standing by her door, with an apathetic look on his face. His eyes were closed and his lips were pursed.

He opened his eyes and looked straight at me and I couldn’t help but gulp.

He opened his mouth. “Well, what if I do?” he asked. My eyes grew wide. “What if I do… like someone like you…?”

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