Pirates, Sex, Love, And Adventure :: Part 1 :: Attack

HI! This story was written by Lauren and zoe, and posted by Charlotte! We are the three sisters and Trizlc is our name! Read our first ever story on Quizilla! remember to message and rate! love, Trizlc

Created by Trizlc on Thursday, March 09, 2006

The night was still and silent. Stars sparkled innocently in the blue abyss that was the sky. But it was too quiet
Even the gentle breeze that usually whispered though the winding cobbled streets of a night seemed to have ceased. It was almost as if the whole town was waiting for something
And then it came, starting out as a low whistle, and then growing to a piercing scream before the sounds of a large explosion. There followed the sounds of the panicked townspeople, screaming, more ground shaking explosions and the sounds of the approaching, blood thirsty PIRATES!
*Please dont So-So! Dont go-*
*Ma I have to go, they didnt train me to cower!*
*They shouldnt have trained you at all! Youre a 16 year old girl with too much thirst for adventure thans good for her!*
*Thanks ma, but Im going Right, all set...* the younger female, who stood by the battered front door, swallowed and turned to the other *G'bye ma* She uttered, before turning and sprinting into the darkness, the sounds of her mothers screaming echoing in her ears.
Sonea turned left abruptly, following the sounds of the battle and was immediately assaulted by the blinding light of a near by burning building.
Shielding her eyes with one hand she edged by, emerging into the town square.
The sight that met her eyes here was far more appalling, it literally stopped her in her tracks. Bodies littered the ground. Men, women, children pure carnage.
She rose on pallid hand to wipe away a tear and instantly sensed a presence behind her. Before she could even contemplate a reaction, Sonea felt rough arms close around her in a breath taking grip.
In blind panic she stamped down hard on her attackers foot, drawing her elbow back, feeling the sickening sensation of his ribs splintering beneath dense fabric. Without waiting for her attacker to react she spun out of his grip and turned to face him. Blood gushed from a deep wound undoubtedly caused by his broken ribs.
*Aww... here let me put you out of your misery.* She announced, pulling a short dagger from her boot and raising her sword arm threateningly.
The pirate flinched as she made to drive her blade into him; he neednt have however as, before she could even move an inc, a firm grip enclosed around her wrist. Sonea caught a glimpse of a leering, blood stained face before she was lifted off of her feet and literally thrown into a wall. Her last sight before she lost consciousness was an advancing shadowy figure...
WICKED! must no what happens next!
Gooooooo Trizlc!!
yeah dude, more next time-
zoe, lauren and charlotte.
the three sisters,
and together we are-
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