I'm Harry Potters sister... And I love Draco Malfoy??!!! [Part 3: This must be an mistake...]

Here's part 3! It took some time from me 'cuz my mom has been doing some genealogy thing and she has practically lived at the computer... Enjoy! xoxoxoxox Sophia

Created by starbucks23 on Thursday, March 09, 2006

You change into your robes and soon the train is at Hogwarts. You step out of the train with Harry, Ron and Hermione, and see a giant castle opposite the lake.
"That is Hogwarts", Harry explains.
"Wow... This is so cool!" is all you manage to say while staring at the view.
"First grades, come here!" you hear a loud voice and snap into the reality. You walk in front of a giant, hairy man who's holding a lantern, along with first grades.
"So you are Harry's sister! Harry sent an owl to me about you", the hairy man exclaims and all the first grades turn to stare at you.
You blush and nod.
"I'm sure you get into Gryffindor. I'm Hagrid, the Hogwarts housekeeper", man says, to mention, very loudly.
You climb into a boat with three first grades and soon you are on the other side of the lake. You enter the Hogwarts and look around. The castle is amazing, the paintings at the walls are moving and ghosts are floating in the air. You and the first grades follow Hagrid into the Great Hall. Other students are already there, and Harry, Hermione and Ron wave at you.
"Now it's time for the sorting seremony. I am professor McGonagall, and I'll be your Transformations teacher while you're at Hogwarts", an old, rigorous looking woman says and the hall silences.
"You come here and I put the sorting hat on your head. When the hat has sorted you, you go into the table of the house you're in."
Before the sorting starts, the sorting hat sings a song about the Hogwarts's houses. You can tell students are looking very bored, and teachers smiles are very forced looking.
After a few dull minutes the song is finished, and the sorting starts. Because you're Potter, you are almost at the end of the list. After many students, professor McGonagall says:
"Daphne Potter."
Everyone starts whispering something like 'is she really Harry Potter's twin-sister?' or 'she will definately be at Gryffindor...'
You sit onto the chair and professor McGonagall puts the sorting hat onto you head.
"So this is Harry Potter's sister... A six years ago I sorted him to Gryffindor. It was a tough decision, maybe the toughest I have ever made... Well you are brave and determined as your brother... But you have some inner power, if you want something very badly you can be very reckless... Now my decision is... SLYTHERIN!!"
Well that was a surprise...
Hagrid.... *sigh* <3<3<3<3 (me: seriously, you're scaring the hell outta me. Go away.)
For a moment the Great Hall is completely silent. Then some scattered claps start hearing and people are whispering impetuously. You sit on the chair completely shocked. Harry is looking surprised and angry at the same time.
Finally, you awake and limp to the Slytherin table. Some people are clapping and whisteling to you, some people look pissed, apparently because they got Potter to Slytherin.

"Hello again, dear", Draco Malfoy says with a mocking tone.
You shot him death glare, not being able to speak because of your shockness.
*This must be a bad dream... I suddenly wake up and find out this was just a dream!* you think and pinch yourself. You aren't waking, just getting a small bruise.
After Dumbledore's welcoming speech, you eat quickly and follow the prefect to the Slytherin dorms with others. You unpack your belongies, change into pajamas and go to bed.
*This can't be happening... I'm at Slytherin?! Everyone hates me here because I'm Harry's sister and I'm sure they will make my life a living hell.*

Harry's POV

*What?! She's at SLYTHERIN??? Oh Gosh...*
"I'm sorry, Harry", Hermione says and looks at you symphatically.
"She seemed very nice."
You raise you glance and look at Hermione questioningly.
"What do you mean 'seemed'? Slytherins will make her life at Hogwarts a living hell we need to be with her!"
Hermione and Ron are looking ankward.
"I don't know, Harry... She seemed nice, but after all, she's Slytherin! The sorting hat has never made an mistake", Hermione says carefully and Ron is nodding.
"But... Please, give her a chance! For me, she is my damn sister!" you look prayingly at your friends who are seeming to soften up.
"Well... For you, Harry, we would do anything", Hermione finally agrees.

Back to your POV

You wake up early, take a shower and change into your robes. You slept terribly, because you just kept thinking of sorting seremony and why you were sorted in Slytherin.
*This is so my luck...* you think and head to the common room, where you see Draco Malfoy sitting on a couch.
"Good morning, honey", he greets you sarcastically.
"Go to hell", you greet back and plop onto the armchair. You decide not to be afraid of him.
"Well well, not very nice behaviour Ms. Potter. After, all, you're at new enviroment on your own. In Slytherin you don't have your 'wonderful' brother and his dump friends protecting you", he says quietly, staring to you eyes and moving closer.
You try to look calm, but inside youre nervous.
"Ooh, I'm scared", you say sarcastically but you really are afraid.
"You should be", he says softly and leaves the common room.
*What an idiot*, you think and stare into the flames of the fireplace.
*But what did he mean by the 'you should be'? Is he up to something?*
You leave the common room and go down for a breakfast. While you walk down the aisle you hear someone yelling:
"Watch out!!!"
You turn around and see...
Who? Who do I see?????
...You will find out that next time! Until then, you know what to do!! R/M!!! xoxoxox Sophia
Thank you for my best friend Sunny who made this awesome banner!!! xoxoxox Sophia

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