FullMetal Alchemist Love Story Part 1

I hope that you all will enjoy it

Created by Wooliebear on Thursday, March 09, 2006

So you were on a train, going to some weird town that was what felt like on the other side of the world. You had your brown hair tied up into a ponytail. Your fair skin had little spots of shaded trees when you were going by what looked like a forest. Your green eyes just watched as the world seemed to pass you by. You got up because it almost felt as though your legs were jut learning how to walk for the first time. Your long black skirt seemed to rise an inch as you began to stretch. Your yellow spaghetti only showed up to your belly button. It felt really great to stretch. Suddenly you see some guys right across from you. One guy was really tall, why the other one was kind of short with some long blonde hair, but also kind of cute. Then you saw that the cute blonde hair guy looks at you while hes laying down. What do you think?
(blushes) That guy is kind of cute. But was does he think of me?
That guy better not get any ideas.
I hope that guy wont try to get through to me. I have just had my heart broken so many times. I dont think I can bare anymore heartaches in my life.
Well you kind just blush and decide to go around and give your legs an exercise. After all you have been sitting there maybe 2 hours and your butt is numb. Suddenly you felt your stomach growling. But yet you didnt have any money to buy something to eat. Just then you heard someones voice come from behind you. Sounds like your hungry. If youd like, maybe I can get something for you at the dinning room.
You didnt know what to say. Before you could say anything, the guy was already in the dinner waving you to come in. What do you think?
What a creep! Oh well, free food is free food I guess. Ill be happy when I get off of this train!
Wow. You never meet guys this nice on a train. Do you think hes just being nice so that he can say that I owe him some money after words and hell know that I dont have any money so there has to be another way to repay him. (Me: Boy is she paranoid.)
(blushes) Well..I guess I can get to know him better while we eat. I see no problem with that.
Well the guy finds a table, well actually a booth. You go and sit down next to him. The guy just smiles at you. By the way. My name is Edward Elric. Whats your name? You find it hard to speak at first but then you are able to find your voice. (Ok, Im going to make up a name for you. Sorry.) Oh my name is Youna. So where are you heading to Edward? Im going to Spring Village. You look down at the table. Ed sees that you are down, but before he gets a chance to ask you whats wrong , the waiter shows up.
Im kind of relieved. I didnt want Ed to know what was wrong, but yet I did want him to know. My mind is so confused!
blushes) I wish that guy didnt have to come. I really wanted to tell Ed what was on my mind. Thanks a lot jerk.
Thank god! I didnt want his goodie goodness to rub off on me. But I do have to say that he is kind of cute.
Will you please rate and maybe give me a message of what you thought about it?
Yeah! It was so much fun reading it!
I guess..I am kind of curious of what will happen next.
No. I dont think that you should have even put up an effort to type this thing up. But it was kind of good.
Ed really seems to like you, and hes hoping that maybe you would like him back. Lucky. And it seems that you wouldnt mind getting to know him more just as hes interested in finding more about you.
You like Ed, and its obvious that he likes you back. So lighten up and enjoy his company. He sure likes yours. Youll grow found of him in no time. And soon youll realize that you love him.
So you think that maybe hes a stalker. But he just wants to get to know you. I know that in time youll learn to like him. Even though you dont show, you are growing on him. Despite the fact that you hated him in the first place.

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