Being Draco's and Harry's older sister part 1(Oliver Wood love story)

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Created by ilikehiei on Friday, March 10, 2006


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Recap- I had just gotten a letter from Hogwarts.

>>Quiz Start>> [Wow mum thats so cool] I said. [But, why only now that they give me a letter like this.] I had added.

[I have no idea dear, but do you wish to go since you brothers go there.] (I forgot to say that you know you have to little brother but they dont know that you exist.) my mum asks me.

[Ofcrouse I would like to go mum.] I say with the biggest smile on my face.

>Yeah I get to meet my two brothers for the first time.< I think to myself.

>>Fast forward to a couple days later>> I had just came off a plane and now I am in England. I am now going to go to Diagon Alley to buy my school supplies. I am now in Diagon Alley looking for Gringotts. I had finally had found it and taken as much as I think that was enough. After what looked as if forever I went to the pet store cause I never really had a pet before cause my mum was allergic to it. Well you could probably guess that I bought an owl. Its a snow owl so I decided on naming it Snowy. I got all my supplies and had went to the Leaky Cauldron. When I got there I saw this big family full of red heads and two other people.

[There she is.] said a woman with red hair.

[Huh?] I had said with confusion.

[Your _____ Evans right] she said. (I still cant think of a name so Ill just leave it that way until I think of one.)

[Yes I am and who are you.] I ask.

[I am Mrs. Weasley these are my children Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. I have other children but they are not here.] she says to me while pointed them out.

[Who are they?] I say while pointing at the other two.

[I am Hermione.] says a girl with frizzy brown hair.

[I am Harry.] says a boy with brownish-black hair with glasses on.

They ask me to have dinner with them and I agree with a smile on my face.

[So are you going to Hogwarts this year have you just started because I never see you in Hogwarts before.] asks Hermione.

[Well, yes I am new at Hogwarts and will be starting as a fifth year. What years are you guys in?] I ask.

[Harry, Ron, and I are in fourth and Ginny in third while the twins are in ____.] she replies. (I have no idea what they are in.)

>>>Skipping to very interesting conversation>>> [_____ who are your parents.] Fred asks me.

[My real parents or the ones that adopted me?] I say to him.

He looks confused by this and asks [What do you mean by that?]

[Well, I am a pureblood and I was adopted and rise by muggle parents. Do you want to know my real parents?] I ask him.

[Ok, it really doesnt matter.] says Fred and George in allusion.

[Well, my real mum and dads names are Lucious Malfoy and Lily Evans.] I said to them.

All of a sudden Harry eyes went very wide and blacked out while everybody else was very silent like hell. I on the other hand had gone to Harrys side to see if he is ok.

[Harry are you ok.] I ask.

[____ is that really who your parents are?] Mr. Weasley asked me.

[Yes they are my real parents.] I answer him.

[That means you and harry are-] Ron starts to say but in interrupted by Harry saying [That means you are my older sister.]

I then had the biggest smile in the world because I had finally fond my brother. Well, atleast one of my brothers. I gave him a really big hug.

[Cantbre---ath.] Harry tried to say.

[Oh, Im so sorry about.] I said while smiling innocently.

[Hey, wait if ____ dad is Lucious than that means that Draco is not only _____s brother but-] Hermione said.

Then everyone stopped and thought about it. [Harry and Draco are half brothers.] Ginny says with surpize written all over her face.

Suddenly the door opens and in comes in my farther and what I think is my other brother Draco.

[Hello farther.] I said in the coldest voice I can make.

Read the Results ok>>>>>


[____ is that you] my farther says with surprize in his voice.

[Who is this farther?] Draco asked with a bit of interest in his voice.

[This is your older sister. Well, we best be on our way. We have buissness to attend to.] then they left to go to Diagon Alley.

[Draco didn't even seem happy that he has a sister but I am the happy because now I know I'm not alone in this world.] Harry says while giving me a big hug.

[I'll never let any thing happen to you little brother.] I whisper to him in his ear.

[And I'm not going to let anything happen to you sis.] he says back.

[AAwwwwwwww.....isn't that cute.] Fred and George say in allusion again.

Well, I hoped you liked it. Stay tuned for part 2 ok. ^_^ ^0^ *_*

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