A lez story(please read)

Created by rockoncatlvr on Friday, March 10, 2006

O.K. troops! Your're a 13 year old girl, in the 7th grade. With no friends-
what?! no friends(me:hush!)
u go up to gia in private during band reharsals"gia there are rumors in the school that says that i kissed u and all-""and? what about it? isn't that agood thing?""no it's not!it's all a lie"gia shrugs and says" i love u so much... out of all my sex bunnies..i loved u the most
well in 7th grade you were introduce to some new stuff. So during band rehearsals(after school) your friend gia comes up 2 u and says,"r u bi?"and u said 'yes" even though you didn't know what that meant. Areal cute guy was sitting next 2 u(his name was dustin) he told u(whispering it)"meaning, you like girls and boys"u whisper back,"oh.."u thought:oh shit what have i done!!!!!Gia your best friend is bi and all u wanted was a "normal" friend. After awhile u seem 2 like the attention she was giving u. then urelized and thought to urself,-:oh shit! i'm think i'm in love with my best friend!:-Soon every body in the school finds out, u start to freak. your thinking:-every body thinks i'm gay:- Some boy comes up 2 u during tech ed and ask u" r u gay" u said"no, i'm bi(u had a hard time saysing it)" he replys,"they're r rumors in the school saying that u kiss gia in the bathrooms alll the time"(u freak)"WHAT?! I never did that!(u think to urself,GIA!)"
u: my repution is ruined!
any way, during elementry, you cried cause u didn't have any fiends. Well, in 6th grade, u joined band and made some friends-
oh, good(dude be quiet)(lol)
message me if u want to hear the rest!

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