Chester Bennington love story

Created by chazygirl on Friday, March 10, 2006

Well its summer and you decide to go to your cousin's cabin in Idaho for a month. As you arrive in your car you see your cousin Sean. When you get out he greets you with a hug and offers to take your luggage upstairs. As he takes it up you notice a rather hot guy watching you from his window next door. You think?
Oooh, he's really cute :-)
What's he looking at?
You smile at him.
Well you go inside and make yourself comfortable. Sean then asks if you want to go to the store with him. You say that you'll stay and get situated. As he leaves you notice the guy outside taking out the trash. Your reaction?
You decide to go out there.
You just ignore him and look around.
You just stare at him.
Don't know what to do.
Well whatever you chose you went outside. Once he heard the door slam he looks at you and your eyes lock. So you walk up towards him and say?
What's your name?
Your name.
What the hell are you looking at?!
So you asked him what his name was and he answered in a soft voice Chester. Then you give him yours ----. "That's a nice name" he replies. "Would you like to take a walk with me?"
Without hesitation: Sure!!
I'm kinda busy.
Hell no!!
Neways, you decide to take a walk with him. So you both are walking and talking about yourselves. You find out he is the lead singer of a band called Linkin Park. He just joined as a matter of fact. Oooh a guy in a band. Hot!! Suddenly you look at your watch and realize that you need to get back. Chester looks at you sadly but agrees to take you back. Then a crash of thunder bursts and it starts to rain. Chester immediately puts his jacket over you and you both start to run back. You then reach the cabin and run up the steps for shelter. "Thanks for bringing me back" you say as you hand him his jacket back. "No problem" he replies. He then slides in to kiss you and he presses his lips against yours. He then asks "Will I see you tomorrow?" You say...
Of course!!!
Maybe; with a little evil grin
Why not?
Get away from me!!!
He then leaves your doorstep and you walk inside. You then see Sean standing with his arms crossed. He then gives you the third degree about where you were. Later, he cools off and his friend John comes over. He introduces you to him and tells you he will also be staying here for the summer. So you all decide to watch a movie together and John sits right next to you. He seems to be a little close but you don't think much of it. Sean decides to put a scary movie on. It just started to get real scary when Sean leaves the room and leaves you and John alone together. You're thinking?
I wonder what Chester is doing?
Tomorrow can't come fast enough.
This John guy is pretty cute hehe.
Hope John doesn't try anything.
Well a popping out part comes and you jump. So John puts his arm around you and tells you its alright. You just sit there in silence. Sean then returns and turns off the tv and says that you all should probably get some sleep. You then proceed to your bedroom accompanied by John. As you reach your door he grabs and hugs you. "Sweet dreams" he says. You then go into your room and shut your door. What is running through your mind?
Chester of course.
John is such a sweetie.
Who to choose Chester or John.
You're too tired to think.
As you're getting ready for bed you notice that Chester's bedroom is right next to yours. So you decide to take a quick peek to see if he's in there. Just as you look he comes through the door. You keep watching and you see him start to change. "Damn, he's got a nice body!" you think. Then he goes to turn off the lights and looks right at you. Smiles and out goes the lights. You start to blush a little but decide that you better get to bed as well. As you sleep you dream about...
Nothing you can't get to sleep.
You never dream.
Well that's all for now. Hope you like this quiz. Tell me what you all think. I'll try to come up with another one asap.
Cool quiz.
It's ok.
Can't wait for the next.
That sucked!!
Chester really seems to have a crush on you but then so does John. Hmmm...who to choose? Well sounds like you have your hands full. Two guys into you in one day. Damn you're good. Well wait and see what happens.
You seem to be pushing Chester away from you. He can sense you don't really like him much but he keeps trying. John seems to be interested in you at least. See what happens next quiz.
You're a little hesitant with John. Don't know what to think there. You are more into Chester than John. But who knows, maybe you'll warm up to John later on.
Well, well, well. Seems like you are starting to like John. But don't give up on Chester. Just go with whatever your heart desires.

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