Kidnapped, Abused, Raped, and FALLING IN LOVE...WHAT THE HELL! (18)

Whoa. After this chapter only 2 left until this story is over. Aww. I don't want to story to end but sadly it must! I just posted a quiz in which guy from my story would you fall for so I encourage you all to go and take it. Okay here's the newest chapter:

Created by kkay1995 on Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Clary’s POV

Kace and I were watching WipeOut when Jesse came into the room. He stared at us and we stared right back. I tried to avoid scowling because in truth I didn’t HATE my brother exactly. I was just really disliking him at the moment.

The tension in the air was so think someone could have suffocated in it and then finally Kace broke the silence, obviously the awkwardness was starting to bug him.

“Agh.” He moaned, “I think I’m heading off to bed you guys, try not to kill each other okay.” Then we went off to his room.

After he was gone I turned to volume back on and finished my show. Somewhere in that time Jesse came and sat next to me on the couch and stared at me some more. It was kinda creepy. I just tried to avoid his antagonizing gaze but finally I just couldn’t anymore.

“What do you want?” I asked him harshly.

“Do you really hate me?” he asked in a small voice. I had never heard him so vulnerable before. I sighed and turned to him.

“No, I don’t hate you, I’m just…just disliking you at the moment.” I explain to him. His face fell and I instantly felt bad. I couldn’t stand disappointing people.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to make you feel bad, I just don’t like you tricking me and butting into things that aren’t your concern.” I tld him lightly. He instantly turned angry. Damn and I thought Alec was bipolar.

“What do you mean not butting into things that are not my business. This is definitely my business. You’re my sister and you got kidnapped, abused, and raped. You have the marks to prove it and that’s going to be part of my court case.” He whispered harshly obviously not wanting to disrupt Kace incase he was sleeping.

“Well that is between me and the guys, I know you think it concerns you since I’m your little sister and your trying to protect me but you cannot protect me from my own decisions and you know how stubborn I am. I will never change my mind and don’t try and make me. I can’t believe you would do this Jesse, I seriously thought we were closer then that.” As I was talking my voice got higher and higher and numerous times Jesse tried to shush me but he was working me up again.

“Well then if that’s the case I don’t want you talking to any cops or going anywhere period. Until the day of the court session you are grounded. You may not leave this apartment, use your phone, or use your computer. If you have any ways of communicating I don’t want you using it or else.”

“Or else what your fucking majesty?” I asked nastily. That made him even more furious then he was before.

“Or else I will send you back to the orphanage. I only have to keep you here until I don’t want to be your guardian anymore and lately you have been stressing me out which is something I can’t handle right now.” He told me.

I can’t believe he just threatened to practically disown me the bastard. I’m his sister does he really hate me that much? Well if he really thinks about me like that I might just leave and never come back. Maybe I will do drugs and become and alcoholic and make him feel like a loser for dumping me. Yeah, that sounds good.

“Well fine then, disown me for all I fucking care but before you do I want you to hear what I have to say and then I will be gone:

“Jesse, you are a dumbass mother fucking son of a whore. You are a disgrace to call a brother and I hate you. Go burn and hell and like it you bastard or better yet go suck some tits at a god damn bar for all I damn well care. You are a worthless piece of shit and before I forgive you hell had better freeze over twice.” I whisper shout then I stand and run to the door. I look back for a second and see Jesse coming after me. What the hell is he doing?

Once he gets over to me he grabs me by the hair and pulls me back into the apartment. He closes and locks the deadbolt in the door and then he turns on me.

He charges me and he raises his hand. He slaps me as hard as he can which causes me to fall over. Partially from shock because he has never even threatened to hit me before.

While I’m on the ground he starts kicking me and I get this strange sense of déjà vu. I wonder why that is. Oh yeah, because Jonathan practically did the same fucking thing. I knew what I had to do. I screamed bloody murder.

Kace was in there in an instant and saw what was happening. He ran up to Jesse and jumped on his back fighting him. Jesse wasn’t expecting this. He Jesse (with Kace still on his back) fell to the ground but he regained his composure quickly. He rolls over so he is laying on Kace and starts to choke him.

Kace struggles but Jesse doesn’t loosen his grip. I was in too much shock to move and eventually he goes limp. Jesse gets off the unconscious Kace and turns to me again. This time I was in raged. I stood fuming and walked over to our dining table. I grabbed the vase that was in the center and ran at Jesse. When I got close enough I smashed the vase over his head and he fell to the ground unconscious too. Then I started to panic. Oh my god. I might have killed Jesse. Oh my god Kace and Jesse might be dead. What do I do what do I do?

I run to the phone and dial 911. I tell them I need an ambulance and they get there quickly. They stealthily put both of my brother’s on gurney’s and store them in the ambulance. I asked one of the medics if I could ride since I didn’t have a license and they said sure. I sat in between my brother’s crying my eyes out until we reached the hospital.

The medical people told me I should go and sit in the waiting room because they had a few questions for me. I agreed and went into the waiting area while they transferred my brothers into separate rooms and started hooking them up to IV’s and tons of other medical crap.

I was in the waiting room for about an hour before the some cops came in and started asking me questions.

“Miss, can you explain every single thing that happened?”

“Well my brother Kace had gone to bed and my brother Jesse and I started fighting. The fight got to a point where I cussed my older brother out and started to leave. That made him angry. He ran at me and pulled me into the room by my hair. He then proceeded to lock the door and then turn on me. My brother had never even once threatened to hit me before until today. After he locked the door he came at me and slapped me. I fell and while I was on the ground he started kicking me so I screamed. My other brother Kace came running out because I had awoken him and he saw what was happening. He became angry and jumped onto Jesse’s back. That surprised Jesse and they both fell to the floor. After Jesse regained his composure he rolled over to where he was lying on top of Kace and he started strangling him. Kace tried to fight him off but he couldn’t and I was in shock to a point where I couldn’t move. Finally Kace went limp and Jesse turned back to me. I was also fuming so I ran to the table we have in our dining room and grabbed a vase. Then I ran at Jesse and broke the vase over his head. He fell to the ground unconscious and then I called the ambulance.” I told them and then I started crying again.

As one officer finished taking notes about what I had said the other sat down and tried to comfort me.

“So what happened to my brothers? Are they alright?” I ask the officers. They exchange a glance and I know it can’t be good.

“Well your brother Jesse will recover just fine but I’m afraid that Kace is in a coma, he went without oxygen for a while and that is going to take a tool on him, they say when he wakes up he may even have amnesia.” Said one of the officers. From there I just lost it. I cried onto the officers shoulder for an hour before I could calm myself down enough to talk again.

“Did you know that your brother Jesse has been taking pills for the past month?” asked an officer.

“No, I haven’t been home.” I told them.

“Where have you been.”

“Well…” I explained everything that has happened in the past month but I used Kace’s version about how Jonathan kidnapped me and how the guys saved me and tried to help me out before they sent me home.

“Oh, well that’s a different story from what your brother got on tape of you saying.”

“’Well I told him the wrong story because I was afraid he might do something irrational if I told him about what Jonathan did to me so I made up some stuff about Aaron, Alec, and Sam so he would lay off of me. I didn’t know he was going to record me. And for all I know he was taking the drugs while he recorded that and he might have tampered with it.” I told them.

“Well thanks for you time miss and I am truly sorry about your brother. See you on the court date.”

“Wait, there is still going to be a court date? I’m not pressing charges and you can’t have Jesse there if he’s in the hospital and all of his evidence is wrong.” I shout at them.

“Well we still want to have a jury decide what to do with them since they did murder a man and they did keep you away from your family for a while when they could have just brought you home instantly. The jury may want threats like them off the street because they will never know which story is true.” They inform me.

“Oh.” Is all I reply but in my mind I am thinking fuck, fuck, fuck. Well as long as we all stick to the same story then they can’t charge them with anything because I am not pressing charges.

I try and keep thinking that but it’s not working. Thoughts of everything that could go wrong keep flashing in my head. Also images of Kace randomly jump in there and that just sends me in a down spiral. Why is my life so fucking screwed up. I might lose my brother, my other brother became an abusive alcoholic druggie over the month I was gone, my two best friends and love of my life are in jail, and now for the time being I am homeless. This just fucking sucks!


I bet you all hate Jesse now don't you. I told you that I would make you learn to hate him. And poor Kace. I know I am a mean author but hey I didn't kill him did I!!! Yeah HA caught you there didn't I. Anyways as I said in the memo take my new quiz I made for the story and message me if you get an idea for a sequel because I would be more then happy to write with these characters again!

Hearts ya guys

KK :^)

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