Midnight Lullaby *Sasuke Love story* chapter 1

Created by kewlemogirl on Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Today was your first day in the Kanoha. You didn't want to go in, because you didn't want to forget everyoen back home. They meant something too and you could never think of replacing them. You stood in front of the door looking down. You took in a deep breathe of courage, and walked into the chaotic. A blonde haired kid was sitting sitting on the floor in trouble. You stared blankly at him blinkin once. As you entered the room silenced. They stared at you and you stared at them.

"Is there something on my face?" You asked completely irritated. People looked away except for the girls that were surrounded against one side of the room. They were arguing about gettign into the room first.




"HEY I GOT HERE BEFORE BOTH OF YOU!!" You listened to them argue about one seat. You easily saw a way to solve the problem. You pushed through the girls and sat right next to a boy with raven hair and a dark blue shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back. You smirked.

"Hn, Uchiha Sasuke. I never thought I'd get to meet you, ya littel wimp." He turned and glared at you. You took your index finger and poked him in the head. He blinked and turned around obviously annoyed. You smirked. this was going to be a fun class. You watched as a man with a scar over his nose walked into the room glaring at the blonde kid.

"Okay, class, we have a new student I can see that the girls have met her." He said with a sweatdrop. You looked around to see all the girls glaring at you. You smirked and introduced yourself.

"Kasumi...Shinohara." You stood up and and sat down. This earned yourself some gasps. You closed your eyes, but somethign disturbed you. In the corner of the room you could hear two girls talking about you.

"That was the clan that was murdered. "

Yea they say only two people lived."

"One must be her."

"Who's the other?" You immediately got out a kunai and threw it at them effortlessly. You knew you had hit your target when you heard two Eeps in the back of the room. You turned and glared.

"Shut up and mind your own business." One girl had blonde hair and was wearing an all purple short kimono with black leggings under it. She picked up the kunai and threw it at you. You sighed and caught it between your fingers. You then put them back in yout Kunai holster.

"Now, now class. Behave Ino, you too Kasumi." You mumbled a little bit, but shut up anyways.

"Okay, since Naruto got in trouble today we will go over the transformation Jutsu again." groans emerged from all over the room. You just sat there playing with a pencil. Everyoen got in a line and you made sure you were last. A girlw ith pink hair and a red kimono walked up to the front. she was one of the girls who were fighting over that boy. She went up there and did a pretty good transformation of Iruka.

"Very good Sakura!" She turned aroudn looking at the boy blushing immensly.

"Did you see that Sasuke? I did great!" He then walked up and did the same transformation.

"Uhh..very good sasuke.."

"Hn." he wasn't much of a talker you can tell. Now it was your turn next.

"What's the transformation on again?"

"The hokage or me!" He smiled brightly. You didn't even do a handsign. You just stood there and closed your eyes, when you opened them you were the hokage.

"Very good Kasumi!!" You smiled and went back to your seat beside Sasuke. You leaned back in your chair and sighed waiting for the day to be over.

"Okay, you all did good. The final exam is tomorrow! Rest up!" you got out of your seat and as soona s you did a crowd of girls came after you. They were yellign and screaming.

"Kasumi!! You were trying to make a move on Sasuke weren't you?!! He's mine!!"

"NO, he's mine!"

"Mine!!" you sweatdropped and walked out the classroom as they fought over him.

'I kinda feel bad for the boy, girls following him everywhere, damn..sucks to be him.' You thought and kept on walking.

"Kasumi." A monotone voice called out to you andyou turned around to find Sasuke glaring at you.

"What?" You said irritated. You glared back at him with just as much boredness.

"Fight me."

"Why should I?"

"I want to see how strong you are."

"Eh, too bad. My brother is home waiting for me. I have to get back before he loses his patience." You sighed at the thought of coming home and your brother freaking out about where you were.


"KASUMI!!!!!!!!!!" Your eyes widened and you and Sasuke both turned around to see your brother running up to you wiht a glare.

"What??" He stopped and walked up to you sighing deeply.

"You should be home by now." He siad in a cold voice.

"Yea, yea well duckbutt here told me to fight him and I was telling him how this would happen and oyu came along."

"Yea,yea my ass. Come on. I already made lunch and so."

"Okay. Bye Sasuke." You waved at him and walked home with your brother.


You watched as Kasumi walked home with her brother. You weren't sure if she noticed it, but you could tell that he was glaring at you from the corner of his eyes. You sighed and turned around to find a trampede of girls running after you.

'Dammit, when will they ever get that fact that I dont like them?!' Yout hen felt a tug on your arm. You looked up to see Kasumi running and you happened to be running wiht her. You ran through Kanoha with the girls right behind you. she let go of your hand, but you two continued to run.

.::YOUR POV::.

You didn't know why, but you were helping Sasuke get away from the fan girls. You got inside his head and started to talk as you let his hand go still running.


~How can you-?~

~No time to explain. I can get you out of here. We're going to keep running until we get to the gates. Your house is far away formt eh gates right?~


~Okay when we get to the gates stop and im going to do a teleportation handsign taking us both to your house alright?~


You two kept running after the kanoha gates. Yu were actually surprised they coudl follow you this long. It 's like they were attached to Sasuke.

You finally got to the gates. As soon as they neared you, you did handsigns tleporting oyu to Sasuke's house. You ended up in his kitchen. BNoth of you were trying to catch your breathe from runnign so long.

"Damn! What did you do to get those girls liek that?"


"*pant* Okay, well im goign home. My brother is probably worried."

"I'll walk you home." You smiled causing him to blush faintly.

"No, its fine. I don't want them to catch us again."

"It's the least I can do for gettign them away from me."

"Thank you.." You smiled at hima nd you began you walk home. It actually wasn't that far. It was about two blocks away from his house. You walked up your porch and rang the doorbell.

You heard footsteps coming and immediately your brother opened the door.

"Where did you go!?"

"Helped Sasuke run away from fan girls?"

"Well get in!" you turned around.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"No." You smiled.

"See you tomorrow!" You waved and shut the door walking into the kitchen. You got some fried chickenfrom the oven that your brother made. You turned with chicken stick out of your mouth to find him smirking.


"Someone likes Sasuke!" He chirped playfully.

"Hn. In a million years." You got some ketchup and continued to eat your chicken.

"I'm going to take a shower."

"Okay." You sat there alone as your brother walked up stairs.

'Do I like sasuke?' You pondered that question the rest of the day. You took a shower after your brother and went to your room and got in bed.

'Maybe I do..' and you drifted off to sleep.

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