A Puppy In Love (Inuyasha Daughter) Info

Inuyasha daughter koga's son

Created by DemonChild92 on Sunday, July 19, 2009



Name: koinu (puppy)

nickname: koi

Age: 17

Age: 5 bginning

Info: you are the only daughter and child of inuyasha and Kagome you have the same powers as both your parents but you prefer to fight with your normal powers which you will fined out in the story.

You: In the pic. but you have black dog ears and tail instead of ointed ears.


Info: You have a very sweet personality, very kind, and you love nature and music from your mothers time. You have always been a daddys girl your mothers powers grew weak after she gave birth to you because she passed on her powers. Kikyo is gone and so is Naraku. Sango and Miroku had a son who is a ear older then you....and just like his father...even so you are best friends.

Name: Haru

Age: 18

Parents: Miroku and Sango

Looks: just like his father except longer hair down his back he is wairing his fathers monk clothes.

He does not have the wind tunnel apon deatng Naraku it is gone though he does use his fathers staff.


Age: 20

parents: Kouga and ?????

looks: like his father but with light blue eyes....long hair not in a pony tail up high but down low wih light brown hair and a black wolf pelt as clothes.

Anything else just ask

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