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Chapter 9. Okay so a quick recap if you don't remember. In chapter 8 Jo and Ace went to a party, and when Jo gets kissed by a friend of Ace's who is a total douchebag jerk, Ace doesn't do anything. Jo and Ace get in a fight about it, and she leaves. Jo meets Chris, Teddy, Gordie and Vern at the park and after they hang for a while she walks a under the influence Chris home.

Created by Dracomalfoyslovebaby on Monday, July 20, 2009

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Chris didn’t go inside easily, in fact she had to get Eyeball to help her get him to his room. This was probably the only time she’d witnessed Eyeball even being remotely nice, though she did notice a curious look on his face that she wasn’t with Ace at the party. Jo made sure Chris was doing alright before she left his room, when she came out Eyeball was waiting near the front door. “You ain’t at Caleb’s, why’s that?” He said, looking at her like he had a right to know. She walked towards him and eyed him with a solid gaze of indifference; it was what you had to do with him, because he got a little too cocky for no apparent reason. “Ace was being an asshole, and we broke up.” Johanna said, giving a slight sneer as she reached for the door knob and rolled her eyes.

Eyeball pressed against the door with his arm and leaned towards her, “You broke up with him?” He said, sounding like he wasn’t believing what he was hearing. Johanna sighed and leaned against the wall, “…I was walking off, and…well I think we both broke up, but he said it actually.” She said, wondering why in the hell Eyeball cared. It wasn’t like him and Ace were BEST friends, Ace didn’t have any, but they hung out enough to know each other pretty well. “And so you hang out with my little brother, and take him home. Such a good citizen you are.” He said sarcastically, “You know, school’s starting tomorrow, you can expect a visit from him, I’m sure he’s not going to like hearing you were with Chris.”

She laughed, it was sort of out of no where, but mostly just because it was plain hilarious. “Ace can go fuck himself, for all that matters you can too. Get out of my way.” Jo said, pushing him off from the door and going out. “Hey, he likes you. You say you guys broke up, but…he won’t want you to date anyone else you know.” Jo had paused at the front step, and turned to look at Eyeball. “That’s his problem, you don’t have to tell him I was here you know. You could actually be a decent person and not a dick to Chris for once. And you know, Ace has it in for him. Or does your little bother not mean anything to you?”

He tilted his head to the side and glanced to the front porch, “What happened at Caleb’s anyway?” Eyeball said, his voice had softened, Jo really was thinking she was going crazy, what in the fuck did he care for? She slowly walked up the steps again and crossed her arms near him. “You promise not to tell everyone?” He hesitated, but nodded in the end. “Alright, yeah I promise.” Eyeball said, kissing his pinky finger and crossing his heart. Johanna reluctantly leaned near him at the door. “Caleb kissed me at the party, and Ace didn’t do a thing. The way he was pissed when I was with Chris and the others yesterday and the way he was tonight…I just don’t understand it.” She said, his eyebrows raised as he shrugged in response. “Well I didn’t say this, but…that’s the reason he wanted to look for Ray Brower, because he had asked around town to all your friends and you weren’t there…so he started askin’ the guys at the diner if they’d seen you, and then the thing about that kid came up on the radio…”
Johanna would have laughed at how ridiculous that sounded, but it wasn’t totally impossible either. She tried to read his face for signs of a lie, but she found none. Eyeball was telling the truth. “So he listened to Billy after all, figuring we were there…That’s fucked up Eyeball.” She said softly, “Does he love me, or does he just think he deserves me, because from here I don’t know what to think.” He looked around like he was checking to make sure the coast was clear before he said anything more. “It’s Ace, I don’t know Jo. The guy’s been around the block, and he never stays with girls long…he don’t talk ’bout it, and I don’t ask.” She rolled her eyes and started to leave. “He did say somethin‘ once though, he said, I got to go, she‘s waitin‘ for me, he seemed happy to say it…”

For a moment she smiled, but it faded quickly. “…Not anymore…I’ll see you later Eyeball.”

She made a quick trip to the park, and started to look for the lighter, it took quite a while, because since he was drunk it could be anywhere, and dropped anytime they’d moved or messed around on the equipment. But retracing their steps she found it at the merry-go-round, and she put it in her back pocket of her jeans. It was hard to believe what Eyeball had said, if he liked her so much why was he such a dick half the time? Eyeball really wasn’t so bad when Ace and the other guy’s weren’t around, it was strange to say that actually, but it was true.

When she got home she crawled into bed, and didn’t bother changing. With school tomorrow she just wanted to get as much sleep as possible…Fuck she hated school, and with this being the last year she knew it was going to drag on…because that was just her luck.

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