A Jerk like no other(a Nick Jonas love story)

hey peeps im in England right now,yup on vacation Z!! this is my new sory but dont worry im still contuing dream drama life p.s: this story IS NOT ABOUT ME!!.

Created by emmy101 on Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey I'm emmy and here is some info you should know about me beforeI start the story.
My name is Emily Hale,I was born in Manchester,England on a chilly December.
When I was 4 year old my Dad had got a job in America and we moved there.
I used to live in Wycoff New Jersey,I had made a new best friend, Nick Jonas.We were close as heck,Nick and I would do everything together and we always cared for eachother.
When I turned 10 Nick gave me a promise ring telling me he would never leave me.
but unforutnetly Nick got a band with his brothers and left for LA.
The next day I had found out that my Dad got killed in a Car crash and died.After that we moved Back to England.
3 years later.
I was 14 and I went to a Jonas concert in London England,By the end of the concert when I met Nick,He acted as if he didn't regonize me,He told me he didnt want to see me and it would be better if I left before his girlfriend came.
I knew fame went to his head soI left.I cried miserable for the next 2 monthes and I never got over it.
I had made a new friend ,Sam,He really helped me get over Nick and was very understanding.He were close but not as close as Nick.
sam also has a girlfriend who is a friend of mine.
Ever since then I hated Nick.
Okay lt's start the Story!(Me: we're still in England and emmy is 16)

"EmilY William Hale! Wake up this instant!"My mum yelled at me.
"Mum it's freakin summer!"I yelled sleepily.
"I dont care,You have a friend waiting for you ,Now get up! My mum ordered me.
"fine "I said as I got out of bed.
After my mum left I went into the bathroom to get dressed.
I wore a Britsh flagged t-shirt with soft sliver jeans and converse with a scarf aroud my neck and blue fingerless gloves.
I put on some lip gloss and a bit of mascara ,Im not too big on makeup.
I turned on the Radio to hear some music but to my luck the Jonas brother's song was on.
As soon as I heard that I grabbed the radio and smashed it, right
on my bedroom floor.It was now broken and made a loud thud.
"emmy what was that sound!" My mum yelled from downstairs.
"uh I fell?"I lied stupidly.
"Be careful,I swear you becoming more like you dad every day!"My mum replied.
I went downstairs and saw my friend talking on the phone with someone as soon as he saw me,Sam hung up and showed me a goofy smile,Uh -oh I thought to my self. Whenever sam has a goofy smile he either got in trouble or he has some good news
"Okay sam what's up? Either You won a million bucks or ya got busted for breaking into school?"I asked him jokily.
"haha very funny but neither"Sam replied with that goofy smile.
"then what's up dude!"I asked again.
" come on"Sam said to me.
He pulled me hand and took me upstairs to my room and locked it and turned to face me with that goofy smile.

"sam what are you doing!!!!!"I asked him.
"chill out ,Im not gonna murder you!"Sam replied to my sudden yet crazy outburst.
" then what the heck is up for the millionth time"I said.
Sam lookd over at th broken and smashed radio on my floor.
I followed his gaze.
" what happend to that?!"Sam said in shock.
"Jonas song"I told him looking down.
"wow do you hate themalot!"Sam said while laughing.
" okay you idoit tell me what's up or else im gonna smash you likeI mshed that radio!" I told him.
Sam took a deep breath and closed hs eyeswhich was funny to me since it looked like as if he was falling asleep.
"I know your going to hate me for this but I got you tix andbackstage passes to the JB concert for 2morrow night!"Sam said with his eyes still closed.
I looked at him with shock and anger,Didn't he knowi HATED THEM.
I hated Nick and his stupid band with his stupid voice and his stupid songes!!
I couldn't belive sam would do such a thing even though he knew I never got over Nick.
I ran out of my room as fast as I could
but Sam was faster than me so He caught up with meand pulled my my hand so I would turn to face him whichI did but I kept looking down.
Sam lifted my chin so he could look into my eyes .
"Emmy Listen to me,Joe called earlier when you wee sleeping,He wanted you to work things out with Nick"Sam told me.
"Joe called?"I asked eagerly,But not like i care.
"Yes "Sam said.
"But what if Nick still hates me and still is a jerk"I told him.
"He won't"Sam told me.
"why cant you take you girlfriend Lauren!"I said.
"Because joe wantes you not Lauren"He said.
"Fine but i still hate him!!!"I said not wanting to argure anymore.
Sam smiled at me so wide I thought is jaw would break but I didnt hug back.
We both went back downstairs and saw my mum with a smile almost as big as sam's.
"did sam tell you!?"My mum asked.
"Yes I did and she's willing to go" Sam said with a hug smile kinda like demi lavatos only on a guy.
"That's great hun!"My mum said cheerily, My mum walked over to her purse and took out two Hundered pounds(me: thats britsh money)
She gave us both a pound which is a bill for americans.
"here is your money and now go spend it!" MY mum told us.
Sam and I bust out the door and went to the mall as fast as we could.
Sam drive us to Manchester Creek Mall and just to tell ya sam drive CRAZY!! I was supirsed he even passed his driving tests.But riding with him was awesome.
During the ride I tuned on the radio and Too close for comfort was on by Mcfly(me: britsh band)
Sam and I started singing to it on top of our lunges but it was more of screaming than singing but i didnt care at all.
We arrived at the mall and Sam and I got out of his car.
"ready sam!"I said.
"ready emmy"Sam replied.
I jumped onto his back and he carried me on his back while singing Let The Flames begin by Paramore on top of our lunges ,People thought we were mad which we were.
I got off of sam's back and went into Gothic Rebublic.
I bought 4 skinny jeans,3 scarves,some converse with Band t shirts and 2 hates with 4 pairs of fingerless gloves.
I gave my money to the Cashier dude and went to find
I found him at a Music store buying a few cd's and a used electric guitar which was pretty sweet.
Sam saw me and came over to me.We decided to go and eat some lunch.
We went into Mcdonalds,I ordered a cheeseburger combo and Sam chose a hamburger.
As we ate sam kept talking to me about guitars and I wasn't really paying attention. All I could think about was Nick 's concert 2morrow.
"EMMY"Sam yelled into my ear.
Which startled me and I fell backwards off my my chair and onto the floor.
Sam started laughing at me like a LUnatic which got me ticked off.
"sam you idoit ,help me!"I said which got sam to stop laughing and help me up.
After my fall we decided to go back home.
During the drive back home.
"emmy what's up?" sam asked me worridly
"nothing"I lied to him.
"emmy you could never lie to me and now tell me whats up?"Sam asked
"It's about Nick" I admitted.
"I know why dont you take a nap and get ready for 2morrow because im taking u to a water park"Sam said with a smile.
"thanks" I told him.Sam really knew how to cheer me up.
Sam gave me a hug and dropped me back home.
I took a hot bath and then fell asleep thinking about Nick
I stil love nick I thought as I fell asleep.

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