The Taboo Love of Sensei and Student (Kakashi Hatake) Graduation Chapter 8

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Twelve years ago, a nine tailed fox suddenly appeared. It's tails lashed out, smashing mountains and sending tidal ways crashing to the shores. The ninja rose up to defend their villages. One shinobi faced the nine tailed fox in mortal combat. He sacrificed his life to capture the beast and seal it in a human body. This ninja was known as the Fourth Hokage.
Kanashimi's eyes scanned over the letters, no interest left within their sparkling depths. She had read that passage so many times it was burnt into her mind. Iruka was gone, after Naruto. When she had asked Sairyoku where the blond had went, all she got was a shrug and a: "Should I try keeping him on a leash?"
A few more minutes passed and she finally sighed, glancing over to see what her friend and one of her many shadows were doing. Apparently, popular boy Sasuke was talking to the peculiar girl -- a rather obvious smirk on his face.
'Should've known from the thick cloud of jealousy drifting from the other girls in this place.' she thought dryly.
"Why not take Kanashimi with you?"
The Uchiha now regarded her. She itched slightly when she realized that he had a strange epression on his face: He was actually okay with her being around him.
She scratched her arm, 'It's just because he's secretly in love with Sair, and I'm her friend.'
"Sairyoku wants to skip class."
"Oh." Kanashimi tilted her head to one side. "But what would we do?"
"We could always go back to my place and play board games." Sairyoku suggested, a slight tone of amusement in her voice.
His expression soured. "Not after what happened last time." he turned to look at the board again. "I don't trust either of you when you're together."
"You are a smart one." Kanashimi giggled. "Cute and has a brain."
Sasuke glared vehemently at the board after that comment. "Shut up."
"Alright, then, Mr. Silence." Kanashimi grinned.
The classroom door flew open and Iruka stomped in, dragging a bound Naruto.
"There went our chance to escape." she grumbled.
Iruka released the blond and turned on him, "I'm at the end of my rope, Naruto!" he folded his arms. "You failed the graduation test the last time and the time before that! Tomorrow, you've got another chance and you're messing up again."
With a grunt like a child Naruto turned away from Iruka and seemed to pout. Kanashimi gaped slightly and turned to see what Sairyoku's opinion of her little friend's actions were. She seemed to be almost horrified -- especially when that look of rage filled Iruka's eyes.
"Fine!" he snarled, pointing at the class. "Cause you missed it, Naruto, everyone will review the transformation jutsu!"
The class groaned loudly. Sairyoku jerked slightly and Kanashimi had to bite her lip to keep from snickering at her. One of the few things about the Sumizome that she knew was that they did not like loud noises. It messed with them.
Kanashimi stood and led the way out from their seat with Sairyoku and Sasuke following behind her. The line was already forming with the mostly-unwilling students. Sakura was at the head of the line, of course.
"Okay, Sakura here. Let's do this." she muttered to herself.
With a poof of smoke, she transformed into a replica of Iruka.
Kanashimi elbowed Sasuke and whispered, "Aren't you proud?"
He scowled at the pink haired girl.
"Transformed into me." Iruka spoke to himself. "Good." he wrote something down on a clipboard that he now held in his hands.
"Yes, I did it! Yes!" Sakura squealed, blushing. "Sasuke, did you see that?"
When Iruka looked up and saw that next was Sairyoku, "You don't have to do this, Sairyoku."
"You're singling me out." if she could have sweatdropped, Kanashimi was sure that she would have.
"Okay." he relented.
Without a word, the lithe girl put her hands together in the seal and poofed into Iruka, quickly releasing it and then moving back to stand with Naruto, Kanashimi, and Sasuke.
Iruka quickly jotted something down. "Okay, Kanashimi."
The green eyed girl stepped up, put her hands together and with a poof she was Iruka.
"Good job." the chuunin consented.
"Alright." she released it and then went to Sairyoku.
Next was Sasuke and of course it was perfect. He went back to Kanashimi and Sairyoku, not even looking at poor Naruto as the boy went by.
'Hard feelings?'
Kanashimi watched as Naruto stepped up to do the technique. He spread his legs apart drmatcially.
Now, where Naruto had stood, was a naked blond chick blowing a kiss at Iruka. The Chuunin's mouth fell open, his eyes bulged, and blood gushed from his nose. Kanashimi was not sure whether she should be disturbed or amused.
With a poof, Naruto returned to his form, cackling. "Gotcha! That's my sexy jutsu."
"Cut the stupid tricks!" Iruka screamed, tissues stuffed into his nose.
"Idiot." Sasuke murmured, glaring at Naruto.
Kanashimi glanced and saw that Sairyoku had a disappointed glint in her eyes.
'I wonder, how many years did it take for her to realize that they were destined to hate each other?'
The three of them returned to their seats...
After class, Kanashimi grabbed Sasuke's left arm and Sairyoku grabbed his right and they walked outside, warding off all of the fangirls. Once the academy was out of sight, Kanashimi released the Uchiha and walked by his side with a soft grin on her face.
"So, what are we going to do?" Sairyoku mused aloud.
"Yeah, what are we going to do?" Kanashimi scratched the back of her head. "I mean, we usually have Naruto with us and he's freakishly easy to entertain."
Sairyoku just kind of grinned at that remark while Sasuke rolled his eyes.
"We could train." the boy suggested.
"We do have that exam tomorrow." Sairyoku spoke softly. "Not that any of us will have a hard time with it."
"Oh?" Kanashimi looked at her with a glint of curiosity in her eyes. "What is the exam?"
"It's always the 'Clone' jutsu. Just make three perfect clones of yourself and you'll pass." the Sumizome replied.
'Then why haven't you passed?' she wondered, but then it struck her. Sasuke and Naruto. "To your place, Sairyoku?"
"If you want."
Finally they arrived at her place. When they walked in, they found a dozen old tomes and scrolls strewn about the room.
Sairyoku blushed slightly, "My sister works as a diplomat. These are a few things that she is expected to know and to be able to tell this country and our clan." she explained. "Please, just look over them."
Sasuke did not seem to be bothered by the mess. "What first?"
"You all work on making those clones, while I get you all something to eat." she replied, stepping away from them and gracefully dodging all of the old documents on her way to the refrigerator. "Rice ball, Sasuke?"
The boy did not answer, but turned just in time to catch it.
"What about you, Kanashimi?" the girl's soft voice drifted to her.
"Sure." she caught the ball of rice.
The three lounged about in silence, eating their quick meal. Kanashimi glanced about at them. They were accustomed to silence, and in a sense she was too, but she always had something to do -- and this place seriously needed her specialty of house cleaning.
Sairyoku lifted to her feet and then stood before them, "Three perfect clones -- not hard if you work at it." Her hands were in the form of the seal and then her eyes narrowed slightly. "Like this." With a poof, three clones stood directly behind her.
Kanashimi nodded, "I've never tried making three before. Just two." she stood.
Sairyoku stepped out of the way and her clones poofed back into unexistence.
‘Okay, then.’ The green eyed girl formed the seal and quickly focused her chakra. Poof! Three stood behind her.
"Good job." Sairyoku commented.
"Thanks." she beamed.
"Yeah." her clones put their hands on their hips and posed.
"Shut up." Kanashimi hissed and released them.
"That was..." Sairyoku began, her eyebrows lifted in surprise. "Unique."
Now Sasuke stood, "That's all?" He grumbled. "Okay, then."
With a cloud of smoke there were three Sasuke clones standing around.
Sairyoku grinned, satisfied. "Well, now all we have to worry about is the knowledge exams before the final exam."
"No problem." Kanashimi frowned. "But, what about Naruto?"
Sairyoku's expression darkened, "He has problems making clones." she looked away. "I've tried to help him practice the jutsu, but he always gets so frustrated. It's as if he feels that I'm a flame and he is the moth fluttering around it -- burning itself as it tries to catch hold of what it so desires."
"He's busy cleaning the monument right now, right?" Kanashimi muttered, her green eyes clouded over with thought. "That means we can't help him."
Sasuke snorted. "What do you like about him so much?"
The green eyed girl looked at him, "Your little friend over there loves him like a brother."
He looked away, embarrassed. "I know... but why do you like him?”
“Well, he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.” she replied honestly. “And he’s so alone.”
“He’s not the only one alone.” Sasuke retorted.
“Your family was killed, right?” Kanashimi stared at him intently.
Sasuke’s dark eyes became fierce. Obviously he had never recovered from the traumatic experience from his past.
“But Naruto never knew his family and everyone hates him. No one openly admires him like they do you or Sair.”
“What of you?” Sasuke asked stiffly, the subject of his family making him ill at ease. “Who are your parents?”
“I don’t know.” she replied matter of fact. “I’m an amnesiac.”
At first Sasuke seemed incredulous, but then he smirked. “So, there’s two amnesiacs here.”
Kanashimi’s eyes widened and she looked over at Sairyoku, “You don’t remember your past?”
She shrugged, “I don’t remember my family. I remember a little of what my home looks like, but that’s the beginning of my memories.” she glanced over at Sasuke. “I lived with his family until the massacre.”
Both of the two silent, dark friends seemed to become very thoughtful... but it was different. Sasuke emanated an aura of vengeance, whereas Sairyoku seemed so regretful. It was as if there were things she wished she could have done and said, but those opportunities were completely torn away from her -- or someone was. Her eyes, though dry, spoke of a mourning that had lasted years and still continued.
She turned and looked at Sasuke and they held each other’s stare for a while. At first Kanashimi thought that the two held the same sentiments, but it became obvious that the flames in their eyes were of different accord.
“Anyyyyy wayyy.” Kanashimi changed the subject. “You all should let me cook for you.” she smiled. “I’m a heck of a cook.”
Sairyoku looked away from Sasuke and regarded her, “I know you are.”
“But Sasuke doesn’t.”
The Uchiha seemed to be completely uninterested in the whole ordeal. Kanashimi really could not blame him. At least she had Kakashi waiting at home, nice and hungry... unless he was on a mission or something.
"So, want to review for the exam tomorrow?" Kanashimi pulled out her notebooks. "I take a lot of notes."
Sasuke sweatdropped.
"You could have written a series of books if you wanted to." Sairyoku laughed awkwardly.
Kanashimi mentally slapped herself, "I know!"
The three of them opened up the notebooks and read her neat handwriting. She really had not missed anything.
Sairyoku glanced up, "What jutsu do you know, Kanashimi?"
"Well, the replacement, the cloning jutsu, and transformation." she scratched the back of her head. "I was told not to learn anything other than that until later."
The girl seemed surprised, "Why not?"
"Something about using too much chakra and dying."
Sasuke arched his eyebrow, "I would expect that out of most of the people in the academy, but not from you."
Kanashimi blushed slightly at the compliment and iched profusely.
Sairyoku nodded, "You have excellent chakra control."
"Well, I've been thinking about trying to form a jutsu for myself." Kanashimi admitted. "But I'm not even sure if it would be useful."
"Like what?" Sairyoku pressed.
"Well," Kanashimi pulled out a kunai and focused her chakra into it. "Now watch." she placed it on the table and then moved away. "This is my problem." She formed a strange seal and the kunai went flying toward her, making her have to duck and catch it. "I nearly kill myself every time I try to see how I could use it in battle."
Sairyoku's lips curled in an amused smile, "It's actually very good!"
"What?" Now Kanashimi was confused. 'How is suicide a good thing?'
"Imagine -- you've used all of your kunai and now your oponent is coming in at you. Your weapons are behind him, you do that little seal, and then he's dead." The girl explained.
"Oh." The green eyed girl blinked. "That's easy."
Sasuke just smirked to himself as he watched the entire scene.
"What, Sasuke?" Kanashimi smirked back at him. "What are your awesome jutsu?"
"A ninja should never reveal his attacks to his peers." he replied coily.
"Well, what about you, Sair?" she turned to her nicer friend.
"A few genjutsu, the replacement, transformation, cloning, and medical techniques." she replied.
Kanashimi whistled.
When she left, it was just starting to get dark outside. It made her feel a little unnerved. She left her hand next to her kunai pouch as she walked back to Kakashi's apartment, an image of his comfy couch burned into her mind. She was honestly a little worried.
'I didn't tell Kakashi where I'd be.' she fussed at herself.
When she finally made it to the familiar building, she frowned. The door was locked and she still did not have a key. Biting her lip, she mentally counted the thirty seven times she had reminded Kakashi that he needed to have one made for her. Muttering darkly, she quickly picked the lock and stumbled inside, placing her bags next to the couch.
"Out late?" Kakashi stood behind her, bent over so that he could whisper it into her ear.
She yelped and jumped slightly. "I was just with Sairyoku and Sasuke." She turned around to see his amused eye. "We were reviewing things for the exam tomorrow."
"Tomorrow? Already?" He seemed slightly disappointed.
"It would suck if I failed." she moaned. "I'm sixteen, at the least, and I'm in with a bunch of twelve year olds!"
Kakashi sweatdropped. "I don't see any reason why you wouldn't graduate."
"Oh. Okay." she looked around the kitchen. "Did you eat?"
"You act like I've never lived without you." he commented. "I know how to cook."
"I'm sorry I wasn't here to cook you anything." she apologized, invisioning the gruesome meal he must have made himself. "What did you eat?"
"The leftovers from yesterday." he replied.
"That was meant for Pakkun." she gasped.
He frowned. "He's a summoning."
"He's a cute little puppy." she corrected him.
He stared at her for a moment and then cleared his throat, "Good luck tomorrow."
"Thank you, Kakashi." she smiled at him.
Once again, she woke up with Kakashi leaning over her. "Hi there, cupcake."
He grinned. "Good morning, rice ball."
With a slight groan, she got up and cooked breakfast. She shoveled the food down before running into the bathroom to shower. After that she rushed to fix her hair, put her make up on, and then checked everything to make sure she had forgotten nothing.
Kakashi was sitting on the couch, watching her.
"You're still here?" she stared at him.
"Yeah... It's my day off."
"Ohh..." she pointed at the fridge. "At the bottom, there should be-"
He sweatdropped.
"Oh, okay." with that she left.
"We will now start the final exam." Iruka announced, holding a sheet of paper in front of himself. "When your name is called, proceed to the testing room. The final test will be on the clone jutsu."
Kanashimi looked over at Naruto and found that he was holding his face in his hands with a look of utter agony contorting his face. He was freaking out so badly that she could almost hear his mental complaints.
She sat and tapped her fingers impatiently as the names were called and gradually they made their way through the class.
"Sairyoku Sumizome."
The dark haired girl rose without a word and glided out of the room, a look of calm determination on her face. A hushed whisper murmured in the room and Sasuke clenched his fists, wearing his knew forehead protector.
After a few minutes, she returned -- wearing hers on her forehead, a soft grin on her lips. She took her seat beside the Uchiha and then smiled at Kanashimi.
"Kanashimi Konohagakure."
She stood, nearly tripped over something that was nonexistent and then made her way down.
'I can't fail this.' she fought to open the door and then slammed it shut.
When she entered the room she found Iruka and one of her other senseis Mizuki waiting inside.
"The final exam: create three clones." Iruka explained.
With a nod, Kanashimi placed her hands together in the seal and then focused her chakra. With a loud poof three clones stood behind her, a stupid grin on their faces.
"Good job." Mizuki and Iruka complimented.
"Here." Iruka held out the headband to her.
Kanashimi took it and tied it around her forehead, one of her clones holding her hair out of the way for her.
The Chuunins sweatdropped.
"How do I look?"
The three clones nodded their head in approval and then she released the jutsu.
She turned to Iruka, "Thank you!" then she skipped out and returned to her seat beside Sairyoku.
"Naruto Uzumaki."
Naruto stood and walked across the room, a look of despair on his face.
Kanashimi sat stiffly as she waited -- the minutes passing as if they were hours... then finally Naruto emerged and her heart dropped. His eyes no longer held the luster of a boy chasing after his dream. He had failed.
Sairyoku's quick in take of breath caught her attention. She had noticed too.
Once everything was done, the students went outside to see their parents. Excetp for Naruto, Sairyoku, Sasuke, and Kanashimi. They did not have parents in Konoha. Sasuke and Naruto were orpahns, whereas Kanashimi did not know who her's were and Sairyoku had not spoken of her own.
Naruto swung on a swing off at a slight distance, watching everyone else celebrate. He had been the only one to fail. Sairyoku was at his side, her hand on his shoulder. Kanashimi bit her lip and approached them.
"Hey, Naruto..." she greeted softly.
"Hi..." he would not meet her gaze.
"Next year, Naruto." Sairyoku whispered.
"Hey, can I speak to him alone?"
The three looked up to see Mizuki standing over them.
Sairyoku left without a word. Kanashimi glanced one last time at Naruto and then started on her way home.
'Naruto failed.' It was still sinking in. 'I'm leaving one of my only friends behind.'
She picked the lock once again and just sat down on the couch. She needed to cook, but at the moment she was not in the mood to do so. Kakashi could fend for himself. There were things to make sandwiches in the refrigerator.
The sound of a key in the lock alerted her to Kakashi's arrival. He stepped inside, locked the door again and then held something out to her.
"What is it?" it was a wrapped package.
"A graduation gift." he replied.
She took it and opened it. "A camera?!" and being the girl she was, she forgot all about poor Naruto. "I love it! Thank you!" She went over to the kitchen and started charging the battery that went into the device.
"I thought you would."
"Wait, how did you know that I passed?"
"I'm a Jounin. The Hokage typically keeps me informed about who graduated."
"Oh." now it hit her again. "Poor Naruto."
She forgot about him for a minute.
"He failed again, huh?"
"Yeah." she looked up at him. "I wish I could have helped him."
"He has to do it for himself." he shrugged. "Maybe one day he'll graduate." He placed his hand on her head. "But you graduated in less than a year. Congratulations!"
She blushed. "Thanks."

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