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Going to a new school is always hard, especially when you’re in the middle of the second semester. You think that life is wonderful in a storm with no lighting or thunder, then as soon as they hit, it’s scary and makes you just want to hide under your bed. That’s what it felt like moving to a deserted Indian town with my dad. After leaving my mother, my dad was bringing me to this reservation, where he grew up. The Quileute reservation is where my grandfather and grandmother lived, thus having my father. But as it turns out, moving wasn’t such a bad idea after all, especially after meeting Jacob.

Chapter 1: Meeting the Blacks

We hit the little town called Forks around noontime, after driving for almost three days nonstop. I’m seventeen but my dad wouldn’t let me drive, even though I have my license. I watched out the window as we passed town houses and then pulling into a store parking lot, it was considerably small and almost completely empty.

“You want anything honey?” my dad asked as he started for the door handle.

“I’ll have a soda please” I said and turned the keys back so I could listen to the radio.

My iPod was in my bag in the back of the truck and I didn’t feel like getting out to get it. I found a station that had country music on and I leaned back into the seat and watched my dad as he pumped gas. His nose was twitching as he did so and I cracked a smile, I guessed it was because of the smell of gas. My father is a mechanic and is always around gas so you would think he would be used to it by now, but it never fails to make me laugh when he pumps it. The meter finally rang to $50 and he took the pump out of the tank, he walked around the truck to the store. I looked around and seen a few teenagers walking down the street, one was blonde and had deep blue eyes, and the other had black hair with dark eyes. The girl is what caught my attention the most though, she was very attractive with her green eyes and almost reddish hair. I happened to be staring too long so when she turned my way I shifted my gaze away quickly. I smiled at myself and got out of the car, they were still walking and I watched them. I shook my head after I realized the blonde one’s ass was actually very nice. I walked to the store where my dad was at the coolers, looking for a soda for me I guessed because he had his in his hand.

“Mountain Dew” I said and he looked my way.

“Oh, right” he said and grabbed my soda out of the cooler. He frowned when he turned back, “What are you doing in here anyway?”

“Bathroom” I said and looked around.

“I don’t think they have one here. Can’t you wait until we get to the house?”

“I guess” I said and huffed. “I’ll go back to the truck then” I said and walked out the door. I got in the truck and started it, seeing as he would be coming out any second, and turned the radio up a little, I hate silence.

He threw my soda at me when he got back in and I jumped, it was cold and I was warm, my dad laughed at me. “I can’t wait to see Billy again” he said when we were pulling out of the parking lot.

“Who?” I asked, wondering who that was.

“Billy Black. He used to be my best friend when we were kids. Been almost twenty years since I seen him”

“Oh. Are we going to meet him today?” I asked curiously, I really wanted to meet him for some reason.

“Yes. I got a house for a good price that is across the road from his house” he said and smiled.


“Yea?” he asked, looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Will there be any kids there? You know like, my age?”

“You will be going to school you know”, he frowned.

“Great. I thought I was going to get home schooled” I said sarcastically. That was the condition I moved with him, I got to be home schooled.

He laughed, “Are you crazy? I only said you could be home schooled so you would come with me”

I clenched my jaw, “Then why did you want me to come with you in the first place?” I asked icily.

“Nikki, I love you. I couldn’t live without you. And if I left you with your mother I would never have seen you again” he said with pain in his voice.

I knew he was right. I was more emotionally attached to my dad then my mother, I even wanted to be a mechanic when I was younger, just to be like him. “I know” I whispered.

“But I think you’ll do great here. The people are really nice, well, at least they were when I was here. And Billy has a son about your age too, maybe you’ll meet him today”

“Really?” I asked, maybe a little too enthusiastically for my dad.

“Don’t you be getting any ideas in your head Nicole. I meant that in the sense you would have someone your age around” he said while looking at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Dad, I know that. I don’t plan on anything. Like I told you before, I’ll be the old lady with the cats”

He cracked a smile, “Good” he said, but it was stern and showed it was the end of the conversation.

I turned the radio up more to get rid of the silence and leaned my head back to stare at the ceiling. I guess it was normal for fathers to be worried about their daughters finding someone and getting pregnant. He of all people should know me better than that, I had a boyfriend for three years in my old school and this year I broke up with him. Just like any other teenage boy, he only wanted one thing from me and I wouldn’t give it to him so after a while I got sick of it and broke up with him, I most definitely wasn’t ready for that yet. I smiled at this memory when I realized I never really loved him, I just was attracted to his body, his beautiful blue eyes had set me off the first time I met him. I turned my head to the side and seen we were in a forest somewhere and frowned, was this reservation off in the boonies or something? I laughed out loud and caused my dad to look at me like I was crazy.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing” I said and shook my head. End of conversation.

The trees finally ended and then I started seeing a house every mile or so. They were nice, I didn’t like the colors of them though, white and brown were the only colors I seen. “We’re here!” my dad exclaimed when he pulled into a driveway near a plain white house with brown shudders, disgusting.

“This is it?” I asked and scrunched up my nose.

He seen it. “Yea. What? You don’t like it?”

“I don’t know yet, but so far it’s a no. I hate brown and white. Do you think we could paint it a different color? Maybe like blue or green or maybe even purple?” I asked excitedly.

He opened his mouth twice and closed it, I almost laughed but he finally said something. “We’ll see. Let’s go check the inside out first” he said and got out of the truck. I lifted one side of my lip in disgust as I got out my side and walked to the door where my dad was waiting for me. “Can you at least be somewhat enthusiastic about this?” my dad asked, obviously irritated at my response.

“Maybe” was all I said and followed him into the front door. The inside definitely made up for the outside, it was all remodeled and furnished. It was a two story house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, I had my bedroom picked out from the moment I saw it. It was the biggest room but had ugly yellow wallpaper, I could paint over that, and a single bed with a dresser and a desk. By the time the tour of the entire house, including the basement and attic, was over I was starving and it was five o’clock. “Dad, what are we having for dinner? I’m starving”

“I was thinking about going into town and getting pizza. How does that sound?”

“Yay!”. Pizza did sound very good.

“We have to go visit Billy first though, I promised”

I huffed, I was hungry. “Okay”

“Let’s go” he said and walked out the door, I followed and when we were up on Billy Black’s porch my dad knocked.

“Coming!” a voice from inside called and I suddenly felt very nervous, meeting new people always did that to me.

The door opened and no one was there but I looked down and there was a man that was at least fifty with black silky hair and dark eyes. “It’s nice to see ya again Billy!” my dad exclaimed and they hugged, with my father bending over of course and his butt-crack hung out.

“Dad!” I moaned.


“Crack kills” I said and laughed.

Billy looked to me, “Who is this pretty young lady?”

I blushed, “Nicole, Nikki for short” I said and extended my hand to shake his.

“Nice to meet you Nikki. I’m sure Jacob will be pleased to finally have someone his age around here, especially a girl” he said and winked, causing me to blush a deeper red.

My dad gave me a warning look and I pursed my lips, if this Jacob looked like Billy must have when he was younger I was going to have a problem, Billy wasn’t ugly for his age and I could only imagine what he must have looked like when he was younger.

“Come in! Come in!” Billy cooed and we followed him in, me shutting the door behind us. “Jacob! Kirk is here!” he called up the stairs then led us to the living room.

It was a little rustic but had a little touch of tradition in the furniture and everything. “This is really nice” I said more to myself than anyone else.

“What?” my dad asked from beside me, “You don’t even like the new house and yet you like this room?” he asked with a little teasing.

“Yes” I said and raised one of my eyebrows.

Dad shook his head and then, “Jacob! Finally!” Billy exasperated.

“Dad. I was doing my homework” a husky voice said from behind me and I turned around to see the most beautiful boy I had ever seen standing there smiling at me.

My mouth dropped open then I blushed and looked at Billy who was looking from me to Jacob curiously. “Jacob, this is Kirk. And this is his daughter Nicole” Billy said and gestured towards me more that my dad.

“It’s nice to meet you, Kirk. I’m Jacob” he said and shook my father’s hand. Then he turned to me and I blushed even more, “Pleased to meet you too Nicole” he said and stuck out his hand.

I took it and smiled timidly, “You can just call me Nikki”.

“Great!” the boy said and his grin got bigger.

“Jacob, you finally have a playmate” Billy said and I looked at him, he was eyeing me intensely to see what my reaction would be and I wasn’t going to give him any satisfaction in that.

“I don’t play” I said.

His grin disappeared, “Ok”

“So. What grade are you in?” Jacob asked and I turned back to him, but not before looking at my dad who was still giving me a warning look.

“I’m a junior” I said casually.

“That’s great! So am I!” he said excitedly and I raised my eyebrows in surprise, he caught me off guard with his enthusiasm.

“Sweet. Maybe you can show me around on Thursday then” I said and it looked like I had just lit Jacob’s world up.

“All for that” he said and his eyes sparkled. I couldn’t help notice how really cute he was, I don’t even like dark eyes but there was something about his that just took me. No! Not again, not falling for another boy because of his eyes I thought to myself.

“Well Billy we have to go. I promised Nikki pizza for dinner, gotta run to town then unpack all the stuff” my dad said and I turned to him, I was actually disappointed I couldn’t spend time getting to know Jacob.

Billy seen my look, “Why don’t you stay here for dinner? Spaghettis on the menu tonight”

“Well, I don’t know..”

“Consider it a welcome home gift from me and Jacob”

“I don’t know, Nikki?” my dad said and turned to me.

“A homemade dinner sounds really good to me dad, but we could have pizza if you want”

“Well, I don’t know..” my dad repeated.

“Please?” Billy asked and I looked at the guy in the wheelchair, he was better than I thought.

“Alright” my dad finally said and I caught Billy’s eye, he winked at me and I smiled back.

“I’ll get dinner started” Jacob said and went into the kitchen.

“Let’s catch up on old times. Eh? I haven’t seen you in ages. Tell me all about the city life” Billy said and gestured for my dad to sit on the couch.

“I’ll go help Jacob in the kitchen” I said and left the room, I didn’t want to listen to them talk, listening to old people talk is boring. Jacob was standing over the stove with a pan of water on it, “Uh, can I help?” I asked nervously, I caught the shake in my voice.

He turned around and smiled when he seen me, “Sure”.

“Do you know how to make spaghetti?” I asked, trying to start conversation.

“Yes. I do all the cooking. I know, I know, laugh at me. Boys don’t cook, but I do it for my dad” he said and turned back to the stove.

I smiled, it was nice that he could cook. “I’m not going to laugh at you” I said and walked up next to him.

“Promise?” he asked and looked at me with that same twinkle in his eye, he made me feel very comfortable.

“Scout’s honor” I said and held up my hand.

He laughed and looked at me a while, “You know Nikki, you’re really pretty”

I turned my head so he couldn’t see me blushing, “Thanks” I mumbled.

“So…” he said when it was quiet for too long.

“So, do you know how to make spaghetti?” I asked yet again.

“Does boiling noodles and warming up a pan of sauce count as making spaghetti?”

I looked at him a moment, “That’s it?”

“Yup” he said, nodding.

“You don’t add anything to it?” I asked, disbelieving my ears.

He shook his head, “Nope”

“Can I give you some pointers?” I asked hopefully, I really wanted to hear his voice for some reason.

“All ears” he said and smiled again, revealing his perfect teeth. I noticed how actually cute he was up close, his dark eyes were beautiful and his lips were so, so, kissable. No! No! No! No! I yelled at myself, I didn’t want to be thinking of Jacob this way, definitely since I hardly even knew who he was.

“Have you ever tried adding Hamburg, onions and mushrooms to the sauce? It makes it chunkier” I asked and looked away, I didn‘t want him to see me blush again.

“No actually I haven’t. That sounds really good though!” he exclaimed.

I smiled sheepishly, “Would you want to try it?”

He grinned, “I would love to. Tell me what to do officer” he said and saluted me.

I giggled, “I need a cutting board, mushrooms, onions and a pound of Hamburg”

“Eye eye captain” he said and went for the ingredients. Jacob was turning into the perfect person as of right now, it was hard to control the urge to just kiss him right there, but I had to control myself. I’m a bad person. Don’t think like that! Just get to know him and see I said to myself.

“Here” Jacob said and dumped everything out on the counter in front of me, I shook my head.

“We need a frying pan and a knife” I said and looked at him.

“What do you need a knife for? You want to stab me or something?” he asked and I could tell he was kidding with me.

I grinned, “Only if you want me to”

“Nah, I think I’ll pass”

I laughed slightly, “I need it to cut the mushrooms and onions”

“I know” he said and reached for a drawer that was right next to where my hand was. He brushed it as he reached for the handle and I felt the heat rush to my face, I turned my head. That small touch had sent electric shocks right up my spine, what was wrong with me?

“You can help too” I said as he gave me the knife.

“I prefer to watch you. I’m sick of cooking” he said and sat on the table behind me.

I took the wrapper off the mushrooms and rinsed them off in the sink then brought them back over to the cutting board. I turned to Jacob who was watching my every move, “Why am I the one doing the cooking? I’m the guest, you should be cooking for me” I said and frowned, I was only kidding though.

He looked puzzled for a minute, “Do you want me to do that?” he asked slowly.

I smiled, “I was only kidding”.

“Oh” he said and grinned at me.

I blushed then went back to cutting my mushrooms and the onion. “Jacob?”

“Yea?” he said from behind me.

“You want to put the Hamburg in the pan for me?”

“Sure” he said and walked to stand next to me. I handed him the package of Hamburg and he brushed my fingers with his again. My heart skipped a beat, so I glared at the onion I was cutting to get my breathing back to normal. My eyes started watering up as I cut it, onions always did that to me. I finished and put them and the mushrooms in the pan with the Hamburg, then I turned to Jacob, forgetting about the tears in my eyes. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“What?” I asked, oblivious that my eyes were wet.

“You’re crying” he said and got down off the table, I hadn’t noticed before but he was the same height as me, if not an inch or so taller.

“Oh right” I said and felt my face heat up.

“Here, let me” he said, then reached up and wiped my eyes for me.

I stood there in shock for a second and stared at him, our eyes were locked and then I heard, “Dinner almost ready?” come from the doorway.

“Uhh, almost” I said and turned back around to the stove, so Billy couldn’t see me blushing. “Give us about fifteen minutes” I said as I was stirring the Hamburg, onion, and mushrooms.

“Okay” I heard Billy say then heard his wheelchair leave the doorway to go back into the living room.

“Jacob, will you put the sauce in a pan for me?”

“Sure” he said and got one out to put out on the stove, then got out the Ragu spaghetti sauce and put it in the pan.

I poured the mixture into the sauce and stirred it. Then tried the noodles, they were done. “Jacob, strain the noodles please” I said and he obeyed. I let the sauce boil a little longer then tasted it, it was good. I turned to Jacob and he was staring at me, “Want to try some?” I asked.

He hesitated, “Sure” he finally said and walked over to me. I put the spoon back and got some with Hamburg on it. I brought the spoon to his lips and he opened his mouth, he licked his lips afterwards.

“Delicious” he said and smiled at me, “You’re a great cook”.

“Thanks. I think our dads are starving so I think we need to feed them before they go on a rampage”

“I’ll let them know it’s done” he said and left the room.

I looked in the cupboard in front of me and seen the cups, I went to the next one down and found plates, I got out four and set them on the table, then I got out the silverware and set that out too. That’s when all three filed in. “Dinners ready” I said and smiled at them, I was beginning to feel at home.

“Great. I’m starved” Billy said and rolled to a place at the table.

I took Billy’s plate and put some spaghetti on it, then sauce and set it back in front of him, “I hope you like it” I said.

“It looks good”

“Dad, can I have your plate?” I asked and he handed it to me.

I put some on his plate then handed it back to him, “It looks great” he said.

“Jacob helped. We both made it” I said, not taking all the credit for something we both did.

“Oh. Thank you too Jacob” he said to Jacob.

“Thanks” Jacob said then smiled at me, he got up with his plate and came over to where I was.

“I got it” I said to him and tried to take the plate.

“Nope” he said while shaking his head, “I got my own”

I frowned, “Seriously, I got it”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea, go sit down” I said and nodded towards the table.

“Eye eye captain” he said and went back and sat down.

I got his done and I brought it to him, he smiled at me and I finally got my plate then sat down to eat. For a while all you heard were forks against the glass but then it was interrupted by Billy.

“So, Nicole. How do you feel about moving here?” he asked me.

I looked up from my bite, spaghetti hanging from my mouth. I glanced at Jacob who was grinning at me and I blushed then swallowed. “Nikki. And I guess it’s okay. I haven’t gone to school yet so I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet”

“Well, the folks around here are real nice. I’m sure you’ll make new friends” he said and smiled warmly at me.

“Which reminds me honey. I need to take you shopping” my dad said.

I looked at him, “For what?”

“New sheets, comforters” he frowned, “And I want you to start school with new clothes”

“Dad, I just got new clothes at the beginning of the year”

“Nicole. You need to start dressing like a girl”

“Dad. There is nothing wrong with the way I dress” I said and frowned at him. I dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, plain and simple. I’m not too good with the skirts and dresses, I’m more of a tomboy and prefer baggy shirts and tight pants.

“Yes there is, you need to start acting like a girl. You are seventeen now and should be dressing like your gender”

I was silent. I didn’t know what else to say, I knew he was right but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it half the time. Girly stuff and me do not mix, but I knew he was determined so I gave up, “Whatever” I growled and started eating my spaghetti again.

“Well that was absolutely delightful” Billy boomed from the side of the table and I looked at him, “You should definitely give Jacob some cooking pointers” he said to me.

“I don’t know” I said and shifted my eyes back to the plate in front of me, there was a little left but I was full.

“I’ll clean up” Jacob said.

I looked at him, “I’ll help”

“No, you cooked most of it so I clean it” he insisted.

“That’s exactly why I need to help, I cooked most of it so I clean it up” I told him.

“Bu…..” he started.

“She’s right you know” Billy suddenly said, interrupting Jacob’s protest.

“I agree with Billy” I said.

“Well, when you are done come help me unpack” my dad said and stood up from the table. “Billy, it was great seeing you again. Dinner was great, thanks for having us over”

“No problem. It’s nice having you back” Billy said and smiled.

“I’ll see you later” my dad said and walked towards the door then turned back to look at me, “Right after you’re done” he said and left.

“I’ll be in the living room if you need me” Billy said and rolled away.

“I guess that leaves me and you” Jacob said and I looked at him.

“Shall we?” I asked and started gathering the plates.

“I’ll wash, you dry”

“Ok. I hate washing anyways” I told him

“It sucks you have to go home right afterwards” he said while scraping the plates off.

“Why?” I asked while running the water for dishes.

“I wanted to get to know you more” he said.


“Maybe we could hang out after I get out of school tomorrow” he suggested when he put the plates in the water.

I smiled at him, “I would like that”

His eyes lit up, “Around two thirty?”

“It all depends on what time my dad wants to go shopping”

“Oh. Do you think you could find out for me?” he asked hopefully.

“Yea, hold on” I said and got my phone out of my pocket. I called my dad, three rings and he answered.



“What time are we going shopping tomorrow?”

“Around three”

I looked back to Jacob, he frowned then smiled. “Do you think I could go?” he asked and I shrugged then went back to the phone.


“What?” he asked impatiently.

“Do you think Jacob could come with us?” I asked hopefully, I really wanted him to go.

“I don’t know” he said, I could hear the skepticism.

“Please dad? Jacob knows what the girls are wearing, I need to know that information before I can pick anything out”

“Make sure it is ok with Billy first”

I looked at Jacob, “Go ask your dad” I told him.

“He’s going to ask right now” I told my dad.

“Ok, and hurry over”




I put my phone back in my jeans pocket and Jacob walked in with a big grin on his face. “He said I could go”

“Yay!” I said and threw my arms around his neck. Jacob’s hands were on my lower back and I realized what was going on. “Oh, sorry, that was unexpected” I said and pulled away to dry the rest of the dishes off, I was embarrassed.

“It’s ok” he said.

I finished, “I better get home now before my dad flips out” I told him.

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow then”

“Yes. You will”, I smiled and stuck out my hand, he reached for it and instead of shaking it he slowly brought it to his lips.

“Till tomorrow” he said and kissed my hand.

My face was red, no doubt about that. “Yea” I said and he let my hand go slowly. “See you tomorrow Jacob” I called to him as I got to the front door. “Bye Billy, it was nice meeting you” I said to him.

“Hope to see you soon” he said and smiled.

“You will” I promised and walked out the door.

Walking out that door strangely made me sad, I felt happy when I was in there. I got to the truck and noticed my dad left the tailgate down and a few bags for me to grab, typical him. I shook my head and grabbed the bags, then closed the tailgate and went to the porch. I heard howling off in the distance and I surprisingly wasn’t scared, I just turned and looked at the house across the street. The curtains moved and I thought I seen Jacob looking out at me but wasn’t quite sure. I smiled to myself and opened the front door to my new house. I took my shoes off and walked in and went straight upstairs to my room where I set the two bags that were mine on the floor. I noticed the rest of my bags were in the corner of the room. I remembered that my blanket was in the backseat of the truck and had to go get it, but first I had to check on my dad. I walked down the hall and the door to my dad’s room was closed. I opened it carefully and seen him on his bed, he was snoring. I shook my head and smiled then closed the door lightly as not to wake him up. I walked down the stairs and then out the front door where I stopped on the front step and took a deep breath. It smelled like a forest, I could get used to that smell. I shut the door then went and opened the truck door and got in the passenger seat, I closed the truck door behind me. I grabbed my blanket then looked out the front window and two dark eyes were staring at me. It caught me by surprise and I jumped but it just stared at me, it seemed to be trying to read my soul or something. It looked like an overgrown wolf on steroids and was actually really cute. I looked it over and realized it’s shoulders were up higher than the front end of the truck. I raised my eyebrows and smiled at it, it looked like it was grinning back. I reached my hand over to the door handle and pulled it, I heard it latch and I looked up to see the wolf was gone. I frowned and was disappointed, I wanted to touch it so bad. One part of something inside told me that it would have been a bad idea to do it, yet the other part told me it was nothing to be afraid of. I huffed and opened the door, I was unafraid when I should have been screaming my head off. I pulled my blanket out after me and looked around, listening intently. I heard nothing except the crickets chirping and sighed then walked up to the door, opened it and closed it behind me. I closed my eyes and leaned against the door, just to be startled when someone started knocking on it. It brought me out of my day-dream and I opened it to reveal a very tall, dark haired boy.

“Uh, hi?” I half asked.

“Hi. You’re the new people in town right?” he asked.

I smiled, “Yea”

“Well, I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. I’m Sam Uley. I am what they call ‘the enforcer’ around here” he said and smiled back.

“Oh well it’s nice to meet you”

“Same here. Are you going to school by any chance?”

This was weird, “Yea. I’m a junior”

“Great. I am too. When do you start going to school?” he asked, I found it weird telling him everything.


“Great. So maybe I’ll see you around then”

“Yea. Maybe you will”

“Ok, well have a nice night and welcome to the neighborhood”

“Thanks. Have a nice evening”

“Bye” he said and turned to walk down the steps.

I shut the door and stared at the floor, What the hell was that about? That kid waited until now to welcome us? Oh well, at least I know the people around here will be nice. So far. I thought to myself and started up the stairs. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I missed my mom. As I thought about her I felt the tears staining my cheek so I turned over onto my side and stared at the black wall, waiting for my eyes to adjust. They finally did and I closed them, I was exhausted. I didn’t realize how tired I actually was until I knew I was asleep because I was dreaming about the wolf I had seen.

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