The One: T.I./Bow Wow Love Story {Chapter 12}

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Created by TBLAgurl on Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Friday night at the football game Diamond and Tip sat together in the stands. Star was cheering and Shad was playing. “Baby, stop it,” Diamond whined as Tip took kisses from her neck. “What’s wrong,” he questioned. “People are staring and I don’t like PDA.” “So, let’s give them a show,” he said reaching for the buttons on her shirt. She slapped his hand. “No means no,” said a guy sitting in the row above them. Diamond laughed. ‘That’s not funny,” said Tip.

Diamond focused her attention on the game. Shad was at the thirty yard line .He proceeded rapidly and made a touch down. Diamond stood up and cheered. “You go Shad! That’s my bestie!” Star was cheering for him too. She sat back down next to Tip. He was staring at her. “What?” “That was ghetto,” he said. “Whatever. My bestie made a touchdown. I had to go there.” “He’s your best friend?” “Yeah, me and Shad go back like a Cadillac with four flats.” “You mean four flats on a Cadillac.” “Yeah,”she laughed.

After the game Diamond wanted to talk to Shad .Her and T.I went down to the field. “Hey Shad, you did so good,” she said embracing him. “Thanks De,” he said. She let him go. “What up,” Shad said to T.I. “Hey,” he nodded in acknowledgement. “I’m gonna go find Star, see you later,” Diamond said. “Aight.” Tip and Diamond walked to the parking lot. Star was standing at her car.

“Hey ya’ll,” said Star. “Hey, Shad did good tonight.” “He did. I saw you cheering in the stands.” T.I was busy texting. He interrupted them. “I gotta go baby. See you tomorrow.” “Okay, call me.” She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. He walked to his car and called Brian. “What up,” Brian answered. “What did you want?” “It’s a party tonight at Eddy house,” said Brian. “Not tonight. I’m tired.” “Now that you got DeDe you ain’t been coming to any parties. Come on,” Brian begged.

He sighed. “This better not be a waste of time.” “I won’t be. I promise.” He hung up the phone and drove to Eddy’s house. When he pulled up there were people everywhere. Most of them were drinking and smoking. This seemed like a bad idea to him. He went inside the house and saw Brian. “Now the party really about to start,” Brian said. Tip shook his head. “I do not need to be here.” “Yeah you do. Have some fun. Look at all the fine girls,” he said pointing them out.

“I’m not here for that.” “If you say so.” T.I looked around at all the females he felt himself becoming weak. He tried to keep is min d on Diamond. Someone tapped him on the shoulder. It was Melanie. “Hey Tip,” she greeted. “What up Mel.” “I haven’t seen you at any kickbacks lately. What’s been up?” “I just been busy.” “You obviously ain’t bust tonight.” “No, but I am tired.” She smiled. “Are you too tired to let me take care of you?” She tugged on his belt buckle. He looked down at her hand and back at her face. “No thank you,” he declined.

“If you change your mind you know where to find me.” She walked away. He went to get himself a drink. Then he went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He was proud that he was able to turn down Mel but there were a lot of other beautiful girls. He turned the water on and splashed it in his face and dried his face with a towel. As he was drying his face, someone came behind him and but there arm around his neck. He grabbed the person’s arms and slammed them into the wall.

“Oo, I like that rough stuff,” she said. He laughed. “Hey Erin,” he said. Erin was his girl before Melanie. He let her go but she was strong. She pushed him against the wall and forced her lips on his. He had become weak against her. She put her hands under his shirt and kissed his neck. “You like that,” she asked. “Uh huh,” he groaned. She fell to her knees and unbuckled his belt. He didn’t stop her.


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