The Aqua Alchemist - A Roy Mustang Story - Part One

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Created by Sakkidatta on Saturday, March 11, 2006

Okay then. Since the last part was so crappy, here's the next part. Be happy.
Die, quizmaker, die. (Me: I do have a death wish.)
*Ignores and reads*
Riza Hawkeye stared into the late morning sky. Her broom stopped and she watched the clouds twist and turn sinisterly. There was heavy moisture in the air, as if the water vapor was turning into a weight. Most likely, the rains were going to ruin her sidewalk that she just swept. How unfortunate.
"I'm glad that Al and Roy left earlier," she said, shielding her eyes at the falling disarray of drops. "This looks bad."
Carrying her broom, she dashed inside as the rain turned from a few heavy drops into pounding, pebble-like droplets. By the time she was safely inside, most of her clothes were soaked.
She didn't notice the dark shadow outside the window.
Placing her broom bedside the door, Riza pulled the tie out of her hair. Strands clumped together, wet and dripping like melted gold. She went up the stairs, dripping, intending to change into dry clothes and make something warm for Roy and Al when they came back.
She didn't see the flash of silver light behind her house.
Nor hear the small yelp as Black Hayate met eternal darkness in the rain.

Nor the thin blade of ice slipping into the lock of the window and crushing it.
She was humming upstairs, a light carefree tune. Changing into a white terrycloth robe, she began to descend the stairs.
The shadow slipped in soundlessly. It was dripping slightly, but otherwise went unnoticed by all.
Riza couldn't hear it above the patter of rain on the roof.
"It's coming down hard," she thought aloud, "I hope Roy and Al are going to be okay." Coming down the stairs, she stepped into the hallway and headed for the kitchen. Maybe something warm to drink, she thought.
The shadow was close now, waiting a few moments at the corner between the kitchen and the hall.
Riza snapped her hair up, keeping it out of her eyes.
The shadow stepped into view.
Riza instantly came alert. "Roy, is that you playing tricks, again?"
The shadow revealed the sword.
The sword made of ice glinted madly in the dim light of the storm.
Riza backed up, narrowing her eyes. If only I didn't hide the gun in the kitchen.
The shadow dashed forward. The figure raised the sword like a snake baring its fangs.
Raising her hands, Riza prepared to fight.
However, the shadow had other plans. A white gloved hand came out and the fingers curled around Riza's neck like iron. Her hands instinctively reached up and began to claw at the hand. She saw the silver embroidery on the back of the hand.
An alchemy circle, she thought. Water.
Her last thought. The sword dived in, piercing her heart. It came out of her body and appeared at her back, shining sinisterly with blood. The beating of her heart began to stop. She was released, sinking to the floor, the sword still embedded into her chest. The point hit the hardwood floor and snapped. Blood seeped out of the wound and onto the ground, staining it.
Riza reached up, her hand feeling only air.
Her pupils dilated. The body took one last shuddering breath and became lifeless. Never to see the world again.

The shadow was, of course, a person. You, to be exact. You smirked, watching her die.
"Phase one."
Your voice was very light, very excited. And also, very harmonious. You used to sing quite well too. Your cerulean eyes had a bloodthirsty glint in them. Brushing back strands of your long black tresses of hair, you stepped over her body. Casually walking past it, you opened the door, upsetting a broom. It fell, droplets of water flying upwards. Smiling sadistically, you stepped over it and left the door open.
You were, of course, very aware of whom you killed. Riza Hawkeye, fianc of Roy Mustang. There were going to be many more killings later...
But enough of that. The rain was making a light fog on the muddy ground. Your steps were casual upon the dirt road to town. No one would be coming soon anyway. The house was quaint, modest with about an acre of land all around. As soon as you left the estate, you would be in the town, anyway. While you are walking, I shall describe your outfit.
On your hands, you're wearing white gloves with the water alchemy circle on the back of your hand and palm. Your upper arms have a gold band on them with a filmy, pale blue cloth covering up to the elbow. Your top was like a tube-top that ended beneath your rather large breasts with a gold band. Another gold band went across your chest with a small slit to reveal cleavage. The actual fabric was dark cerulean, thick cotton. There was another gold band beneath your navel that held up your skirt. It ended a little past your knees, made of the same filmy pale blue material on your arms. In the front, however, a rectangle of fabric from the gold band to hem was cut away, with a long pentagon shaped piece of fabric, trimmed gold, made of the same dark cerulean material as your top, covered you up to above your knees. You also wore skintight midnight blue shorts under the skirt. Finally, you walked in white ankle high boots and topped the whole outfit off with dark red lipstick on your lips.
By this time, you were safely in the city. Taking refuge in the alleyways, you ran around the city until you came to bridge. The lake was in the middle of the city and very beautiful and clear, even in the rain. You are a water alchemist, and kept the water clean. After all, it was your home.
You dived into the inviting waters.
What a perfect night. You killed Riza Hawkeye and the rain washed away your tracks. If only you could see the face Roy would make when he found his beloved dead. Even though you could keep your breath underwater longer than most people, you didnt dare open your mouth to laugh. Diving under a rock, you felt something brush against your legs. Pikes began to surround you, a swarm of them. They bumped against you, their bodies slimy, clouding the water with their black bodies. One of them nipped at you and then backed off. The rest did as well, leaving the coast clear.
You smiled in the water, waving to your little friends. Moving upward, you broke the surface, sucking air gleefully.
Backstroking lightly, you pulled yourself to shore in the underwater cave, soaked to the bone. Your hands came up and touched your clothes lightly, making them steam and dry. The cave itself was a maze, deep and twisting. If anyone ever found the cave, they would most likely get lost before they found your home. You smirked. They would most likely turn back at the pikes.
Fortunately for you, you memorized the path to your home and went swiftly though the passages, coming to a stone door, obviously made from alchemy. Such things you had to study to survive luxuriously. Opening the door, you met a mattress on a stone bed and a stone bookshelf full of books with more on the ground. There were small holes in the ceiling too, to give fresh air. The holes were covered by rushes and grass. They were crooked, looking like mouse holes. You were very careful not to make your presence known, smuggling books and food in stone boxes, keeping only another pair of clothes for disguise. It was enough. You had to make sure no one knew you and still keep tabs on Roy Mustang and other people that knew him. You were very lucky sometimes and sometimes not so. It was a difficult task but it was going to pay off after you completed the plan.
Maybe it was too simple and you had no idea what to do when you completed it, but still, it had to done.
Wow. I killed Riza and have a brother... Don't tell me it's Roy! (Me: NO.) Oh good.
Plan? What plan?
I just appeared and I killed someone. >=) I'm a sadist! (Me: ... *sweatdrop*)
"I think it lessened up now..."
Roy came out of the hospital room, his eye patch removed. There was only a thin pink scar on his eyelid now. Otherwise, he was fine. Normally, he would have gotten it removed later, but the rain was so thick and heavy, he decided it would be okay. Riza would be delighted, even though she normally didn't show it.
Al looked at his superior and placed his books under his coat to protect them from the falling rain. Roy placed his hat on his head and stepped after Al. They walked down the street, keeping their heads down from the rain. The wind didn't howl as much now and the fog under them was only a wisp now. They didn't speak, Roy in the drivers seat of the car and Al in the backseat. Al was staying over until tomorrow, where he would leave the town, back to Rizenbool. Even though they couldn't tell, it was past twilight.
They stayed in Central for only a couple hours, since the town Roy lived in, Mizusin, was only an hour's drive away from Central. Al was excited, eager to read the books he borrowed.
Roy looked at him though the rearview mirror.
"You really are going to try to find him, aren't you?"
Al's grin just couldn't leave his face. "Of course. I believe I will, one day, see him again."
Despite his nature, Roy smiled slightly. Maybe dreams could come true, he thought, Al got his body back because of Fullmetal. I wonder if when Al sees him again, he's still shrimp size. Snickering, he turned onto the dirt road to his house.
He stopped snickering at once.
Riza always lit the lantern next to the door at night. And lights should be on inside. But the house was dark and like the rain, foreboding and gloomy. There was a heavy despair rearing in his stomach. Something was very wrong.
Al stopped smiling and looked at the house, sensing Roy's change in mood.
"Mustang-san? Is something wrong?"
"The lights aren't on..." he muttered aimlessly, stopping the car in the middle of the road. He and Al jumped out, running into the house. Al felt it too, as if the house was void of presence. Roy sprinted faster as he noticed the door was ajar. There was no dog either. Where had it gone?
Something was very wrong....
He barely registered the fallen broom and jumped over it, to the fallen form on the ground. Recognizing Riza, he ran to her side, the pit in his stomach growing larger and acidic.
He grabbed her wrist, searching for a pulse. Anything, anything... please.... Finding none, he put his hand in front of her mouth, then put it to her heart.
Al came into the house and saw the scene.
"Oh, God, no."
Roy lifted his hand, shuddering at the cold blood. His two eyes grew wide and he screamed.
Gone forever.
Poor Roy... Why did you do that to him?
Well, that was really long. I hope your satisfied with my work. Rate or message if you have anything to say. Well, maybe not if you want to say, "Die, bitch, die!"
Die, bitch, DIE!!
Why is this story so sad? (Me: I dunno. But at least I have a plot.)
Poor Roy. I wonder what you're going to do?

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