Sesshomaru Love Story (1) sexy pix of sesshy

Created by ross2obsessed on Saturday, March 11, 2006

First you must learn all of your info... you are 16 years old and your name is Jessica Lynn. You currently are single but you are looking desperately.
if you say so!
just hurry up to where i get to meet sesshomaru
You are walking home from your friends house in the middle of the summer and you are walking home when al of a sudden you hear a wierd think?
OMG ALIENS ARE INVADING (me: cool ur jets)
its prolly just a car (me: yeah, right)
huh? what r u taking about?
is this when sesshy comes in??? i mean... its the wind! (me: Jeez girl calm dowm)
you rush to were you heard the noise and you find out it was a telephone pole that had fallen...and you see someone with silver hair under neath it... you rush over and yuo see he is bleading... (oh yeah just something to tell you , you have super strength) you bend down and lift the telephone pole with one hand and with the other you lift the young man. You find he is unconcious so you bring him to your house. A while later he wakes up with you at his side... you say?
He's ALIVE!! He's ALIVE! mwwahahaha (me: OMG!)
Rise and shine sleepy head!
I am jessica lynn, you had a telephone pole fall on you.. i saved you. whats your name?
OMG SESSHY ARE YOU OK, ARE YOU IN PAIN? SESSHY!! OMG!! (me: if you keep this up he will fall deeply inlove with you... NOT)
Watever you choose you tell him your name eventually, and he says his name is Sesshomaru. So you keep taking care of sesshomaru as the day goes on and he gets stronger and stronger by the hour. By 5:00 he says he is at full strenghth and asks if he can leave. You?
Say yes and send him on his way
ignore his question and check his cut he got
say yes but tell him to make sure he comes back later so you can make sure his cut wont get infected
scream NO WAY HOSAY!! you arent leaving untill I say so! and of course, I DONT SAY SO! (me: cool down girl...)
Whatver you say Sesshomaru leaves anyway. Later that night as you are changing to go to bed, you hear a noise at your window, you flash aroung forgetting you are topless and sesshomaru is there... sorry im gonna have to stop here... if i get good results i will make another one but for now ta ta!
watever just dont make me toppless anymore *rates* (me: ok i wont)
ok just make another one please
*rates high* (me: thanx)
you better make another bitch sesshy is mine and well umm HE IS MINE!!
Sesshomaru thinks u are a real nice gal but he only thinks of you as a freind for the moment. Rate high so you can find out if he likes you L8r!
Sesshy likes you but he still is on the edge of you only being a freind... its ok though you are close... and if you rate high, you may end up being his wife in one of my other ones... but for now... L8r!
sesshy is deeply in love with you.. so inlove he almost fell out the window when he saw you... hope it stays that way... rate hih so i can make another and you will find out if you two were meant to be!
sesshomaru cant stand you... you are so annoying... stop being so over protected and just for your info when he saw ur breasts he pucked out the window... imagine being a boy and seeing ur moms boobs at that age...!! (you treat him like he is ur kid!!)

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