Shadow the hedgehog~love story*sorta* ~unedited~

Ok guys so heres the deal i made this story about 5 years back and i know it sucks but if you just wanna read it to see how an 10 year old writes stories then here you go, it makes absolutly no sense and if you wanna see how i write now my new profile is MusicLover2012 and i'll add myself to my friends so you can find me easier. i'm gonna leave the old profiles to this story up so that you can see my 10-year-old idiotsy (its so a word *now...*) K so yeah here goes the whole story so far on one page (lol)

Created by tiaraboobowski on Sunday, July 26, 2009


I woke up ran out of bed wating for him to come pick me up.Then i saw him it was shadow.
I screamed at the top of my lungs.I ran over to a tall cliff and jumped.I whistled so he
knew i was there.He turned around after hearing my whistle.There he came running at full
speed tring to catch me.He caught me and put me down grabbed my hand and started to run.
He asked me"where do you want to go today".I said i want to go to somewhere in the forest".
He said "OK" Tiara". "Shadow can't we go any faster"I said.HE Replied"ok". "CHAOS CONTROL"!
The next morning i thought it was going to be the same but Insted of going off into the forest
I wanted to go into the jungle.When we went intointo the jungle we saw these ruins so we went
up to them and the craziest thing happened we went into the past.There was this girl her name
was Tikal. She kept on saying these verses"the servers are the 7 chaos.chaos is power.power is
enriched by the heart.the controllers are the one who unify the chaos".and that was it we
returned to the present. After that Shadow said"i heard a red echidna saying that verse
before he was guarding a giant green emerald. So we went to go see the red echidna.
we tried to talk to him but he wouldnt leave the emerald.he kept calling it the master
emerald.he decided to let us talk to him on one condition we couldnt move away from
the master emerald.So we asked him about Tikal.Then he stood up like he was freaked
out.He asked where we found her and we told him everything.After that when he was
standing up we heard this crash behind him and there was weird watery thing.Then
we heard eggman and he said hurry up chaos zero we need to find the other 6 chaos
emeralds.After that i asked shadow if that was that small green emerald.he said
he didnt know.


So this is Knuckles's cave.Whats this(Julie-su said blushing). Its a picture
So JUlie-su went to see who her soul touch was.Let me see it is j.
My soul touch is..just who i thought its knuckles.So she went to get a copy of
that paper.So julie-su went to see knuckles and as she saw me she told us all
of the good news that my soul touch was shadow and hers knuckles.So thats how me
and julie-su became best friends.When julie-su told us our soul mates we forgot
that it was almost christmas.So we split up into groups me and julie-su went to
go get knuckles and shadow christmas presents.I got shadow a gun and as soon as
he got ithe wanted to use it.So we went to go find the comander and we came across
a blue hedgehog and shot him. I stoped shadow by kissing him.Shadow froze with
excitment and ammazment.He was blushing sticking his gun behind him.So out of
nowhere i asked him how many kids do you want "i dont know 2.

~Later in time(dun dun dun!!!)~

About 1 year later we had a kid and so did knuckles and julie-su.We had shad
and julie-su had lara-su.By the time they were 16 we all had 1 more kid.I
had mina and they had knux Jr..By the time they were 2 they were dating each
other.By the time they were 14 they had a kid ash the echidna.He had black
fur and looked like an echidna excepthe had ears like a hedgehog.After their
kids were older they went on adventures.somtimes me and shadow came.Julie-su
and knuckles married later.They were our best friends until
Julie-su and knuckles died.I was like them once everytime i got hurt
i felt the pain until I didnt know if i kissed shadow i would become immortal
because he was the ultimate life form.I finally got used to being 14 forever.
After about 100 years later julie-su and knuckles died in a house fire while
lara-su and knux jr. were out geting ice cream. After the sudden death
of their parents they went to go live with thier uncle maze.2 years later
lara-su was pregnant with shad's baby. Later they disscovered it was a
boy.Not only did they disscovered it was a boy they also found out it was
a breed thought to no longer exsist. Turns out daze was a reincarnation
of a legendary war hero Sakaea the darkina.Shad knew all about him and
lara-su didnt so he explianed 1st off he was 102 when he died.He got killed
by his half-sister sisha the echidna because he killed their mom because
she was tring to stop him from destoying the master emerald.She killed her
self at the same time because she combined the master emerald with the
chaos emeralds to try to stop him but something went wrong and it exploded
leaving the master emerald their and spread the chaos emeralds around the world.
By the time Daze was 2 he was an expert of marcial arts and explosians.Daze was
also big on killing as soon as he got his demon wind shiriken he killed rouge.
At her funneral the only people crying were sonic and eggman.It was like a normal funneral except:

.sonic and eggman were in dresses(eggman got his mustach shaved and got glasses like lara-su)

.everyone was laughing

.Daze:eggmans next mahahahaha i mean poor rouge.

When daze was laughing he saw a girl his age.After he saw her he ran after her.After he caught
up with her she said her name was carly the echidna and vanished.Then lara-su told daze it was
time to go home.All night Daze couldnt stop thinking of how carly vanished.So in the morning
he woke up and told lara-su.She looked puzzled.Daze couldnt figure out who carly was so he
searched until daze searched the last place he could think of..and he looked and his soul
touch was carly.Then he checked julie-su and knuckles but something was different.It didnt say
decreased it said reincarnated.So daze went to tell me and shadow this after we hered the good
news i kissed shadow.After that he went to go tell his mom. after we found out about them we
searched for them!We gave up went to mcdonalds and shadow got pie.Then we saw two people who
looked famillar.We saw a room full of echidnas.So we went up to why there was so many echidnas.
It turns out that echdnas eat free today.But then we ran into tons of other echidna!We ran into
a echidna.we said "hey whats your name"she replied im ariana the echidna but you can just call
me ari"you said "nice to meet you ari!Im Tiara Boobowski but you can just call me Tiara and this
is Shadow!"*Shadow mumbled"why doyou say hi to everyone"*Tiara"BECAUSE ITS CALLED BEING POLITE
make you mad!"Tiara "sorry about my husband he gets crazy some times now if you will excuse
me for a second!Say your sorry Shadow now or suffer the consiquinces!" Shadow"like what"
*Tiara walks up with kuneis and shurikens witha evil grin*Shadow "ok ok i will say i'm
sorry"*Shadow walks up to ariana*Shadow "hi i'm Shadow i'm sorry for the way i acted"
ariana "its ok i'm ari by the way" Tiara "you will never guess who i found.....

Ok guys thats all i've written out of this story that makes absolutly no sense, i was so
uncreative when i was little...well this story was 24 chapters long and there was seriously
no need for it and it was driving me crazy, and lets face it it sucks anyways!!!

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