Xiaolin Dragons and Jack Spicer. . . What am i supposed to do? (Jack Spicer Love Story part 1: Mantis Flip Coin)

this is a repost since my story wants to be a bish.

Created by LilywaveTheEternal on Sunday, July 26, 2009

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ZAP PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: Jack spicer love story


basically like this with longer black hair and no hat. oh she's pretty much the same age as jack.


:D and of course our friend and local "villan" JACK SPICER!


i was walking the streets of san fran sisco. some kids passed me. one of them was a city kid, the other a cowboy, a short asian girl, and a really tiny bald kid. the cowboy had a small lizard on his shoulder.

"It's over this way!" shouted the lizard. i lifted my headphones.

"Did the lizard just talk?" i asked approaching them, pointing to the lizard.

"Who you callin a lizard?!" shouted the little creature. i smiled and said, "Well if you aren't a lizard then what are you? a snake with legs?" the city kid started to giggle. "The mantis flip coin is over there!" said the small thing.

"Come friends!" shouted the little bald kid.

"The what?" i asked a little confused. i followed them without them noticing. as i got near the feeling i'd had all day got stronger. i peeked around the corner.

"What?! Okay you're gunna have to get solid and help me out here." said some pale kid with red hair. he had something in his hand. the little lizard thing looked around suspiciously and turned around. i backed up against the wall hoping he wouldn't see me. i looked around the corner again. this time i couldn't hear what they were saying so i ended up falling forward.

"Ow!" i yelled as my chin collided with the ground. they all looked back at me.

"Jack Bots! Attack!" shouted the pale kid.

"HEY!" shouted the city kid.

"You guys need help?" i asked as a robot came after me. two of them came at the same time. i jumped in the air then they hit eachother.

"Yeah, we need the mantis flip coin!" he shouted as he smashed a robot. i leapt up and over the robots. the asian girl threw a robot which was dodged then it hit someobdy knocking them into the air past me. the guy that had been knocked into the air landed on the short bald kid. i jumped up and over them on to the wall then i grabbed onto the pale kids foot.

"Jack Bots!" he shouted. even more of them came. we stayed stationary in the air until one of the jack bots came at me. i kicked it away along with the others that decided to mess with me.

"Why are you helping people you don't know?" asked the red head.

"Cause i can tell they have good hearts." i said. we started to move in the air.

"What are you doing?!" i shouted.

"Getting somewhere safe." he said. he got close to a roof top and i jumped down. he landed infront of me and started to inspect me. then a ghost thingy came out from behind him.

"Oh, and who is this girl?" she asked also inspecting me. the pale kid flipped the coin in his hand then the ghost thing gasped.

"She is the fifth Xiaolin Dragon!" me and the pale kid raised on of our eyebrows and cocked our heads to the side.

"A what?" i asked.

"You are the rare fifth element! The Dragon of the Spirit! you can sense Shengongwu!" she shouted at me getting close to my face. the pale kid smiled and said, "She can sense wu too huh? Maybe she can help us." i backed away.

"And which side would you be on?" i asked.

"The Heylin side of course. How would you feel about ruling the world at mine and jacks side?" asked the ghost.

"No way! I'm not getting on the bad side! just hand over the flip coin and i'll be on my way!" i said as i approached the pale kid. he put one of his hands behind his back and stuck the other out. i stopped in my tracks with a confused look on my face.

"Shake. My name's Jack Spicer. Evil Boy Genius at your service." he said. i hesitantly took his hand and shook.

"My name is Wuya, and your name my dear?" she asked.

"My name is Liz. short for Elizabeth." i said pulling on jacks hand and putting my other behind his back so i could get the mantis flip coin. as soon as my other hand touched his he backed away and jumped up into the air, flying away and said, "NICE TRY LIZ!" the others jumped on the roof and shouted insults at eachother once they saw that he had escaped.

"Enough fighting. it was my fault. but i-" i gasped right when the lizard thing did.

"Another Shengongwu has revealed itself!" we shouted at the same time. the asian girl pulled out some sort of scroll and opened it.

"The two ton tunic." they explained what it was and how it worked. then the little lizard thing grew and said, "Hop on!" i gasped in amazement.

"Now who you calling a lizard?" he asked as we took off.

"Wow this is amazing!" i shouted while we were up in the air. i looked around and down. i looked down even further leaning farther than i should have and almost fell. but a couple of hands caught me. i looked behind me to see the city kid trying to hold back a laugh.

"Sorry, excitment can get me into trouble sometimes. by the way, we still haven't introduced ourselves. my name is Liz, short for Elizabeth." i said holding my hand out to him. he took it and said, "Name Raimundo, just call me Rai though." he stopped shaking and i moved onto the cowboy behind him.

"Clay Bailey, nice to meet ya ma'am." he said taking my hand and tipping his hat. i moved onto the girl infront of me.

"KimikoTohomiko." she said breifly shakng my hand and going back to her PDA.

"Omi! it is very nice to meet you Liz." he said with abig grin on his face, shaking my hand. we landed in Italy. Jack was already there with the two-ton tunic.

"You're helping these Xiaolin Losers?" he asked.

"Depends. hand over the flip coin and tunic and i'll help you." he thought about it for a moment.

"Nu-uh, no way am i trusting you! You tried to get the flip coin once already." he said holding his hands behind his back. "She almost got it too. JACK BOTS ATTACK!" he shouted. the battle was won for the tunic. jack was cast aside face down on a boat and we had the tunic.

"So how did you almost get the flip coin Liz?" asked Rai as we headed back.

"He held out his hand and put the other behind his back so we could shake, here hold out your hand and put one behind your back and i'll show you." i said. he did what i told him to and i pulled him in and grabbed his hand.

"That's how i almost got it, but he figured me out before i could get it." clay was giggling and omi was smiling. Kimiko was still on her PDA. Rai was blushing so i started to laugh. "Girls got moves." he said.

"OH YEAH! that ghost thing, Wuya said that i am the rare fifth element and that i was a Xiaolin Dragon. unless i went to the Heylin side then it would be different. . . but she said my element is spirit. which i find very weird." i explained.

we landed and some old guy greeted us.

"And who is this? Young Monks." he asked.

"MASTER FUNG! this is Liz! Wuya said that she is the fifth dragon! the dragon of spirit!" shouted Dojo climbing on master Fungs shoulder. Master Fungs expression didn't change but his eyes betrayed him. he was a bit excited.

"Really? well, do you want to be involved in this and tain as a Xiaolin Dragon?" he asked. i thought about it for a moment.

"Yes." i said. then i got a feeling and me and dojo started itching ourselves.

"Another wu." i said as i scratched my neck.

"Yeah and this one gives me a rash! YOU TOO!" he shouted.

"We need to get it before Spicer does!" shouted Rai.

"Well then let's go rangle us some shengong wu!" said Clay. me and dojo nodded then dojo grew. the others and i took off only to find. . .


Cliff hangers are the absoloute best. *evil grin* i'm leavin you guys hangin for a reason.

1: i have to go to bed. . .like NOW seriously, it's 12:40 A.M.

2: I just felt like being ebil. yes i mean the word, ebil. my parents are asleep and i could write more but i need ratings so yeah. STFU if you're whining, just rate and i'll write the next chapter tomorrow. READ THE MEMO IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!

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