Like Father, Like Daughter part 1 (MATURE CONTENT)

Created by wiccanfaeri on Sunday, March 12, 2006

"O...ooohhhh....oohhh don't stop.." she screamed as her boy toy, Fintan, rammed himself into her from behind. He was so huge and rock hard, the pain of him ripping and tearing her only added to her pleasure. Getting nearer to her climax, she flipped him onto his back and rode him hard, making him cry out. "Oh, fuck!....uuuuggghhhh! Lorna....oohh" Fintan moaned as she ground her hips into his, driving him deeper inside of her. " neck...Fintan..." she moaned seductively into his ear, and he obeyed, succumbing to her veela charm...he bit her neck, causing her pleasure to double, triple quadruple, causing her to come, and then she bit his neck, causing him to come. Spilling his sperm into her "Uuuughhh....ooooohhh"was all they could moan into each others' skin...They lay next to each other, her long strawberry blonde hair plastered to her face and part of his chest with sweat. Her voilet eyes staring into his chocolate brown ones. "Ye can't tell anyone about this, godit, Fintan? It was only a fling..." "I know...but was such a good fling...damn you are so good..." his chest heaved in and out, up and down from lack of air in his lungs, from all the excitement. They lay naked, under the black satin sheets, asleep. Him dreaming of her...and her...dreaming of something terrible...
wow....that was intense....
she's a veela? hooooott!
'Darling, much like me...' a voice sounded all around her in the darkness...."Who are you? What do you want?" she screamed, not even a strain of panic in her voice,"Where are you?! Show yeerself!" she yelled, her Irish accent thick and angry...'My dear...dont' you remember me?...' a light spread through the darkness and revealed a man in a hooded cloak, all she could see was his fierce white hands, cupped together infront of him...she couldn't make out the man's face but she had this feeling she knew she'd known him all her lfe..."Who are you?" she spat coldly. "Why...don't you know who I am? I'm your father?" a hiss sounded from underneath the hood. She reached up and tore the fabric away to reveal a man's snake like eyes, and fierce white face and snake tongue...."AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed....

"Lorna! Lorna!" Fintan yelled, trying to calm her...."Lorna! Its was just a bad dream! Its okay I'm here!" Lorna finally stopped screaming and tears fel from her eyes..."What's wrong? I heard screaming! What's wrong with her?!" Lorna's mother flew through the door. "We were sleeping, she had a bad dream and started screaming...She's calm now." Fintan explained. "Mam...I saw a man with a cloak and eyes a snakes....they were red...and he had a white face and a snake's was scary..." Lorna cried, a cold sweat drenching her body. Her mother hugged her and would not let her go "Everythang'll be okay, lil' one." but her eyes were filled with fear,"Everthin'll be okay...Ye're here with me..." her mother eyed Fintan, she knew what they had been doing...she didn't mind, as long as it was with boys who had a good future..."Ye're okay...Fintan, I think you should go home...There's cookies and milk in the kitchen before ye can take some home to yeer mother if ye'd like...goodnight..." she watched him kiss Lorna's head and then dress under the covers, and leave...*such a good boyo* "Come couldn't have been that bad..." she said, trying to calm herself down too..."It was terrifyin'! He said he was me father..." Lorna sobbed into her mother's shoulder....fear overpowering her mother....."Come with me, ye'll be sleepin' in my bed with me tonight." and with that, they made their way to Lorna's mother's room...
oooooo........her mother knows something!
The next morning, they woke up and showered and dressed. They had to supervise the moving people. Lorna's mother had told her years ago that they were moving to England after Lorna's 5th year at O'Halloran's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (in Ireland) . "Mam, where in England are we movin' to?" "Somewhere around Hodgepole Hill. There's a nice family there, the Weasleys, I think. They're suppose to be nice people, very kind." her mother's Irish accent thicker than ever today. "There, we're done, missus." one of the movers said. "Well, Lorna, its time." and with that, her and her mother took the Floo network to their new house on Hodgepole Hill.
hey! the Weasleys! I love Ron...Ron ron ron!
part 2 will be out shortly

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