Edward Elric Lust: Sex with Edward Elric

NOTE: This is the best way I could clean up my story. I know some language and sex terms may offend some viewers, so I tried to brief it up as much as possible! Sorry if you don't like it.

Created by oddlyoko on Sunday, March 12, 2006


Edward Elric sits with you on the couch of the military boarding house. You are both cuddled up in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and smiling at each other. (Ed's is milk free of course. ^^) He smiles at you and looks over at the ashes burning brightly in the fireplace. You look back a bit dazed, thinking to yourself, 'His eyes are so pretty when the glow hits them..' "Uhhhh..." A hand goes behind Edward's head. "you ok?" You blush slightly, not really noticing that you had dazed out. "Yea..I'm fine." Ed pushes the blanket on the floor. "Damnit its hot in here." He says, looking annoyed. (In reality, trying to make you not feel so embaressed about the blushing.) Edward wears his normal black sleeveless shirt and his tight black pants. Without a belt this time, being that he was inside. You look down to his bare feet, but then you look at his metal leg, andthen up to his chest, seeing his metal arm. Edward looks at the ground, thinking to himself. "Edward...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to stare.." The next thing you know, Ed's lips are pressed against your own.
'He's too sexeh for his shirt, he's so smexeh it hurts!' (Me: Don't we all know.)
Let grab Envy too!
Yays!! Tis a dream come true. (Me: Thank the llamas.)
Entwining your tongues, you deepen the kiss and run a hand through his beautiful blonde hair. You runs your fingers inbetween the braids, then kiss down his neck slowly. He pushes you back gently and wraps his arms around you holding you close. "I love you.." he says, spreading a smile at you. "I-...love you too, Ed.." You can't believe you just told him your most valuable secret. Was it ok to tell him, now you felt embaressed and scared. Edward starts kissing you down your neck, running his arm down your shoulder. You shudder at the cold metal feel down your arm. Even though it was metal, you could still tell it was Ed's. He runs his hands under your shirt, removing it prompty. You touch his shirt, running your arms under it as well, removing it with ease. Then you stop and stare at his bare chest. So smooth and muscular, it just made you want to scream. You run a hand up it, and don't stop until you reach his face. "Edward...I want you..."
Where is Envy? Ed sucks...
Edo-kun is getting hot!
*Yawn.* (Me: Leave.....now..... *hiss.*
Edward pushes his chest against you, running a hand behind your back, unhooking your bra, letting it fall to the floor. You immediately blush and feel completely idiotic. Then you start moaning softly from him kissing your soft breasts, biting them and leaving marks. You watch as Ed runs a hand down your pants, easting them down. His hand starts massaging and rubbing between your legs, making you feel very moist and wet. "Kinky..Edward..." You grip his back and hold on to it as you suffocate from his soft touch. You sit up and lick him down his check, kissing it all the way down to his crotch, rolling his pants off to the floor. You hook a finger on the lining of his boxers and smile evily at him. He smiles evily back. "C'mon...it won't bite..-much.." Edward murmurs in your ear, kissing it.
Envy...bite...a lot... (Me: ...Jeezus..)
Is it hot in here? ( Me: Thats just the hot sex. I can't afford air conditioning, thats why I'm here!)
You run his underwear down, at the same time he does yours. You admire his average sized member, and his testicles, nice and big. You take hold of his member, running your hand up and down it, running a hand down its head. Edward moans and falls back on the couch. You bend down towards his member and start sucking on it, very slowly at first, but then deep throating the whole thing. His moan echoes throughout the room and he runs a hand through your hair, gripping lightly. You feel his member throbbing very fast in your mouth and you continue sucking until Edward starts to cum. You swallow it all greedily, smiling at the remarkable taste. You kiss his member slowly and continue all the way up to his mouth, kissing him deeply. Edwards sweaty hot flesh rubs against yours and he is about you give you the best pleasure the world has to offer.

I bet Roys bigger... (Me: Yea, but this storys about Ed...average is fine you racist!)
o_o....THIS IS AWESOME! I LOVE YOU! (Me: Uh....meh and Ed's married.. o_o This is our honeymoon storeh.) You: Ewwwww....
Boo Hiss Boo Hiss.... (Me: I swear if you don't shut your mouth up.)
Edward bends down toward you and runs his tongue between your moist legs. His tongue licks your clit, making you moan a little louder. He licks his lips as he sits up, giving you that sexy smile. It didn't matter, you had to have Edward...you wanted Edward inside you, right that instant. Edward positions you on your back, and gets ontop of you. You look up at him as he grips your sides, preparing to enter your body with his hard, throbbing member. Then it happens, Edward thrusts his body foreward, his member swiftly enters and exits your body. You moan out in escasty and lust at the pain. He moans a little as well from being inside you, and the clawing you are doing to his back. He goes even harder and faster, pulling your two bodies together, following his beat. You kiss him passionatly, and moan out, "Edward!!! O Edward!!! I love you!!!" He pants, and nods keeping up with the motion. He then ejaculates into your body, the hot thick cream passing into you. You both have to stop as your have an orgasm with him inside you. Both sweating and kissing softly. You smile at each other. Edward releases from your body, and you both stop and hold each other close. The head both of you had made, fills the whole room with steam. You kiss passionately one more time, and then fall asleep, with the alchemist in your arms.
@$%# YEAH!
Take that your shorty haterz!
Awwww So sweet.....
O.o..Is this supposed to be special? (Me: ....Your just a caveman..)
Did you like it? (Haters don't get jack)
You need to do one with Envy or Roy... (Me: We've done been through this.... *psst.* Next is Envy..*)
It was ok....
Hate it
Will you rate? (Please comment my sending me a message if you like! ^^)
Hellz yea
No....I hate it, I hate you, and I hate Ed. (Me: ......Ok...you suck so bad...just leave...and stuff...
Average...it needed more..Ro- (Me: Just shut up...just shut the heck up..)
You have made it to the end! *blows streamer.* You get to watch my Ed video and look at this Ed picture! (Comment on what I can improve on!)


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