Music Soothes the Savage Beast: Part 1

I was watching DBZ movie 8 (Broly: the Legendary Super Saiyan) when I decided to type this. I deleted my other Broly story because I wasn't going to complete it anyway... Sorry Broly fans, but cheer up, here's a story you're going to enjoy! Oh yeah, the lyrics to the song I put are the english translation! :D

Created by KyashaMoon607 on Monday, August 03, 2009

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"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak."–By William Congreve


King Kai shivered in fear, his antennae trembled. He sensed a terrible and powerful energy from the southern region of the galaxy. He knew that whoever or whatever being destroyed the south galaxy, did it in mere minutes without much effort.

“Just asI feared—we’ve got to do something or our galaxy’s next!” He exclaimed with a tremble. His loyal pet monkey, Bubbles, danced around him worriedly.


It was a beautiful and radiant spring day. The sakura petals fell gracefully from its trees, emphasizing the serene atmosphere of the wonderfuloccasion. What was thisoccasion, you ask? Why it’s the celebration of Cell’s defeat. Bulma devised this special get-together. Everyone was there, except my all time favorite goofy saiyan, Kakarot. He had to go with his wife to some school interview or something like that. Kakarot seemed dismayed. I was baffled a bit, Kakarot was a super saiyan, shouldn’t his mate be the submissive one instead him? But then again, Vegeta was a bit submissive too. Bulma had gotten him whipped but Vegeta’s pride and arrogance denied that fact. Even the“Prince of all Saiyans”was becoming soft. I was envious of those two; it seemed I was the only full-blooded saiyan who didn’t have a mate. I used to have feelings for Vegeta but he only loved me like a sister. I should be at least honored that he admitted that to me, instead of beating around the bush.

I sighed sitting on the same picnic blanket with Bulma, baby Trunks, and her parents. I was bored out of my mind and to make it even worse, Krillin was singing horribly on the karaoke stand. His horrid voice agitated my poor sensitive saiyans ears. The reason why I endured this crap was because of the food, other than that I would be sparring with Vegeta in the Gravity Room. Poor Vegeta, his saiyan ears were also enduring the same torment. God, I hoped he would stop singing soon;my urge to strangle him was becoming very hard to resist.

Bulma nudged me a bit, noticing my bored expression, “Hey, what’s up? You seem bored,” she said.

“Gee, Bulma, howveryperceptive of you to notice…” I said with obvious sarcasm as I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, I’ve got it! Why don’tyousing on stage? You have a nice voice, Chicori!” She said cheerily.

God what an airhead! What did Vegeta see in her? “Bulma, you and Vegeta are the only ones who know about that. And you know… I intend to keep that way,” I said stubbornly while crossing my arms. Man, Vegeta was really rubbing off on me.

“Oh yes you will missy!” Bulma exclaimed.

“Missy…?” I raise a brow.

“If you don’t, I’ll deactivate the GR (Gravity Room) and Vegeta will be pissed.”

“Pissed? More accurately at you, right? You’re the one who turned it off.”

“Yeah, but I’m his wife, not his best-friend. He’ll hold a grudge onyou.”

“Ha! Like I care! I knew Vegeta since we were kids; he doesn’t know how to hold a grudge against me.” I smirked.

“Well, I’ll tell him thatyou’rethe one who putthatworm in his breakfast last Sunday!” She smiled triumphantly as I growled. Vegeta had a sincere dislike against worms and many other slimy things, and if he found out I pulled that prank on him for giving me that black eye in the GR… Damn it! I’m so not in the mood to die, at least not in my late twenties!

“Fine…” I grumbled.

Bulma smirked, “What was that?”

“I said… FINE!” I yelled as I got up and walked towards the stage.

Everybody watched me with curious stares. Krillin stopped his terrible singing and noticed me, he grinned, “Ah… so Chicori, you decided to be my background singer?” He gushed. I glared at him and‘gently’pushed him off the stage.

“Thank god! I couldn’t stand anymore of his atrocious bellowing!” Vegeta said as he glared at the monk.

I walk up towards the microphone; everyone still had curious looks on their faces. I felt a bit uneasy but like Vegeta said:“Never let your opponent see your fear and never back down. It’s the saiyan code.”I took Vegeta’s advice to heart and glared at audience. I straightened up, “Ahem…!” I now began to sing, the song of that earthling band called Ali Project.‘Wish’was the song’s name.

I wish, my wish
When I wish upon a star
I wished upon a star...
I wish, my wish
My dream comes true
so that fate would bring us together.
In the amber-colored clouds
blooms a flower garden
Flowers you can't see with your eyes
become white wings,
softly falling on your shoulder.
Just looking
at your sleeping face,
it's so gentle
it almost makes me cry
I wish I could convey
these warm feelings in my heart, in any way.
I wish, my wish
When I was small
I wished upon a star...
I wish, my wish is
so that fate would bring me together with
someone precious to me.
I've been looking for you
ever since that night
What never fades
is a voice raised in prayer for tomorrow.
A "wish" isn't a trophy
to be won by fighting.
Oh look! The sky is unfurling,
shining above all of us.
I wish, my wish
That my arms could hold
by beloved tightly
I wish, my wish
If I reach out to the stars,
it might even reach them.
If you're by my side,
I can have the courage to do anything.
I wish, my wish
When we wish upon a star
Someday, together with you...
I wish, my wish
our dreams come true
making the same dream come true.
Say, I just know that
we were born for that time to come.
I wish, my wish
When I was small
I wished upon a star...
I wish, my wish is
so that fate would bring me together with
someone precious to me.
I have always been waiting for you
right here.

I stopped singing; everybody had a surprised expression on their faces. They then started to applaud, heck even Vegeta was applauding! I blushed and quickly exited off stage.

Suddenly, a large spaceship glided down smoothly from the skies and with a billow of wind landed near the stage that I stood on. Many soldiers climbed swiftly out of it. Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, and I then take our respective fighting stances. Krillin, however,went back on stage to finish his stupid song. But the strangest thing occured, all the soldiers huddle around Vegeta, bowing down to him.

“What’s the meaning of this?!” Vegeta questioned with a sharp tone.

“At long last we found you, Prince Vegeta.” A tan skinned man walked through crowd of the huddling soldiers and bowed. Vegeta smirked at his loyalty, “You’re a saiyan, aren’t you?”

The man raised his head, his onyx eye meeting the prince’s onyx eyes, “Yes… I am Paragus…”

That idiot monk stopped his dreadful singing, noticing his audience was gone, “Huh?”

“I’ve come to graciously ask you to be the king of our planet; it’s called New Vegeta, in your honor.”

“What, a new Planet Vegeta?” Vegeta said.

I raised a brow at this, this was obviously a trick. No doubt Vegeta was seeing right through his deception.

“Yes my lord, and at long last we can finally show the entire universe the strength of our forgotten race, the mightiest race: the saiyans! And with you as our leader, we will build an unstoppable empire!” Paragus announced. “Hail Vegeta!” His soldiers called out together.

Vegeta huffed and walked away from Paragus, “But of course we will have to stop the‘Legendary Super Saiyan’, my lord. Only you can do this.” Paragus smirked as Vegeta stopped in mid-stride. “You found the‘Legendary Super Saiyan’?” Vegeta asked as curiosity began to flow into his tone.

“Yes… He’s wreaking havoc all over the southern galaxy with his awesome power. At his current pace, even the new Planet Vegeta that we strived so hard to build for you will be destroyed!”

A thoughtful look came to Vegeta’s eyes.When Trunks (future) saw this, he quickly came to his father’s side to get his attention, “Father, you’re not going to believe this, are you?” He asked earnestly.

I walked up next to Vegeta as well and put a hand on his shoulder, “Yeah Vegeta, this sounds way too farfetched. It’s obviouslya trick!” Giving nothing further of his thoughts, Vegeta rudely shrugged off my hand, “Paragus, lead the way.”

Trunks and I looked at each other in disbelief as he walked towards the ship. “Father!” Trunks called as he continued after him, I followed behind in pursuit.

Paragus, however,blocked our path, “Well, you’re invited too, Prince Trunks, after all youareroyal blood.” Trunks looked at him.

“What about me?” I inquired, “Do I have to be“royal blood”to attend this little fieldtrip?” I asked while posturing myself in an akimbo stance.

“No, the more the merrier, guests are invited as well.” He assured.

As we talked, the ship’s door had already been closing. With another glance at each other, we quickly made our way onto it.



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