An Emo Love Story (very long and detailed)

This love story will continue if i get enough people who like them =] So tell me if you like it or if you would like fo rme to improve it =) thnx for reading =]

Created by XxAndyLovexX on Thursday, August 06, 2009



You move into a new town, and you are new to school obiously, and you are shy but determined to make friends because you would hate to be alone for the rest of the school year. You go to your first period, and your teacher lets you sit where ever you want. You sit by this girl who you thought could be a nice friend to have =]
"Hey, your new! whats your name?" The girl Asked.
" My names ___ whats yours?"
"oh nice to meet you =]"
You guys suddenlybecome best friends. And you guys seemed to have some classes together.
Then you guys go to lunch together. You sit at your table. You meet new friends and you guys talk for a while.
Then across your table is a boy, sitting alone eating nothing, just sitting there with his earphones listening to music.
You stared at him for a while.
He glancesd up and saw you staring at him, and you blush of embarrasment.
you turn away. He gave you a smile and continued to listen to his music.
"hey amanda?"
"who is that guy over there?" you asked
"oh, thats Tyson, cute isnt he, but don't keep your hopes up, he doesn't date, trust me, i asked him out once and he told me he didn't date"
The bell rang and you go to your class.
You have photogrphy next and tyson is right there
he stares at you with delight to see you for some reason. you could tell because he smiled at you. You blushed. you walked by him trying to sit somewhere behind him but then he grabs your arm.
"hey whhy don't you sit next to me?"
"sure" you said nervously
you sat down. your teacher gave the assingment and you went to weork. You knew all about photography and you knew what to do. You were to take pictures around the school with a partner.
"Hey wanna be partners?" he asked looking at you with his gorgeouse green blue eyes. you admired them as you said
"sure" you smiled and he smiled back.
while doing this assingment, you were talking to tyson about many things about you and he talked about him self. He seemed to have a very simple life. You liked him a lot but for now he was just your best friend.
1st day of school, you were exited because you were going to see tyson again since he was on vacation with his parents. You were now in school waiting for him by your meeting spot. He came up to you and huigged you so tight he wouldn't let you go
"Umm Tyson, you can let go now"
" Oh sorry ___ I just missed you so much!"
"Haha me too!"
"Umm, hey, why don't we meet at the park after school, i need to tell you something important."
"Umm sure" you were so curios about what he was going to tell you.
You were waiting fo tyson at lunch but he didn't appear, so you sat by your bff Amanda.
" So wheres tyson?"
"umm dunno? I saw him this morning? I wonder where hes at?"
AFTERSCHOOL: you waited for him at the park and he never came
"what gives?" you asked your self. After an hour of waiting you left. You went home and called tyson on his cell phone.
"Hello?" someone answered the phone
"umm hello, umm is tyson there? i would like to speak to him" you were woried.
"umm may i ask who's speaking?"
"yeah, this is ___ is something wrong, wheres tyson."
"Umm, hes alright, he just got into a fight at school with a boy and broke his arm"
"what!" Tears were running down your cheek and you couldn't stop crying.
"Oh, umm can i go visit him at the hospital hes at?"
"Sure of course"
You asked your mom to drive you there. She drops you off. You run to his room. He's ok but he had an arm brace and seeing that just ade you cry. he was happy you were there, he smiled and you ran to him and hugged him.
"Tyson, are you alright?"
"yes ___ im ok, don't worry."
"ok, good, now i can yell at you for fighting at school! what were you thinking! You got hurt! Why did you fight this boy at school! Who was he anyway?!"
" Look ___, you need to calm down, this kinda has to do with what I was going to tell you after school. You see, Jake, you know jake right? ( he was in your english class last year) well, he told me he was going to ask you out and then he was going to try to rape you. I heard him and his friends talking about this. I was mad so I started fighting him. I didn't want you to getr hurt so I fought him and now he is at the hopital and looks worse than I do." He started to shed some tears.
" so, what does that have to do with what you were going to tell me after school?" You asked confused.
" Don't you see, I love you and I don't want anything to happen to you and I was mad to hear what was going to happen to you and I was mad and I just love you alot and and..."
You suddenly cut him off by gicing him a kiss on his soft lips. He kisses you back and doesn't want to stop. You let go and start to shed some tears.
" You don't know how long I have been dying to do that, I love you too tyson." You kiss him again.
" Oh ___ I will not let anything happen to you ok, i will take care of you and I was wondering if you would like to be my girl?"
"of course silly, i love you!"
You stay with him through the night and leave together from the hospital. you take care of him while he was still unable to do things with his right arm.
You cared for him and he cared alot about you.
End of story, or is it?
Of you would like for it to continue, just tell me. thnx for reading=] (if you don't like it, just tell me and i won't write anymore =)

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