Emotions that you brought out(Sasuke)Chapter 11

Chapter 11!!!!!! Enjoy xD

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I knocked on the Hokage's office door;the rest of team seven was behind me, I heard someone grunt a 'come in' and I opened the door.

"Ayame your here good now I can tell you all what I need to say."The hokage said,I kneeled down on one leg;Haru and Hatori following suite.

"Now now how many times have I told you not to do that,I am removing you three from your teams since they will be taking the chunin exams tomorrow and you will not." The hokage said I heard people gasping.

"Hai hokage-sama."I said then waiting to see if he would say anything else, he looked at me and gave me a signal that I knew well; I made hand signs for my telepathic no jutsu.

'Can you three hear me?' The hokage asked us,all three of us nodded.

'Very well I want you three to take the chunin exams but not as yourselves I want you to use a transformation jutsu and enroll.I want you to be extra careful during the second exam with Anko Orochimaru has been spotted in the area and that is the reason for your mission.'He said we nodded and stayed silent waiting for further instructions.

'When Ibiki asks for the jonin and Anbu who were undercover to reveal themselves you are not to reveal yourselves the proctors will be notified of your presence in the exams,all you have to do Ayame is to notify him with this jutsu of who you are.'He finished saying, he gave me another nod and I undid the jutsu.

"Are we clear?" The hokage asked.

"Hai Hokage-sama."We all said at the same time,w turned to leave and walked out with our ex-teams.

"Hey Ayame what was the random nodding all about?"Naruto asked as he tried to catch up with me.

"Anbu business Naruto."I said then backflipped leaving white flower petals with red tips in my spot, I reappeared in a training field Haru and Hatori appeared next to me in a few seconds.

"Hatori we have to work on you getting out of a genjutsu."I said looking at him,he nodded I activated my Rinnegan.

"Remember to stop the flow of your chakra if you can't I'll drop the genjutsu."I said he nodded,I made hand signs and trapped him in a genjutsu he started to scream.

"Aya?" I shook my head I waited for a few minutes, then Hatori looked at Haru and smiled.I sighed he had done it in record time, I now turned towards Hatori it was his turn.

"Okay we'll work on that combo of yours, Ice with lightning."I said he nodded and drew out his Katana.

"Okay now concentrate on your ice then gradually add a little bit of lightening to it."I said drawing forth my own Katana.

"Like this."I said while I preformed my own combo,my katana began to glow red from my fire element I slowly added wind to it making it glow a purple color I ran at a tree and cut it in half with one strike.

"Your turn Haru..."I said, Hatori was playing with his senbon needles he had already gotten his combo down to a key.I watched as Haru's katana began to glow an ice blue then a darker blue mixed in slowly engulfing his entire katana, I nodded and Haru ran towards a tree;it was cut in half just like how mine was.

"You got it Haru!!" I said running up to him and jumping on his back, he instantly placed his hands on my thighs as I wrapped my hands around his neck.

"Now we work on taijutsu!" I said while looking at Haru;Taijutsu was my weak spot. Haru explained several moves to me all of them took me a total of four hours to get it down.

"How was that?" I asked a skeptical Haru after finishing an upper cut,roundhouse kick combo. He nodded which made me smile;he was a harder teacher to please.

"Alright now to discuss our mission." I said, they nodded and we sat in a triangle.

"Names we need names,something simple yet not to simple. Something that would help Ibiki and Anko realize who we are."I said while thinking bout names.

"Aya can be yours, Haku can be Haru's,and mines can be Hato."Hatori said,I instantly nodded agreeing with the names Haru nodded while he played with the grass.

"Okay now appearances."I said they shook their heads, but they really should have been expecting it.

"I'll be a red head with blue eyes that has snake bites and an eyebrow piercing."I said, they nodded.Haru was going to act as my brother so he would basically look like me only in a guy version, and Hatori decided to be a blonde with green eyes and a lip ring.

"We have a problem."I said,they tilted their heads in confusion.

"Tatto." I said they shook their heads, while I stared at them in confusion.

"Honestly Aya all we have to do is wrap a bandage over them."Haru said,I hit my face with the palm of my hand. We headed home after that since we had spent the great majority of the day training.

>>>>>> Next Day>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We walked into the building were the chunin exams were going to take place,there was a large group of people crowded around a door.

"Lat us in!" Someone shouted, we walked up to the front of the crowd to see two jonin standing in the doorway.

"It's a-" I was cut off as someone said what I was going to say.

"It's a genjutsu."I turned to see team seven make there way towards us,I released the jutsu and everyone looked around and then noticed they were on the wrong floor. We walked up stairs and entered the right room.

"Sasuke-kun!!" I heard someone shout as we walked in, I turned to see Ino walk up to Sasuke.

"Aya you okay?"Hatori asked I nodded and walked towards a random seat I sat on top of the desk Haru and Hatori did the same.

"Hey cutie what's your name?"Someone asked everything for some reason became quiet.

"Aya."I said I was Naruto looking at me with a confused look on his face.

"Haku I think someones catching on."I whispered as Naruto walked over to us.

"Ayam-"I covered his mouth with my hand his team looked at me and they started to walk over.

"Naruto shush we are on a mission don't tell Sasuke,and Pinky who we are."I whispered in his ear, he nodded and walked away.

"Hi I'm Sakura what's your name?" She asked me but was looking at Haru and Hatori.

"Aya, that's Haku and Hato."I said then thankfully Ibiki walked in and told us to get a seat number,I whispered my real name to him and showed him my rinnegan when I got my number,Haru and Hatori did the same. The first test was rather boring since it was a written exam,I lifted my head up when I heard a window break.

"She always needs to make a flashy entrance."I mumbled to myself as Anko introduced herself to the genin Ibiki whispered something in her ear then she looked at us I gave her a peace sign.

>>>>>>>>>Forest of death>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Really we have to do this again?" I mumbled I hated this part of the test,Haru and Hatori laughed at me,Anko was explaining the exam to the genin one had caught my attention and not in a good way, his name Kabuto.

"Aya we gotta go sign the waver."Haru said I nooded and went over to the place where we were suppose to sign it, they handed us an earth scroll.

"Begin!" Anko shouted we ran in and I was already on alert someone was in here who shouldn't be. I felt someone use a large amount of chakra to make a huge gust of wind.

" North east twenty meters."I said Haru and Hatori nodded I heard someone scream, I landed on a tree branch and saw him.

"Orochimaru."I said under my breath,I watched as he tossed Naruto aside and how Sasuke was stuck in place, he was going to stab himself to break the jutsu.

"Not the best idea Orochimaru."I said while I jumped down landing in front of a shocked Sasuke, Har and Hatori jumped down as well.

"AAHH we meet again." He snickered Sasuke still had no idea of who we were.

"Shut it snakey." I said while I drew out my Katana making it glow purple as I infused fire and wind into it.

"My dear Ayame I said I would make you mine as well as Haru and Hatori,"He said while smirking, I dropped the jutsu and went back to my regular look.

"Like hell you will." I said as I charged at him,I missed much to orochimaru's happiness. That was quickly brought down as Haru stabbed him in the stomach.

"Hmm." He cackled as he threw Haru to the side then he grabbed me by my neck, I kicked him on the side making him release me and dropped to the floor.

"Two dragons and a lightening phenix."I said while making hand signs.

"Ice style: Ice dragon jutsu"

"Water style:Water dragon jutsu."

"Lightening style:Lightening phenix jutsu."

We shouted Haru and Hatori's dragons appeared while my phenix appeared with thunder clouds over head I backflipped and pointed it in the direction I wanted it to go while thunder and rain started to pour down. The two dragons led the way while my phenix fallowed them.

"Your time to di-"I felt something grab me from behind.

"My dear your as strong and vigilant as they say, I'll be more then happy to make you mine."I heard the person behind me say while the 'orochimaru' our attack was headed for poofed away.

"Aya." I heard Haru say before freezing in place when he saw orochimaru standing behind me. I turned around and swiped his legs out from under him,he just cackled as four of him appeared around me, Haru,and Hatori.

"Bastard."I mumbled as I drew out a kunai and started to fight off the orochimaru's.

"You can't win not this time." He said when he had me pinned down to the tree, he had Haru and Hatori in the same position.

"You'll be mine now."I said in my ear as he grew snake like fangs he looked at my emotionless face and looked over towards my now exposed bra strap he moved it and sunk his fangs into my skin.

"AAHH!!!" I screamed out while Haru and and Hatori called my name.

"What did you do to her?!" Haru shouted at him then he started to scream fallowed by Hatori.

"You'll come to me by yourself."He whispered in my ear before he let me go,I fell on the floor holding my shoulder, I heard a new screaming,I looked up to see Sasuke grasping his neck.

"Anko!!!" I screamed out before I passed out from the intensity of the pain.

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