Danny Phantom (Love Story) Chapter 1

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Created by Bball20 on Sunday, August 09, 2009

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Lacey’s P.O.V.

I hitched my bag on my shoulder and stared at the school. I groaned and walked inside. It’s the second time this year I have to switch schools. I hate it when Dad gets new jobs almost every 3 months.

Went over to my locker and just stuffed all my stuff in there, not caring. Who even cares? A sudden rush of memory about last school year flashed through my head. Tears suddenly started to sting my eyes and a slammed my locker closed. I turned and my face turned white. “Uh, are you okay?” A girl wearing black and purple said, confused.
“Go away!” I screamed and ran inside my next class. It was all happening all over again, once I trust one person… the horrifying thought came to my head again and I had to stop in the bathroom to calm myself down.

Sam’s P.O.V.

I stayed there confused in front of the new girl’s locker. “What’s the matter with her?" I grumbled and went off to find Danny and Tucker.

~A few hours later~

“Hey Sam.” Danny said as went to lunch. “Hi.” I said a slid down next to them. “I have something I need to tell you guys.” Danny said. Tucker and I both looked at each other and back at Danny. We didn’t say anything.

“There’s something wrong with the ghost portal. It keeps on turning this dark red instead of the green. Something really wrong.” “Whoa, now that’s weird.” Tucker said, stuffing a whole bunch of hamburger in his mouth. “When did you first notice?” I asked as I opened took some tofu out of my lunch bag. “This morning.” Danny said and suddenly his ghost sense went off.
“Ahhh!” Someone screamed. I saw that it was the new girl being attacked by some ghost I’ve never seen before. “That’s your cue.”
Tucker said. Danny went under the table and turned into Danny Phantom and went off to help out Lacey.

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