Something Personal; Ryan Conferido [11]

Everyone. I am so sorry for the late update on this story. My computer has recently been in the shop, getting repaired and I have been so lazy. I promised to update more but have sadly, failed to do so. But, here is the newest installment to this series. I would also, like to thank Quizilla user, 'Gonda,' for messaging me about her thoughts on my story. Thank you, Gonda, for encouraging me to write more. :) Well, everyone, here is chapter 11 of 'Something Personal.' I hope you all enjoy it.

Created by RemainingAnonymous on Sunday, August 09, 2009

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On the way to the restaurant, Ryan and I remained quiet. From time to time, we would smile towards each other and laugh slightly at pedestrians crossing the street in front of us due to their reactions when they noticed that it was Ryan Conferido sitting in the drivers seat in the car before them. Once we arrived at the restaraunt, Ryan parked his car and unbuckled his seat belt, before turning to me and notifying me about the plan when we would soon enter the restaurant.

"Girlfriend," Ryan said as he smiled slyly, facing me. I let out a small giggle and replied "Yes, boyfriend?" Becoming his significant other was so unreal. So calling each other 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' was kind of comedic. Taking my hand into his, Ryan said "I want to introduce you to my dance crew. My closest friends, if you will. I want them to see why you make me so happy. So, when we walk into that restaurant, just act like yourself, okay?" I hesitated for a moment; meeting new people? Especially Ryan's closest friends? Knowing me, I am the shyest person when it comes to first impressions, which is why my first impressions particularly are unimpressive.

I nodded to Ryan, giving him a light smile, as he gave me a quick peck on the cheek, before we slowly made our way out of the car and into the dining area, Ryan and I hand in hand. I walked into the dining area, playing with the bottom of my hair as I usually did when I became nervous. One of those bad habits, you may say. We were led towards the back of the restaurant by our waitress. Upon reaching the end of the room, I noticed that the table that we were meant to sit in was rather large and some people were already seated, enjoying their drinks and laughing with one another. The table had two empty seats and I assumed that they belonged to Ryan and I. Other than that, the table was set up for eight people, and six of those seats were already occupied.

Once Ryan and I were fully in the room, one guy in particular stopped having his conversation with another, stood from his seat and made his way towards us. "Hey, Ryan! Whadduuuuuuuup." He said as he and Ryan did that guy hand shake, that all men usually do. The guy who had approached Ryan and I was the same height as Ryan. He had a foxhawk with blonde in it. He was wearing dark grey jeans, which fit him properly, a purple shirt with an eccentric design on it, black Supra shoes, a black blazer and a black bandana around his neck.

After shaking Ryan's hand, he turned to me and introduced himself. "Oh, sorry for being so rude. You're Maygen, right?" I nodded, smiling lightly at him. "Well, it's nice to meet you. The guys and I have been heard about you for like... 1,2,3...1... a long ass time!" I let out a small giggle and took a quick glance at Ryan who had rolled his eyes. "Well, I'm D-Trix, but the guys usually call me Dom. Hey, some people call me Dominic! But you can call me D, Dee, Dom, Dommy... Dick..." Ryan placed his hand on his forehead as he closed his eyes. "Dom, really? Was that really necessary?" D-Trix just shurgged his shoulders and replied, "What?! I needed another word that started with D! Well, whatever. Maygen, you can call me whatever you want. But for now, how about you guys grab a bite with us as you're introduced to everyone?" I smiled and nodded my head towards D-Trix. "Yeah, sure, that would be great." I said as we made our way towards our seats.

I took a seat in between Ryan and Dominic, who hadn't sat down since we approached the table. "Hey, you guys, shut up!" Immediately, all the guys at the table gave Dominic a look and remained silent. "Okay, soooo, now that I have everyone's attention, Ryan, go ahead and introduce your girl to us." They all laughed, as did I before Dominic took a seat and took a sip of his soda. Ryan took my hand into his and held it up high enough for everyone at the table to see. "Well, you guys know that I have been acting different lately-" "Is that the girl you've been seeing for like, a week now?" A man with black hair and braids said, cutting Ryan off in his English accent. "Yes, Hok." Ryan said, rather irritated. "As I was saying, guys, this is Maygen. My girlfriend." Ryan said as all the guys began to introduce themselves, one by one.

"Hey, Maygen, my name is Feng. Nice to meet you." Feng said as he leaned over the table to shake my hand. The guy next to him, shook my hand as well before saying "I'm Steve, and the guy to my right is Brian." The guy sitting next to him known as Brian, seemed to be caught up in a game on his phone, so he just waved towards my direction without even looking up at me, which made me laugh slightly. The next one to introduce himself smiled brightly at me, also leaning over the table to shake my hand "Hi, Maygen! My name is Victor. Nice to meet you, we've heard a lot about you." I smiled back at Victor, who had taken a sip out of his glass of water. The guy sitting beside him, known as Hok, waved happily towards me with a smile plastered across his face. "Well, you already know my name. Since Ryan mentioned it a little bit earlier, haha. Well, anyway, I'm Hok." After having them introduce themselves to me, I decided to gather enough courage to introduce myself. "Hey, everyone. It's really nice to meet you too. My name is Maygen Magdalena. Thank you so much for having me with you at lunch today, I really appreciate it." I replied as I smiled warmly towards each of them. They all smiled and Dominic grabbed his cup and held it high above his head. "Well, I think that Ryan and Maygen deserve a toast. To the happy couple to my right!" he said as everyone, including me, raised our glasses into the air and clanked them against each others, having some of the liquid jump out of the glasses, creating a small mess on the table.

Each of us laughed as Dominic, who had banged his glass the hardest, had a mixture of assorted drinks splashed onto his face. Oh wow, for the first time, I could actually get used to hanging around these guys often. After lunch, we all made our way out of the restaurant and said our good byes before heading to our own cars. "Bye, Maygen, nice meeting you again! I had a really nice lunch with you guys!" Steve said as he waved goodbye to Ryan and I from his car, which was conveniently parked right next to Ryan's. "Alright, bye Steve! We should all do this again some time." I replied as I opened the passenger side of Ryan's car. Steve unlocked his car and replied, "Okay, sounds like a plan. Bye, Ryan, bye, Maygen!" Ryan and I waved at Steve as he pulled out of his parking spot and made his way out of the parking lot.

Ryan and I climbed into his car, closing the door beside us and putting our seat belts on. "See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Ryan said as he put his keys into it's slot and started up the car. I let out a small giggle. "Actually, no, it wasn't. You have some really great friends, Ryan." Once again, Ryan took leaned over and gave me a light peck on the lips. "I have a pretty great girl friend, too."

Ryan slowly drove me back to my apartment. As we arrived at my apartment, a thought had come to mind. "Hey, Ryan. How about you and I meet up with Hannah tonight? That way, you can get to know her as well. She's one of my closest friends. I think that it's only fair since I've already spent a great deal of time with your friends. So, how about it?" I said, grabbing my purse from the cars carpet and placing it on my lap. Ryan just nodded before replying, "Yeah, sounds great. I'd love to be acquainted with your closest friend. That way it won't be all awkward when we all get together or something," he replied with a small laugh. "Okay, great! I'll just call her up right now and we can make our way over to her place. Sound good?" Ryan nodded as I pulled out my cellphone and dialed Hannah's number.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeey!" Hannah said as she answered her phone. I let out a small laugh and replied, "Hey Hannah. So, I just had lunch with Ryan and his friends. So, I had this crazy idea that maybe the three of us could hang out for a little bit? You know, really get to know each other since I got to know Ryan's friends." A short pause emerged from the phone call before Hannah replied, "Well, I'm a little busy, buuuuuut, okay! See you in a few minutes or something." I slid my phone closed and smiled towards Ryan. "Okay, let's go!"

Once Ryan and I had made our way to Hannah's apartment, she opened the door, inviting us into the living room where she had set up a few drinks and cookies. "Sorry I don't have any real food, guys. I haven't gone grocery shopping in like... a month." Hearing this, made Ryan and I laugh. "Well, you know you can order your groceries online and they'll deliver it to you. I think that Albertsons does that." Ryan said as he picked up a cookie and placed it into his mouth. Hannah's eyes grew wide. "What?! You can do that now?! And here I am, serving you guys old ass cookies and tap water, when I could be ordering scrumptious food online instead of starving of death!" Hannah plopped herself down on the couch, as she grabbed her laptop off the table and onto her lap. Ryan threw the expired cookie back on the plate and made a disgusted face. I just laughed and leaned over to look at Hannah's laptop screen as she opened up a window and began to type into the address bar. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Ordering some real food!" Hannah replied.


About four months had passed and Ryan and I had a strong relationship. He and I had been the happiest we've ever been. We had no problems, except the occassional 'forgetting to lift the toilet seat' dillema. But beside that, everything was acsolutely perfect. I had become closer to his friends and I was now able to communicate with each of them on different levels. I was myself around them, at all times and I was always smiling and laughing with them. Ryan and Hannah had become good friends as well, there was never an awkward moment between any of us.

Ryan had recently told me that he loved me. I can recall every single action that happened that night. He and I decided to take a walk through the park, seeing as it was such a beautiful night. He and I had a huge argument over weekend plans. He had wanted to go to Nevada with some friends and I wanted him to spend the weekend with me, in order to have him as my date to my cousins wedding. I had already asked him to do so in advance, but he had completely forgotten about it and made other plans. I angrily walked through the park and Ryan was close behind, running his hands through his hair as he and I furiously yelled back and forth at each other.

"Look, Maygen, I'm sorry that I forgot about your cousins wedding! But come on, you hate your cousin! She's always so rude to you and to be honest, I'm pretty sure that she has some hatred towards me as well. Come on!" I shook my headand turned back around to face him. "That's not the point, Ryan. You promised that you would go! And I made a commitment to be one of her bridesmaids! You know how fucking pissed off she'll be?!" I said as I crossed my arms tightly around my chest. "Maygen, fuck her wedding! You and I both know that she's just a snob, getting what she wants 24/7." I knew he was right. But why had I pushed so far as to go and prove that I was right?

"Forget about it, Ryan. You obviously don't give a damn about my relationship with my family." Okay, now I just sound demanding. Ryan rolled his eyes and threw his arms up into the air while looking down at me. "Okay, fine, forget about it." Ryan yelled back at me. I don't know what came over me, but at that moment, I slapped Ryan in the face, hard. I couldn't say a word. I couldn't even look at him. His head was down and I began to stomp angrily away from him, tears forming in my eyes. Ryan came up behind me and grabbed my wrist, forcing me to turn and face him. "Let me go!" I yelled as I tried to pull my wrist away from him as he grabbed my other wrist. I began to pull my wrist from him fiercefully, pounding at his chest, with tears rolling down my face. "Ryan, let me go! Let me fucking go!" Ryan continued to hold my wrists, pulling me closer to him as I began to break down before him. I placed my head into his chest, crying harshly, staining his teal shirt with my tears. And the whole time, he had held me close to him, rubbing my back, telling me that everything would be okay. That we would be okay. Then, he took his right arm off of my back, and lightly tilted my chin up to face him. And he stared down at me, with my smudged make up and tear stained face, he kissed me lightly on the lips and slowly pulled away. His lips were still touching mine as he whispered, "I love you, Maygen."

A moment in our relationship that I will never forget. Ever. I had to admit, I was in love with that boy too.


Today was the sixth of May, which meant that it was Hannah's birthday. She being my best friend, I decided to make her twenty fourth birthday one to remember. I had spent hours at the mall, looking for a decent gift for her, when I finally decided on a four hundred dollar purse, which I knew she would love. I had also bought her a diamond necklace, in the shape of a humming bird, knowing that it was her favorite animal. In addition to the necklace and purse, I had also stopped by the local bakery to pick up a cake for her, which had a humming bird designed on it especially for her. On the cake, it said "Happy 24th birthday, Hannah! Thanks for being such a good friend." All in all, I was excited to see her because I was planning on surprising her, just showing up at her apartment, since she had given me an extra key to her apartment.

I climbed out of my car, with her presents in hand and cake in the other. After going through the elevator routine and making my way towards her apartment door, I pulled the key out of my pocket, placed it into the door knob and unlocked the door, walking in and closing the door behind me with my foot. I looked around the room, expecting to see her sitting on the couch watching TV, or possibly using her laptop. Well, that's weird. I made my way to her room, she was probably still asleep. She always did wake up past noon when she wasn't busy. I walked towards her bedroom door, cake and presents in hand as I twisted the door knob quietly and walked into her room before shouting out "Surpri-" I couldn't believe it.

I dropped the cake and presents. My mouth was open and my eyes grew wide. I slowly placed my hand over my mouth. "Ry...Ryan?" There before me, was Ryan and Hannah together in her bed, naked.

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