Harry's Half Sister...A Slytherin?! (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)


Created by Dracosslytheringurl01 on Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Okay...here is the intro...
Your name is ----- Potter (giving you some freedom with this)you have long waist length black hair and peircing green eyes (like Harry lol) and you are Harry Potter's half sister. You are his sister from your dad James and your mother was a witch named Karen. Well, you are living with your mother and you are going to start your first year at Hogwarts as a 7th year student, you spent the last 6 years being taught in a Japanese witchcraft and wizardry school. Unlike Harry, you have tan skin and are one who can be mean, cold and rebellious. We will start off where you are looking for a carriage to ride up to the castle with....
Ugh! I'm Harry's half sister...I share his last name...>.< (Me: I know bad huh?)
Ahhh! I'm Harry's sister! OMG I love Harry! <3 (Me: o.0 why are you taking this then?)
It was cold and rainy and you were feeling very irritated that you were still walking through the soggy grass and getting your long legs caked with mud. You reached the next carriage and opened the door, there were two people sitting there looking out at you. One was a boy with short dark brown hair and stormy grey eyes and the other had long platinum blonde hair and peircing blue eyes. They both looked you up and down and smirked, the brown-haired boy, who was wearing silver and green robes (both were wearing the same robes) raised an eyebrow at you and asked "May I ask what you want?" You hugged yourself as you felt a slight breeze come in and it washed over your already damp body making you very cold. "I can't find a carriage to sit in, mind if I join you?" you asked as you looked around at the carriages and the people rushing around off the platform and bustling to get out of the rain. "Sure, hop in" he said and helped you into the carriage, the blonde boy was still checking you out and you raised a questioning eyebrow at him, which was answered with a sexy smirk. Your stomach suddenly knotted and you could almost feel yourself blush as you saw how sexy he looked when he did that. "So, what's your name? I'm Blaise Zabini and this is Draco Malfoy" Blaise said as he gestured to Draco who was still smirking. "I'm a new 7th year here...my name is ---- Potter, I moved here from Japan" you answered as you tried to wring your hair of water. You saw out of the corner of your eye that Draco's smirk faded into a angered frown. "Potter? Any relation to Harry Potter?" he asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest irritably. "...Umm..my mother said I had a half brother, but she wouldn't tell me a name...in fact if I had a brother, well let's just say I wouldn't be at all happy" you replied as you thought of the meer fact that another person came to this school with YOUR lastname and could maybe be your long lost half brother your mother always told you about. The rest of the ride was in silence, Draco went back to checking you out and Blaise kept trying to wrap his arm around you, but you pushed him away and sat next to Draco and pondered on who this Harry guy was...
(Me: Well, you found out there is a Potter at the school already!) ...Damn Harry! I'll kill him!! *pulls out machine gun, then drives a tank through the wall* (Me: Over the top...really >.< )
YAY! A Potter! I LOVE YOU HARRY! (Me: *Drives a tank toward reader* GET OUT OF ME STORY!) *Runs for life!* 0.o;;
Before you knew it, you were pulled out of your thoughts from the carriage stopping abruptly. You pushed the carriage door open and stepped out followed by Blaise and Draco. You walking into the huge oak double doors in front of you, the castle was huge! With many winding staircases and multiple rooms throughout the castle, you gaped with wide eyes. Draco smirked at you and whispered into your ear "I'll show you around later, but I'd close your mouth before you find something on it" You shut your mouth quickly and looked at Draco with a playful glare as you rushed inside. Everyone filed into the Great Hall and got themselves seated, you had been placed with a group of first years and you felt very awkward as you walked in with many stares directed at you as you towered over the frightened kids around you. A tal man, with half moon spectacles and a long grey beard stood and things went silent. "Now...everyone! We must welcome our new first years warmly, but first we have a new 7th year joining us. Please, sit on the stool." he gestured toward a wooden stool on the stage and the woman you recognised as Professor McGongall placed a hat on your head. The brim of the hat opened and began to speak loudly carrying over the heads and made you jump. "What's this!? A...Potter?" he started causing an eruption of gossip start throughout the hall, the hat spoke up projecting a loud booming voice. "Well, well, well...you are nothing like James, Lily, or your mother Karen. This is intriguing...I will put you in....." after a long silence he yelled "SLYTHERIN!" and you hopped off the chair with a triumphant smirk plastered on your face. People's eyes drilled into you as you walked toward the Slytherin table and watched as you sat down with Draco and Blaise, who pat you on the back. "Glad you didn't get in Gryffindor Potter" Draco said, then he frowned and corrected himself "No...glad you didn't get Gryffindor...----." You smiled and gave him and Blaise small hugs as you watched the other first years get sorted into their new houses....
Please tell me your not!?.....
I AM ending it! I know this was REALLY short, but it is late here and I am exhausted from what I was doing today. I had like 3 major tests at school and I have been SOOOO busy (I hate high school...somtimes ^.^) with what I need to get done, so please...RATE & MESSAGE me...OR NO MORE STORIES!!!!!!!
I look forward to this series, and please know that A Single Star in the Sky WILL come back, but I just want to take a break from it, plus I will be passwording my next story, so you have to message me to get the password to Part 2 of Harry's Half Sister. Love ya and thx for reading!
I know it's short, but rate and message me...message me for password to Part 2! CLICKY-------->
Well, you met Draco and Blaise...also you are a SLYTHERIN, so you can hang out with Draco and Blaise more often. Let's find out what happens in our next story...Harry's Half Sister...A Slytherin?! Part 2!
Why are you taking this story? If I recall...it's a DRACO love story not a HARRY love story...-.-

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