Daddy's little girl (Draco Malfoy love story) part 3

Created by lilbabykougagirl on Monday, March 13, 2006

(Okay I am going to fast-forward this one okay.) You wake up and its three days later at 7 O'clock in the morning. Today you had to go to school to get you're things. You really didn't want to go but you thought that you would leave everyone with a good memory with you. You get up and take a shower and do you're normal things you would do in the morning. When you get out of the shower you go to you're closet and pick out something to wear. You're father wasn't around in the morning so you would dress differently then you would it he was around. You picked a black mini skirt, a tank top that was pink and black with a fish net shirt over it. You put on black high top converse. You left you're hair down and put on some light makeup. (Okay don't think that she/you is a whore okay shes not. It that you know you're sexy and like to use you're sex appeal to get what you want.) You grab you bag and walk down stares and you hear Draco walking around. "Parisia where do you think you are going?" He asks grabbing you by the arm. "I am going to school what else you know that you idiot. Now let go before you get you're self hurt." You say trying to get out of his grip. "I don't think so. You're father told me that I will be going with you so stay put while I go get dressed in something different." He says pushing you to a chair. "NO WAY IN HELL ARE YOU COMING WITH ME!!!!" You get up and run over to him. "Would you like me to call you're father to verifier?" He says with a smirk. "Yes. Yes I would." after about a few minutes you are so pissed that you're father is making you take Draco with you. "This is utter shit" you say low enough so her wouldn't hear but you were wrong. "What was that?" He said a little annoyed. "Nothing now come on." You say sitting down in the living room. When Draco was done you went to one of the rooms in the house where there was a port key. "You use this to get to school?" Draco asks. "No... Yes okay I don't live at the school like you do." You say putting you're hand on it. In a flash you we on the front steps to " Crescent Moon Academy for young witchs and wizards." It was a big old Victorian building not like Hogwarts, which is a castle. You walk in and you wave to a few people. "Come on Draco shit you take forever!" You yell because he never seen something like this and he was really surprised that none of the girls were trying to flirt with him or drool over him. "Draco you are none of these girls type and also they think that if you are with me that you most be mine and off limits...Oh how wrong they are." You say laughing a little. "What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. "Just shut up and try not to bother me when I am with my friends okay." You say grabbing him by the shirt and saying it like you were going to do something if he didn't. "Yea fine what ever." He said straining his shirt. You walk into a class and you see all you're friends. "Leon come here!" You hear you're crush/friend Jose say. "Hey what's up?" you say giving him a hug and sitting next to him. "Nothing much. So who is that bozo fallowing you around?" You looked and he was talking about Draco. " dad is making him fallow me...He is like my body garde. Its really annoying." you say putting you're head on his shoulder. "I beat. Well come on its almost time to get are "awards"...its a bunch of bull shit but at least I saw you one last time be for you go of to Hogwarts." Jose says getting up and putting an arm around you as you got up. You looked at into Draco's eyes and you could or at lest you thought you saw Anger and Jealousy. You weren't sure but you went and got you're awards. When you got home you had 4 awards and Draco was carrying them all. When you walked in the door of the house you're father was home and this was different because he was never home before you where. "Carp! Draco come on hurry to my room now!" You yell to him. "Why?" he asked. "Because I said so...I need to change. You ran up the stares and ran to you're room. When you got there you changed into a pair of pants and a short sleeve top that said "Daddys Girl". After you where done Draco came busting in the door. "Draco cant you knock when you're going to come into a girls room? Shit I could have been in the middle of changing." You said in one long breath. "No cause that would have been better for me." He said with a smirk on him face as he stepped closer to you. "Wow Draco thanks for telling me now I should lock my door when ever I am in here. Thanks." You said putting you're hands on you're hips. He rolled his eyes. "So are you a daddys girl? Do you do everything you're daddy tells you?" He said seductively. "Well which daddy are you talking about?" You say with a smirk knowing where he was going with. "Dear Parisia I think you know what exactly what I am talking about. So are you?" He said running his finger down you're shoulder. "Well sir I think that is for me to know and for you to find out. Now I think I should go see my father." You whispered into his ear while you put one hand on the back of his neck and the other on his chest. You then walked out of you're room down to the study. Draco just stud there stunned for a few seconds. When you got to the door of the study you knocked and heard you're father say come in. "Good after noon father how are you today?" You said sitting in on of the lounge chairs. "It was very eventful. Well darling I have some bad news for you. Now I know you don't like Mr. Malfoy and Draco but I am sorry to inform you that you will be staying at their house for the rest of the summer. You have to do this because the Ministry of Magic has had a hit on where I am. So if they come here I don't want them to find you or hurt you. This is only for you're protection." He said looking at you and you're reaction. "Well I understand that you're trying to protect me because I love you I will do so and stay at the Malfoy's but father may I ask. Are you trying to get me to like Draco so I could marry him?" You said sitting up a little. "No I want you to fall in love with whom ever you want but Draco is a good choice. Well sweetie you don't need to pack a thing we sent you're whole room to the Malfoys. You should leave now." He said standing up and walking over to you. "Okay Daddy. Well hope to see you around. I love you!" You said hugging him before you left. (Yeah okay Voldomort has a heart in this story okay even the bad people can be good parents right?) Well went you the living room where the floo powder was and Draco was waiting for you. "Before we go we need to make some rules about me staying at you're house okay. First you cannot burst into my room with out knocking okay. Second give me my space okay I don't like people always being near me okay now lets go." You said as you walked into the fireplace. "Malfoy Manor!" You both yell. When you get there you her footsteps coming to you. "Draco you're back!!" A high-pitched womens voice said then you saw who it was. It was Draco's Mother. "Oh and Parisia its nice to see you." she said hugging you. "It's nice to see you to Ms. Malfoy" You let go of the hug. "Oh call me mum!" She said happily. You then looked at Draco rolling his eyes and then looked at you. "Draco show Parisia where she will be staying for the summer." mum said. "Yea sure come on." As you went to the second floor and walked down a big hall you asked Draco "You don't like being home do you?" "Not really now that you're here my mom thinks I am going to marry you or something. But anytime I am home my mom begs me to get her a daughter in-law." He says looking at you side ways. "Wow thats kind of sick." you say. "Yeah I know. Here is you're room Princess" Draco said with a smirk. You put on a fake smile and say "Thanks and where is you're room?" "Why so you can get something from me?" he says. "No just need to know so if I am mad I can find you and beat the crap out of you." You say in a sarcastic tone. "In that case I am not telling you. Well I am going to go to my room where you wont be able to find!" With that said he walked off but you fallowed far behind. When you saw him go in to the room that says "Draco Malfoy" you thought of a plan. You went back to you're room and put on a mini skirt and a black tee with black and white stripe stockings with you're black converse. "Lets see if Malfoy will like this." You say out loud to you're self as you walk to his room. When you walk into his room he is laying on his bed reading a mag. "What do you want Leon?" He says putting down the magazine and sitting up looking at you as you walk over to the end of the bed. "You know what I am here for Draco." You say seductively. "Oh?" He says looking you up and down. You claim onto the bed and start to crawl to him. You then straddle his chest and you can see he is surprised that you're doing this. "Come here Draco." You say as you grab his shirt and pull him to you and kiss him on the lips. You let him down slowly still kissing him. His hands start to move to you're hips. You let go of the kiss and start to unbutton his shirt. You get it open and kiss his neck and start down his chest. You come back to his lips and kiss him again as you do that you start to undo his belt and take it off. You unbutton his pants and kiss his neck but then there was a knock at the door. "Draco sweetie are you in there?" His mum calls from the other side. "Yeahmum I was about to take a shower." He says trying to think fast. "Oh well have you seen Parisia? There is someone here for her his name is...ummAhrjonyeah thats it. He is here to see her would you tell her? Thanks Drakie." She says and then leaves. (Ahrjon is pronounced like R-John) When you hear who's here you stop and get up off Draco and the bed. "Thanks for the fun but I will leave you to do the rest you're self. I have company!" You say and run for the door. "What you can't leave me here like this...crap!" He yells as you run down the hall. When you get to the top of the stares you straiten you're close and walk down to see a very tall young boy with wavy black shoulder length hair and most beautiful emerald green eyes that have a tint of blue in them. "Ahrjon is that you?" you almost yell. "Parisiaoh its so good to see you again!" He says running to you and giving you a big hug and spinning you around. "Its good to see you to. How did you know I was here?" You ask. "Well the funny thing is I had moved across from the Malfoy's a few months ago and I saw you through the window of you're room and I thought I should come and say hello." He says holding you're hand. "Ohthank god you are here!" you say hugging him again. You had met Ahrjon one day while you were at Diegon Alley and you two just clicked. You had been sending owls to each other and would try to see each other at times. He was one of the people that you knew that went to Hogwarts and was also a Slytherin but Draco and Pansy didn't know him you guessed. He was also one of the people that new who you really were. "So do you want to hang out at my house?" He asked. "Yeah sure." You reply. "Parisia will you be staying over there for dinner?" Mum/Ms. Malfoy asked as she came in from the dinning room. "Well mum could he stay for dinner with us tonight?" You asked looking up at him. "Yes of course. Dinner is at 6 so be ready by then okay? Have a fun time and don't do anything I wouldn't do." She says giggling a little. "Yeah okay. Bye mum." You said. As you walked to Ahrjon's house he asked. "Is she you're mother?" "Oh no she just wants me to call her that instead of Ms. Malfoy." You say looking back at the house. "Oh" he said.
Okay Draco's point of View!
As you sit there on you're bed reading the new issue of Wizard weekly you're door opens and in comes Parisia. (What does she want now?) What do you want Leon? you ask as you put you magazine down and sit up so you can see her better. You know what I am here for Draco. She says seductively. (I always knew she wanted me. She was just so shy) you think to you're self. Oh was all you said looking up and down her seeing what she was wearing. She started to crawl up to you from the end of the bed. (Wow she knows what shes doingthis is going to be good. Now shes on my chest) you think. Come here Draco. She says grabbing you're shirt and pulling you to her for a kiss. You start to move you're hands to her hips and you were about to go lower when she broke the kiss and sat up. (Is that it? Oh come on) you think but she starts to unbutton you're shirt. She gets it undone and starts to kiss from you're neck down. She comes back you you're lips and kissed you again but she starts to undo you're pants. (Oh this is getting good!) you think as she kisses you're neck and chest but there was a knock at the door. (NOT NOW COME ON I GOT THE GIRL I WANT IN MY ROOM ON MY BED AND DOING THINGS TO ME WHY KNOW!) You yell in you're head. Draco sweetie are you in there? you hear you're mother call. (She always comes at a bad time! Okay think!!!) Yeahmum I was about to take a shower. You say as Parisia is still kissing you're neck and back to you're lips. Oh well have you seen Parisia? There is someone here for her his name is...ummAhrjonyeah thats it. He is here to see her would you tell her? Thanks Drakie. She says and then leaves. (Who the fuck is that? Hum. I have heard that name before but where.) You think but then you notice that Parisia stopped and is getting off you're bed. Thanks for the fun but I will leave you to do the rest you're self. I have company! she says and starts to walk out of the room. (Yeah funwas she just messing with me or was she really doing that? Aaa) What you can't leave me here like thiscrap! you yell so she can hear you. You get off the bed and walk out of the room to see who she is so happy about. You hind in a dark corner at the top of the stares and look down on them. You see him hug her and spin her around. (She seems way happier with him then she does when I am around her.) Ohthank god you are here! she says and hugs him again. (Wow she most like him. Where have I seen him before? Well okay he lives next to use but I seen him somewhere else. OMG he goes to Hogwarts with meI have seen him in the common room a few times. Wait where is she going?) You think to you're self as you see them both walk out of the house hand in hand.
I hoped you liked it~

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