Married to Alex Gaskarth. [fifteen]

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Created by Snob9109 on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Jaylyn’s POV

“Morning Jay.” Alex said as I entered the kitchen.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and poured myself a glass of orange juice. “Morning. What are you doing up so early?”

“The guys and I are going to look for a new tour bus.” He said as he flipped a pancake.

“I hope you’re hungry. I made toast, bacon, eggs, and pancakes.”

“You made me breakfast?” I asked upping my eyebrows.

“Yeah. Well, I was making myself breakfast and figured you would be up soon, so I made some for you too.”

“Why are you being so nice?” I asked with a smirk.

Alex shrugged. “I dunno, just enjoy it.” He said and handed me a plate.


“So what are your plans for today?”

“I’m not sure. I’m thinking about going for a run later.”

“Wow, you’re exciting.” He joked.

“Shush, I don’t think finding a new tour bus is the most exciting thing to do.”

“Maybe not, I guess I’ll find out.”

“Are you guys touring soon?” I asked taking a bite of my pancake.

“Yeah, in a couple weeks actually.”

I shook my head unsure of what to say.

“You could come with us. If you wanted to.”

“On tour?”

“Yeah. It’s really fun. You get to travel all over the country and just hangout.”

“I dunno if I could survive on tour, I mean you can’t shower everyday.”

Alex laughed. “You’d get used to it.”

“I dunno.”

“Just think about it.” He said and checked the time.

“I’ve gotta get going. Jack’s making me pick him up cause he’s a bum.”

“Alright, I’ll see you when you get home.”

“Bye.” He said leaning down and kissing my cheek lightly.

He left without another word, and I rubbed my cheek were his lips were thinking what the hell wasa that about? However I didn’t have much time to think about it, because no sooner than Alex left, the doorbell rang. I got up and opened the door to see a middle aged blonde woman standing with her hands on her hips.

“Is Alexander here?” she asked with a thick British accent.

“Actually he just left.”

“You must be Jaylyn?” she guessed.


“I’m Angelia, Alex’s mother.”

Alex’s POV

After the guys and I looked at tour busses we ended up back at Jack’s house watching Saved by the Bell. I saw my phone light up on his coffee table and I picked it up seeing Jaylyn was calling me.


“Where the hell are you?” she hissed.

“I’m at Jack’s house.”

“I’ve called you like thirty times!”

“I’m sorry I had my phone on silent. What’s up?”

“You need to get home. Like right now.”


“Just do it.” She said and hung up.

I looked at my phone and saw that I actually did have thirty missed calls from her, along with a new text messages, and a voice mail.

“I gotta go.”

“Why?” Jack asked.

“Jay’s freaking out. I’m not sure what about, but I’ll text you when I find out.”

I didn’t understand what Jaylyn could possibly be so worked up over. Well, until I pulled up to my house and saw my parents car sitting in my driveway.

“Oh fuck.” I said as I turned off my car and walked up to my door.

I walked inside and was met by laughter coming from the kitchen. I walked in and saw my parents having a glass of wine at the island in the center of the kitchen, and Jaylyn in a little black dress finishing spaghetti.

“Hey.” I said making my presence known.

“Oh hey.” Jaylyn said brightly.

“Hello Alexander.”

“Hey mom, hey dad.”

“Jay can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked.

“Of course. He probably just wants to give me a kiss, we haven’t seen each other all day.” She said to my mother making her laugh as we walked into the living room.

“What the hell are my parents doing here?!” I harshly whispered.

“Your mom just showed up after you left!”

“Did you tell them?”

“No. I was hoping you would.”

I sighed heavily. “What if we didn’t?”

“You want them to think we willingly got married?” she asked raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah, I’ll never hear the end of it if they knew the truth.”

“I don’t know Alex.”

“Jaylyn, please.”

She sighed. “Okay.”

We walked back into the kitchen and I helped Jaylyn serve the spaghetti and breadsticks.

“So Alexander, why didn’t your father and I know about you getting married? I was flipping through channels today and I saw it on MTV. I would have hoped I would have been invited to my son’s wedding.” She scolded.

“I’m sorry mom, it was a spur of the moment thing.”

“Well you found yourself a remarkable young lady.” My father said.

I smiled at Jaylyn and rubbed her leg tenderly. “Yeah, I know.”

“Maybe she can talk you into going back to school.” My mother said.

I sighed. “Mom, I told you, there’s no reason for me to go to college.”

“Jaylyn dear, don’t you think it would be wise for Alex to further his education.”

“I don’t see why he would need to.”

“In case this band thing doesn’t work out.”

“With all due respect Mrs. Gaskarth, his band as released to albums, and are getting more popular every day, I don’t think you need to worry about their band failing.”

“Well, I still think you should take some college courses just to be safe.”

“I think if their band ever fails, he’ll have enough money to worry about it then.”

“Thanks for defending me at dinner.” I said to Jay as we cleaned the kitchen after my parents left.

She shrugged. “She has nothing to worry about, you guys are great.”

“She’s never been very supportive of the band; I guess she was hoping you weren’t either.”

“Well I am supportive, and she should be too.”

“That’s probably never going to happen, but as long as I have your support I’ll be fine.”

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