Good Girls Go Bad-*-A Long Troyella One-Shot

As the title of this one-shot has already stated this is pretty long... I just started to write and kind of got carried away so this will have a total of 4 parts just to keep it short and sweet for you guys as readers. This is Part 1. Inspired by the song "Good Girls Go Bad" by cobrastarship. *The banner below was made by EdCullover.

Created by twinsbutcloser on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Good Girls Go Bad-*-One-Shot


Troy Bolton was having the time of his life. His parents had gone out of town and to celebrate his older brother, Chace Bolton decided to throw a party, the likes of which East High and Albuquerque had never seen before! So, here Troy was dancing to the blaring music that surrounded him with beautiful girl after beautiful girl from his school. It was no mystery that Troy Bolton was a player, the guy every teenage boy envied and the man every girl wanted to be with. His piercing ocean-blue eyes and perfectly shaggy sandy brown hair only boast his advantage high into the stratosphere. As he continued to dance with the buxom blond cheerleading captain Troy couldn’t help but to smirk as he glanced around the room only to see every male in the room glaring him down, their eyes both filled with loathing and admiration. Where as the females’, which made up the majority of the party, eyes were filled with lust.

Yes, Troy Bolton was having the time of his life.

Too bad the same couldn’t have been said for Gabriella Montez, who was just not walking up the road with her five best friends, Taylor McCessie, Kelsi Nelson, Sharpay Evans, Martha Cox, and Sarah Masterson. Gabi shifted, uncomfortably, as she tugged at the hem of the pair of white short-shorts that Sarah had made her wear that night.

“Oh, Gabi, stop it!” Sarah said, as she caught her friend trying to lower the shorts. Gabriella let out a frustrated sigh as her hands fell, limply, to her sides.

“Remind me, why are we going to this thing again?” Gabi questioned, coaxing an eyebrow at Sarah. This time Sarah was the one to let out an exasperated sigh.

“Because,” Sarah started, “it will be fun an God only knows what would happen if you ever had any fun, Gabi.”

Gabriella’s jaw gave way and she gapped at her friend before snapping out of it and shaking her head, causing her brown curly tendrils to shake back and forth.

“That’s not true! I have plenty of fun!” Gabi said, once she stopped shaking her head and preceded in her attempt to cover herself up by pulling the sleeves of the grey sweatshirt she had slipped on over the form-fitting hot pink sequined top that Sharpay had dressed her in, only to receive a glare from Sharpay. Not only because Gabi was covering up her favorite designer top, but because what she was saying was completely false.

“Sarah means other then going to the library and studying, Gabs.” Sharpay said, giving Gabi a bit of a look. Gabriella opened her mouth to protest her friends and their all too true accusations, but that was just the thing… they were right. Just like it was no mystery that Troy was a player it went without saying that Gabriella was the school nerd. She was a teacher’s dream and a slacker’s nightmare. Gabriella always came early to class, sat front and center, and even stayed late. She constantly spent Friday and Saturday nights staying in, reading and then re-reading her textbook chapters. Even if the class was on chapter four Gabriella was usually on chapter fourteen. Gabriella always did her homework and always got all As, some people were put off by it and never even bothered to get to know her, thinking she was just another nerd, just another person to blend into obscurity.

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