More than a Schoolgirl Crush 15 (A Harry and Ginny Story) rated M for a reason

Created by cozmicstar on Thursday, December 15, 2005

On Harry's bed lay a peaceful, relaxing, sleeping Ginny Weasley. Harry's eyes became wide with surprise and he quickly slid into the room, shutting the door behind him. This was not the innocent normal Ginny he grew to love so much. In an instant Ginny had suddenly turned into sexy grown woman who was lying on top of his bed in nothing but her bra and panties. She lie on her back with her soft red hair scattered wildly around her and one of her hands lay on her stomach over her bare creamy pale slightly freckled skin. Her legs were long and luxurious, begging to be touched as the soft candles of the room gave her skin a warm glow. The sexy light blue lace material of her garments barely covered her and didn't leave much to the imagination. Her small breasts seemed to want to pour out of their thin constraints, showing him cleavage he'd never seen from her before. Harry didn't know what to do. It's not everyday you have a gorgeous half naked woman on your bed. He felt himself get hot all over and his lower member twitched slightly in his pants. He honestly felt his knees becoming weak and if he didn't sit down soon his legs would buckle under his weight and he'd collapse on the floor. He awkwardly slid and sat on the bed. "She must have been too tired to remember which room was hers. That's why she's here," he thought to himself trying to calm the butterflies in his stomach and the naughty thoughts in his mind. Watching her sleep like this would probably fuel his fantasies for the next 10 years. He leaned over and gently whispered, "Ginny? Wake up lovely." She stirred and opened her beautiful honey eyes to meet his. "Ginny, do you know you're in my bedroom and not yours?" he asked. She made a sexy soft mewing sound and stretched as she said, "I couldn't sleep, so I came here. Your bed is so much more comfortable than mine. So, soft and warm and oh." His breath got hitched in his throat as heart began to beat faster. She was so sexy and she didn't even know it. "Hmmmm. Harry, you know why I couldn't sleep?" she asked in a husky voice he didn't know she had. "No" he squeaked out in nervousness. "I was thinking about you," she said. "Me?" he said in disbelief. "Yes, You keep me awake many nights, taunting me in my head. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself you're so sexy," she said while her hands began to move all over her body. Harry took in a stuttering breath as he watched her, becoming envious of her hands and wishing they were his. "You know, sometimes at night, my fantasies take a hold of me and I just want to come into your room and lash out, kissing you with the desire that has been burning for years. And sometimes when you kiss me I want to beg you to carry me to your room and shag me senselessly until I scream," she said. He swallowed with a hard gulp at her bold words. He saw her eyes were dark and nearly black with passion, silently stating that she wanted him bad. He sat immobile in shock as he watched her hand begin to slip into the waistband of her knickers. She moaned as she began to stroke herself with her eyes half opened and half closed in ecstasy. Her head was thrown back and hand moved over her center until she moaned with a shuttering orgasm. Harry had never seen anything so sexy in his whole entire life and his now very visible erection was straining hard against his pants. As her body relaxed, all of Harry's thoughts were now focused on her as reality slipped away. Her cheeks were flush and her chest heaved slightly from her breathing, and she was gorgeous. Desire was increasing and he felt a deep hot fire in his pit beginning to burn, making all of his boiling blood rush downward. His body had a mind of its own as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand out of her panties, bringing them to his lips to taste her sweet and salty wetness and lapping her fingers with his tongue. He then bent down and kissed her passionately so that she could taste herself on his lips. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned into his mouth as their fiery kisses were exchanged and their tongues fought for superiority. Her hands and fingers gripped him as she wrestled him onto his back. Her legs straddled his hips and she grabbed her wand locking the door and silencing it as well. Harry knew this was wild and very spur of the moment but frankly he didn't care cause this was happening so quickly that he couldn't think straight with what she was doing to him. She then began to devour his lips again in a hot series of opened mouth kisses. Her hands went immediately under his shirt stroking the bare skin of his torso, making him gasp every time she stroked his nipple. They only broke their lips away for a mere second so that Ginny could get the shirt over his head. Harry wrapped his arms around her, pressing her body close to feel the scratchy lace of her bra rubbing against his chest. He felt lightheaded, as if he were drowning in passion and love from their lips crashing together, and his cock was not helping matters by throbbing and aching for attention. Ginny then began to kiss down his neck and chest until she reached the top of his trousers. Her hand ran over the distinct bulge making him hiss and moan. She smiled as she slowly and torturously unzipped it and pulled it down his legs along with his boxers, making them gather at his ankles above his shoes that were still on. He was so aroused his thick shaft was sticking straight up into the air, waiting for her to do whatever she pleased. Her eyes raked up and down his body as if she was the cat who had just caught its mouse. He didn't know if he should be frightened or not but his body seemed to want him to get harder under her stare. She took him in her hand and began to stroke him, pumping him up and down. He groaned and moaned, incoherently thrusting into her palm. His body temperature was rising rapidly as his heart pumped hard in his chest. Electricity seemed to be shooting from his core and surging through his body giving him a tingling sensation. He was going to come right in front of her and all she did was use her hand. "Stop Ginny Stop" he said quickly pushing her arm away. He wanted her to keep going but yet in his heart he knew it was too fast. She deserved a romantic special time that he didn't want to rush.
Whoa Baby! I never knew Ginny was such a wild woman.
wow you are good at writing about sex
~Ginny's POV~ She backed away from him and slid off the bed to remove his shoes and pants. She couldn't understand why he stopped her. She thought he liked it. He tried to breathe and calm his body down as she then climbed on the bed lying next to his naked body. "Why did you want me to stop?" she asked. He was relieved to here her voice was back to normal as he sighed and said, "Because this is too fast Ginny." "I thought you wanted to be with me," she said kinda sadly. "Ginny I do, believe me. But don't you want your first time with me to be romantic. I want it to be special for you," he said stroking her cheek. She couldn't help but love him. "Harry you're so sweet. I love you. But you know, anytime with you is special to me," she said kissing him on the cheek. She crawled into his arms and hugged him. She could have laid there with him forever, never wanting for a second to let go. Feeling bold, he rubbed her back up and down and began to unclasp her bra. She went tense in his arms as the back fell opened for his hands to explore. "Ginny you ok?" he asked continuing to rub her bare back. "Yeah, Sorry I'm just nervous," she said blushing. "You? Nervous? Didn't you want me to have sex with you? What's with all that stuff you did to me then?" he said surprised. "That's different. I was in control and I didn't think you'd actually want to with me," she said. "Of course I want to. Do you trust me Ginny?" he asked seriously. "Of course. With my life," she said. "Then trust me with your body," he whispered kissing her cheek. "I'm a virgin. What if I'm bad at it?" she said blushing some more. "Impossible. Don't worry I'm a virgin too. I wouldnt know bad from good," he said as he laid her on her back next to him. Her hands were holding her bra to her breast but she slowly took a deep breath and let them go, fighting the urge to cover herself. Harry kissed her softly on the lips as his hands went up her arms and slipped the straps down until the bra was in his hands. He threw it off the bed and let go of her lips to look at her. He gasped, he never imagined her to look this beautiful underneath. "God, you're beautiful," he said as he claimed her lips once more. He was the only one who could make her believe it. His hand went up her stomach and came to cup her breast. Despite it's small size, it filled his large hand perfectly as he kneaded the warm fleshy mound with his palm. She moaned and sighed, arching her back into his hand. The heated aching between her thighs came back with the same intensity as before. He trailed his sweet kisses down her neck until they reached their destination. She gasped as his tongue began to swirl around her nipple. He took it into his mouth and sucked gently. She moaned as her hands slid into his hair, holding him down. Her pleasure was surging through her body in waves, boiling in her center. After the other breast had gotten the same attention he moved down her stomach and kissed the inside of her thigh. She shivered slightly at his touch. "Are you sure you want to do this? Cause I don't want to do anything you'll regret," he said putting his hands on her hips. Harry was such a gentleman. "I'm sure. Just do a contraceptive charm and go slow," she said breathlessly. He grabbed his wand and muttered the spell before slipping her knickers off of her legs. The cool air was a nice contrast to her soaking wet body and gave her even more pleasure. He positioned himself over her, balancing on his forearms. He kissed her sweetly and said, "This might hurt. I'll try to be gently." She nodded as her hands held his shoulders and braced herself for the loving pain. He spread her legs opened with his knees and slowly found her entrance, sliding in slow and steady. He groaned at the hot contact of their bodies and continued to slide. Ginny really didn't feel so bad, just a bit stretched, but then he broke through the barrier and the pain shot through her like a hot knife. "Ow Harry Ow It hurts," she said try to bite back her tears. Still a few slipped down her cheeks. She saw the guilt in his face as he kissed her tears away. "I know baby, I know. I'm sorry. Tell me what to do. I don't want to hurt you," he said resting his forehead on hers as he was sheathed deep inside her. "Just move, but slowly." He obeyed going in slowly and going out slowly. It took about 6 strokes before the pain died away slightly and the pleasure began to build. She moaned feeling each slow move he made within her. Her breath was getting lost and skin burned with desire. "Faster," she said wrapping her legs around his waist. He moved faster as his head rested close to her ear so she could hear his harsh ragged breath. He began to pump frantically as his orgasm built with hers. She moaned loudly calling his name over and over again, raining them out of her throat. Every hard thrust felt so good that she wanted to scream as warmth and pleasure spread through her all the way down to her toes. Ginny then shot into her powerful orgasm; shuttering and gripping him so that her nails dug into his flesh. She felt him slam into her as he moaned out her name, exploding and flooding her with his warm come. Harry then slipped himself out and collapsed next to her, weak and spent. Immediately Ginny missed the feeling of being filled by him. As they caught their breath Ginny looked to Harry who's chest was heaving up and down rapidly. "Wow. That was amazing," he said breathlessly. "Yeah." "Are you ok?" he asked. "I'm fine. Just a little sore but I'm fine," she said feeling the ache in between her thighs. "Oh Ginny, I'm sorry you had to feel so much pain while I felt so much pleasure. If I could trade I would," he said rolling over to her, gathering her up in his arms. "You're so sweet Harry. Really I wouldnt trade what we just had for anything. I love you. Happy Birthday Harry," she said. "I love you," he said. Ginny and Harry then kissed sweetly and went underneath the warmth of his sheets. They fell asleep to the lullaby of their 'I love you's wrapped deep in each others arms.
how sweet
Hope you liked the detailed sex scenes. Please rate high and message me with what you would like to happen.

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