I'm a pokemon who's turned human?!? Episode 17 Evolution is the Solution!

RECAP:Marine,Dawn and Ivy ran into Barry,Barry had a new pokemon,a shaymin named Twister! Which Shaymin has a rivalary with! This episode is mainly about the training Marine,Dawn and Ivy,Dawn is acting really strange lately and she knows more about CIPHER than anyone else! What is Dawn up to? Dawn also has been training for some reason too. Dawn has a secret but she won't give it up!

Created by AquawindLugia on Monday, August 17, 2009

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On the route to Parastoria Marine trained her pokemon very hard. "Ivy how strong are you getting? I bet I'm almost tough enough to beat Crasher Wake!" Marine said. "Me? Oh stronger I guess." Ivy replied flatly. Marine looked endearingly at Lugia while he trained and mumbled "Lugia I have no idea what I'd do without you." Out of the corner of Marine's eye she saw a Kirlia. "Cool! A Kirlia I'm going to catch it!" Marine said and dashed off. Dawngrinned at Marinebut it slowly faded. "What's up Dawn?" Ivy asked. "Oh nothing." Dawn replied."Alright I caught a Kirlia!" Marine said happily. "I have a big dream you know." Kirlia said. "Really what is it?" Marine asked. "I want to evolve and travel to see all the reigons." Kirlia replied. "Well I'll make sure it comes true!" Marine grinned. Lugia did a weak smile at Marine but looked away. "Why is everything slowly falling apart? Why is this bridge in my mind slowly crumbling? My memories are fading should I tell her? No,I shouldn't." Lugia mumbled to himself. "Ok I think I'm ready!" Marine said and nodded. Marine felt a flash go through her mind and she heard two odd voices talking: "Master Greevil that girl,with our best admin she has the legendary we might be looking for!" "Hmm this will go very well if she falls to her surrender. Dawn, if her friends find out and that girl she might be able to carry out the mission or it might fail. hehe Things are falling into place perfectly!"~Then Marine snapped back to reality. "D-Dawn could it be?" Marine thought. Finally they entered Parastoria city as Marine made her way to the gym she stopped in her tracks and said "Dawn is it true? Is it really true?" "What is it Marine what's true?" Dawn said and did a faint smile. "Is it true you're-nevermind." Marine said. She stepped in the gym and went right up to Crasher Wake. "I'm ready Wake, Let's battle!" "I sence alot of courage in you Marine so I accept your challenge YEAH Let's give it our all!" Wake shouted courageously. "GO! Lugia!" Marine shouted. "GO! Pelipper!" Wake shouted. The battle was on- Dawn watched the battle feeling as though apart of her was gone her heart felt diffirent then the real her ever would. The words echoed and Dawn's head: "Carry out the mission and capture the pokemon of the sea." ~ "Yes I will,Master Greevil I'll make sure it's snagged and the heart is turned blackpermantently." Dawn mumured darkly. "I'm sorry." Dawn whispered watching the battle trying to keep an encouraging look on her face.
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