Please stop torturing me. {Kyoya One Shot} for XShadowofavampireX *Lemon*

Created by IkutosLover on Thursday, August 20, 2009


Name: Keirra Kuromori

Age: 16

Hair Color: orange

Eye Color: blue

Crush: Kyoya

I was walking down the hall to the third music room, where my best friend Haruhi was. Everyone thought she was boy, but only the Host Club and I know that she's a girl. I really loved visiting the Host Club during the day.

When I opened the door there was no customers. “Keirra-chan, do you want some cake?” Hunny-senpai asked me. “No thank you, Hunny-senpai.” I said. “Keirra-chan, try this dress our mother made.” the twins said.

“But, I don't want to.” I told them and sat down next to Kyoya, who wrapped his arm around me. I had been dating Kyoya for a long time now. “Keirra, want to come to my house tonight?” he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

“Sure, but why?” I whispered back. “I have a surprise for you is all.” he replied. “Keirra-hime, why do you always have to hang out with Kyoya?” Tamaki asked. I rolled my eyes and looked at him. “Tamaki, you already know why.” I said.

“I forgot, care to tell me?” he said. “He's my boyfriend, you idiot.” I told him. He had fake tears falling down his cheeks and went to his emo corner. “Tamaki, really, stop being so dramatic.” Kyoya said rolling his eyes.

“No one respects the president!” Tamaki said. He turned to Haruhi and asked her to put on a dress, but was only replied by a glare. Kyoya stood up and took my hand. He dragged me into one of the changing rooms.

Once we were alone, he attacked my lips with a very passionate lips. I moaned a little and kissed him back. The school bell rang and he pulled back. “Time to go to my house.” he said. “What about your parents and brothers?” I asked.

“They're away on business.” he said. We walked out of the school hand in hand. We went into his limo and kissed the whole way to his house. He unzipped my dress a bit, but I smacked his hand away.

“Kyoya, not in here.” I said. “Fine, then when we get into my room.” he whispered and bit my earlobe. I blushed and kissed his lips. We finally arrived at his house and we got out of the limo. He carried me bridal style up to his room.

He threw me onto the bed and went to lock the door. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me very hard and passionate. He unzipped my dress and let it pool around my feet. I stepped out of and walked behind Kyoya.

I pushed him down to the bed and tore off his shirt and pants. I handcuffed him to the headboard and I also blindfolded him. “Kyoya.” I moaned torturing him. I slid my hands down his chest and down to his member, feeling it grow.

“Kyoya, I'm so wet from playing with myself.” I said. He groaned and bit his lip. I unclasped my bra and took of my panties. I straddled his stomach letting him feel how wet I was. I took his hand and put on my womanhood.

He rubbed it and put a finger in me, pumping it in and out. I was moaning like crazy. I moved his hand and tore off his boxers. I positioned myself above his member and slid down. I winced and whimpered at the pain.

“Take off my blindfold and release me.” he said. I took off his handcuffs and took off his blindfold. His took hold off my waist and pounded into me. “K-kyoya, I'm so close.” I said. “Me too babe.” he said. I nearly screamed when I came.

He pounded in me a couple if more times before he spilled his seed into me and collapsed. He pulled out of me and pulled the covers over us. “I love you Keirra.” he said. “I love you too Kyoya.” I said and kissed him. “Next time we have sex, please stop torturing me.” he said.

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