I'm sixteen, pregnant, and living with the biggest creep ever. How could life get any worse? {Chapter Five}

Sorry this one took so long. I was at camp all this week and couldn't write anymore. I'll try to do a lot of chapters this week though. Please rate and message. Thanks.

Created by bribriluvsu on Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Chad walked down the hall in the opposite direction as I followed Don. He walked swiftly through the many people in the hall. I again, ignored the stares from the other people.

“I told you my friends would like you,” Don laughed as we entered the small math room.

“Eww. He is disgusting just like you. I would never touch either of you,” I said, sitting down next to him.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll meet plenty more of my friends,” He smiled.

Ugh. Why the hell was he always smiling? I hated him so much. I sat through math, barely listening to the teacher, or Don,at all.

The rest of the day went by the same way. I had to go to the office to check in about my classes during lunch, so I didn’t get to meet Don’s friends.

“Some of my friends are coming over later so don’t do anything weird,” He said as we waited on the sidewalk for Elle.

“Who’s coming?” I asked, trying not to sound too paranoid.

“The guys,” He said plainly as Elle pulled up.

We drove in silence. Don was constantly texting someone during the short trip. We arrived at the apartment building and I jumped out of the car quickly. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and I stopped to look over my shoulder.

“Slow down mama Steph. You don’t want to hurt little life wrecker in there, do you?” He said as he pulled me along slowly.

“Stop talking about me like that,” I snapped at him.

“Well, well. Is it your time of the month? Oh wait,” He laughed. I ran into the building so I could ride in the elevator alone. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the silence. I heard the elevator ding at the penthouse and opened my eyes.

I walked out and opened the big front door. There was a note from Angela on the table. It said;

Dear kids,

I went out for a little while. Be back soon.



I walked slowly down the hall until I reached my bedroom door. When I passed Don’s room I heard music playing.

What an idiot. He left his stereo on all day while we were at school. I thought.

I threw my bag into my room and walked to Don’s room to turn the stereo off. I opened the door and came face-to-face with three boys in Kirkton uniforms.

One I recognized as Chad. One of the other boys was very tall and lanky. He had long, brown hair and hazel eyes. The other boy was average size. He had red hair andblue eyes.

I stood there for a minute not knowing what to do. Chad stood up and grabbed my arm.

“Stephanie! You’ve met Stan and Jake, right?” He asked as he sat me down on Don’s bed next to him.

“No I haven’t,” I said, still a little shocked.

“I’m Stan,” The brunette boy said.

“I’m Jake,” The redhead said.

“Hi. I’m Stephanie,” I replied.

“Well I guess you’ve been in here a lot before, right?” Jake said loudly.

“No?” I said. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted my response to be.

“Oh come on. All the girls in New York go for Don,”

“Don and I have never done anything together,” I said, trying to reassure them all.

"Yeah right. What makes you do different from allthe other girls then?" He asked.
“Well she’s not from New York, Jake. Besides she has a boyfriend in California,” Don said as he walked into the room.

“How do you know that?”

“I did some snooping,” He said as he threw my phone down on the bed next to me, “By the way, that girl Lindsey can’t keep a secret for her life.

Ugh. Obviously Lindsey told him about Hank. She probably thought he sounded hot over the phone so she told him everything.

“My boyfriend and I actually just broke up,” I said to Don. I didn’t realize what I had done until I felt all of the people in the room staring at me.

Shit. Now Chad will be even worse. Maybe Stan and Jake will try. I thought.

“Oh. I’m sorry Stephanie. He was probably no good anyways,” Don said sarcastically.

“Wow, maybe I should take you out to help you cope?” Stan said quickly.

“No thanks, I think I’ll be fine,” I said as I got up and walked towards the door. I walked out of the door and turned towards my room. I heard Chad laughing at Stan.

“Stephanie,” I heard Don say behind me. I turned around and stared at him.

“I just wanted to say sorry about Chad and them. They don’t mean it,”

“Okay,” I said slowly. Don walked quickly back into his room and I walked into mine. I sat on my bed and thought about Don. He had to be bipolar or something because first he’s talking about sexual favors and now he’s apologizing for his sleazy friends. What the hell?

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