Mating season ( a Sesshomaru oneshot) requested by MiakaHikari07

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Created by Emolicious321 on Saturday, August 22, 2009

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(I don't know how well you can see it but you have crimson eyes)
Name: Haru

Age 763

Race: Wolf demon

Outfit: A black kimono with red tendrils

You ran through the forest, painting heavily and looking back over your shoulder once in a while. No one in sight. *I shook them of. Finally* you thought, happy to be eventually able to slow down and catch your breath. *Why have the men always to go crazy?" asking this yourself, you remained yourself of your last few days. It was mating season, the time where all the male demons get horny and chase every woman, that catches their eye and looking like you don’t help you much to get them of your body. *That’s so annoying*

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you’re asexual or gay, it’s just that you don’t want to give yourself to some random guy, who isn’t able to control himself, you want to wait for the right. For someone to spend the rest of your live with, to start a family with.

While you were lost in your dreams, you had reached a small clearing and when you stepped in the warming sun, you spotted a small, brown-haired girl in a orange kimono. She was making a chain out of flowers, always with a adorable smile on her lips. You smiled softly as you watched her, she was so cute and caused your mother instincts to wake up. Stepping over to the girl, you greeted her happily "Hey there sweety. What are you doing out here alone?" The girl whirled around to face you but the smile never left her face as she answered "I wait for Lord Sesshomaru and Jaken, they told me to stay here until they’ll be back" "I don’t want to leave a small girl like you alone in the forest. I will wait with you. By the way I’m Haru" Though you never though it would be possible, the smile got even wider and more happy while her eyes sparkled like a lake in the sun. "I’m Rin. Do you want to play with me?" "Sure" you agreed and you both started to play, you chased her around playfully or made more flower chains.

Suddenly you felt a strong demonic presents not far from the clearing. "Rin, come over here!!" you shouted and shove the small girl behind your back, at the moment she had reached you. "What is it, Haru?" she asked a bit terrified. You patted her head soothingly "There’s somebody coming but don’t worry, I’ll protect you" As you expected, a few minutes later a woman with bat wings came flying into the clearing and landed a few metres in front of you. She eyed you up and down before she finally spoke, her voice tripping with hate "So you’re the bitch all the other male demons after? Let’s see how much they still want you with no blood in your body" with this words, she attacked you. You grabbed Rin and through her on your back, jumping out of the way. Setting her down behind a tree, you told her to stay, then turned around to the demon girl. She was a bit too slow when you attacked he with your claws, so you managed to injure her side. Hissing in pain, she flew up again, floating a few metres over the ground, then she lifted her hand and suddenly a lightning came down on you. Though you were a bit surprised about the attack, you managed to move out of the way but it scraped your arm anyway, cutting it open from your shoulder down to your elbow. "Get down here bitch and fight like a real demon" you growled up up at her, then brake a branch of a tree and threw it at the flying bitch. It pierced right trough both of her wings, making it impossible for her to fly. She landed on the floor with a loud thud and a groan of pain. Right when you were about to attack her again, a sword was pierced through her from behind. She fell forward and reveled a tall, handsome demon, the sword still in his hand.

You blushed slightly at the sight of him, he had long, silver hair, beautiful golden eyes and as far as you see a well toned body. But what amazed you the most was that his eyes weren’t filled with lust, like you could see it at all the other male demons while mating season. Your thoughts were interrupted by Rin running up to you and embracing you around your middle "That was amazing Haru, you were so great" "Rin, who is this?" a cold voice suddenly asked and as you looked up, you noticed that it came from that handsome demon "This is Haru, Lord Sesshomaru. She protected me from that demon" Rin explained exited. You extended your hand to shake his "Nice to meet you, like Rin said I’m Haru" but he just turned around and announced "Rin, we’re leaving. Say goodbye to your friend" *What a nice guy* you thought sarcastically but then you noticed a movement from the demon girl, you thought were dead. She lifted her hand and you knew exactly what attack was coming and to your shock the lightning directly came down on Rin. "RIN WATCH OUT!!!" you shouted as you through her to the floor but without hurting her and hover above her, taking the attack for her. The lighting hit your back hard and a scream of pain was torn from your lungs as it sliced open your flesh.

"Rin..are you all right?" you chocked out through the throbbing pain. Rin stared up at you, with from shock widened eyes before she found her voice again "Yes, I’m ok but you’re injured" Feeling that your arms wouldn’t support your weight much longer, you quickly rolled of her, clenching your teeth together as your back hit the ground, then you looked over to the small girl with the most calming look you could manage and said "Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine" You closed your eyes and tried to control the pain, pulsating through your body, just noticing your surroundings at the edge of your mind.

"Lord Sesshomaru, we need to take her with us. She’s injured and she saved me, please" you heard Rin pleading and you inwardly had to smile about that. Then suddenly, two arms were shoved under your body and lifted you up, making you groan out as they touch your injury. "Don’t be such a wimp" a cold voice said and as you opened your eyes, you stared in those golden eyes of this good-looking demon. "We gladly can swap and see if you wouldn’t wince at this" you snapped bag, getting angry at his cocky attitude. Sesshomaru just grunted at your answer and began to walk, causing your anger to increase. But all your rage was washed away in the second you took in his scent, it was unbelievable, sweet, manly and wild at the same time and simply addictive. It woke some strange and strong desires inside of you and made your body arch for him, something you never felt for another man before. To prevent you from doing something and to block out this amazing scent, you gave in the urge to sleep, you felt for some time now, but this scent still lingered in your dreams, driving you insane...

Sesshomaru’s P.O.V

It was strange, for so long you had suppressed such feelings, like love, lust or longing but in the first second this beautiful creature had caught your eyes, they all dare to brake out again. *It just because it’s mating season* you tried to convince yourself but you weren’t really sure it’s true, cause, when you looked at her sleeping form, you didn’t lust see some mating partner, like it’s normal in this times, no you see a beautiful, strong woman. Something you had searched for quite a long time, though you refused yourself to admit it. I was an amazing sight to watch her fight that demon, she was so gracefully and in the end she protected Rin with her life.

This all went through your head as you watched Haru sleeping in one of the many rooms in your castle. You had brought her here and after your healer had taken care of her founds, you had laid her down and tucked in but you couldn’t bring yourself to leave. She locked so peaceful in her sleep and her scent was just to amazing to leave, somehow fruity, like strawberries and the scent of the forest after rain but also somehow wild, like the wolf she is, a dangerous mixture. Her luscious lips were slightly parted, making you want to do nothing more then just press your own against them.

Right then Haru shifted in her sleep with a soft moan and gave you perfect sight to the delicate flesh of her neck. You stared down at her pale, soft skin and the sudden urge to caress it took hold of you. Struggling against it for a while, you finally let the feeling take over for a moment and lifted your hand to grace you fingertips down her cheek and over her neck to her shoulder. You deeply took Haru’s scent in one last time, then you turned around abruptly and left the room to prevent you from doing anything more. *I need to calm myself down* you thought to yourself as you told one of your servants to let you in a cold bath but even this didn’t help much to cool your longings and so it happens that she also awaited you in your dreams.

She was so beautiful, like an angel and wanted nothing more that to know that she is only yours but when you woke up in the morning, you were alone in your bed, though you were sure that you and Haru were locked in a dance of pleasure and love just minutes ago. But she wasn’t there, wasn’t in your arms, how you hoped she would be and she still wasn’t yours. Just one thing you were sure by now and there was no doubt about it, you wanted Haru to be yours, only yours and to know that no other man could ever have you. You wanted her to be your mate. And deep inside your heart you knew one other thing, though you wouldn’t want to admit it yourself - though you knew her just a few hours, you were deeply in love with Haru...

Haru’s P.O.V

You woke up in a huge comfortable bed and though you were sure you had slept a long time, you still were tired. Dreams had chased you the whole night, dreams about Sesshomaru. They felt so real, you almost were sure you could smell his scent and felt his fingers glide over your skin, like you wished them to do. You knew it was mating seasons, what means your hormones all go crazy but you also were sure that you didn’t just felt lust towards the dog demon, you felt something way deeper, not only a longing for his body but also a longing for his love. It was all so confusing. How should you be able to control yourself around him?

Your thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door and when it was opened a woman told you that it was time for breakfast and handed you a beautiful dark red kimono, you could were, cause your own was ripped. You thanked her, then got dressed and let you show the way to the dining room where a happy Rin and a still cold-acting Sesshomaru were waiting

After the breakfast, which you were grateful that it was over, cause Sesshomaru’s scent and presence were nearly driving you crazy, Rin asked you to play with her in the garden, which you happily obliged. Outside, you played with her hide and seek, which was really easy for you or just chased her around like on the clearing the day before. You both weren’t aware that somebody was watching you all the time...

Over the next three days, you got to know Sesshomaru better and which each day, you fell deeper in love with him. He had everything you ever dreamed of for a man, he was strong, handsome and a soft core, though he didn’t like to show or admit it. From the way he treated Rin, you were sure that he would be a great father and that he is a lord wasn’t bad either. The only bad thing was that he didn’t showed one tiny sign that he was interested in you.

Your head were hurting from all the thoughts, so you decided to relax in the hot spring on the compound, Rin showed you this morning. Grabbing everything you needed you made your way through the garden over to the springs.

Sesshomaru’s P.O.V

Like so many times in the last days, you were thinking about Haru while you stared out the window of your room. She’s beautiful, smart, strong, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind or show her feelings. And she’s acts so wonderful towards Rin, like a real mother. She’s just...perfect.

As you were thinking about all this things, you suddenly saw Haru walking through the garden, towards the hot spring, with everything she would need for a bath.


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