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Created by bloodrose744 on Sunday, August 23, 2009

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name: melody *nicknames: klutz sugar hayleys twin and others*



(ignore the guy and yes u look like that i know its hayley williams but oh well i love her she is an amazing singe in the story u have her voice looks and style nuthin else and she has hazel eyes hair goes to a lil bit under her boobs)

she lives on a farm and doesnt have a lot of money but her family is so fun loving nd full of energy always smiling xcept for melody she never smiles that is y her family and friends calls her sugar just to tease her

likes: she loves horses and taking care of the animals on the farm singing drawing playing guitar reading riding her familys horses on the plains and mountains sunsets the moon her family and friends she loves watching anime and music her brothers daddy and younger sister

dislikes: preps cheerleaders who think they all that rich snobby kids ppl who want to buy the family horses and animals her step mother and step sister and step brothers

she is very unique in personality ull see y l8er on but she thinks negative of herself VERY negative

she is not related to hayley williams but melody <33333333333333333333333333 paramore

fall out boy didnt bcome famous yet and patrick stump will always look like


ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! and he will never get glasses or get fatter he will always stay skinny xD

she has 1 leg 2 inches bigger than the other so she has 2 limp ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! with her left foots heel kinda in the air nd kinda touching the ground GAHH!!!! its hard to xplain

she is very clumsy and can b very lazy very popular like everyone knows her shes not in the crowd everyone just knows who she is guys love her girls hate her xcept for her friends who r girls and shes really smart also no one in her school knows where she lives not even her bestest friends or her boyfreind she has a boyfriend she is getting married too but that will chnage they r secretly engaged and together as a couple but she is bout to see that they werent meant to be and that her parents were right bout his family



name: whitewind

gender: female


name: nightrun

gender: male


name: arabian

gender: male


name: chestnut

gender: female

pregnant with spirits kids


name: spirit

gender: male



gender: female



name: hunter

gender: male

best watch dog she has ever seen


name: dakota

gender: female

currently pregnant with hunters puppies


right is summer and left is collon

and summer had puppies


but they have the spots on them just like their mom and dad

summer had other puppies but they died

right is DJ and lef is danny



the one sleeping is june and the one awake is mikey

june had kittens


she had 12 but they had to give them away but they kept this cat and named it cookie since it loves cookies


(they r two seperate cats)

april and jenna


house: like the house in paramores music video emergency

story starts

"hey chestnut wanna go for a ride?" i asked chestnut wearing my riding gear she neighed and rubbed her head against my head meaning yes "awesome" i said and hopped on her back and we jumped over the beach nd went down to the beach

"isnt it beautiful" i asked getting off her and grabbing her rein and pulling her to the water

she nodded her head nd nuzzled her nose to my face i sighed and stroaked her nose it was so softy and she seemed to like it so i kept stroaking her head then she got a brush out and brushed chestnuts silky shiny and smooth mane after i was done i decided to go back so we did the wind rushing through my hair was an amazing feeling i felt free we got to the farm we jumped over the fence and we went to her stall i got off her and gave her hay then as i went to the door limping she rubbed her head against my bad leg it brought tears in my eyes

"it cant be helped chestnut but thks for worrying" i said knowing very well what she meant by that and knowing it will never get better seeing as though my family will never be able to afford it then i went to nightruns stall brushed his mane and body gave him hay and i talked to him and he talked to me back i nuzzled my head against his mane and he licked my cheek i gave a small smile and took care of all the other animals by the time i was done it wasa little over dinner time which meant i still had time to get ready for bed talk to jake and wrestle with connor i hurried into the house avoiding my step family i got ready for bed then i went downstairs "sugar did ya take care of the animals?" father asked "yes father" i said grabbing 15 plates

"very good hows chestnut nd dakota doing?" he asked putting some mashed potatoes on the plates "chestnut is dong just fine father and dakota is doin ok...she is only 3 weeks away and she is getting big" i said putting some of my fathers famous chicken on the plates " i know and i want u to skip school for the week dakota is giving birth for" he said "y father?" i asked confused "cause i want u to deliever the puppies" he said smiling "cant jane do it i mean shes a vet" i said jealous "she could if she wasnt busy u see she was payed a lot of money to deliever this cows calf" he said "oh ok" i said carrying the plates to the table "DINNERS READY!!!!!!!!!" father yelled and i saw 13 ppl come from different places

we all sat down said our grace then ate "hey sugar wanna wrestle after dinner?" connor asked drinking his water "connor!! shes a girl"mike said "so?" i asked "he would win in the first 15 seconds" mike said eating his chicken "ur saying i cant wrestle just cuz im a girl" i asked "yea" mike said "bsides who wants to wrestle u get all sweaty and hurt and its just un-lady like" nina said "father make nina shut the f*ck up" i said looking at her "sugar can beat anybody in the first 30 seconds!!!" alana said "thts my lil sis" i said high-fiving her

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