-Uncontrollable- kurt wagner

Created by NothingEverLast on Sunday, August 23, 2009

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We appeared in the danger room and landed with a ohf.
"Oww." i said
"Wow, Lavender like is your brother mad or something?" Kitty asked.
"Why dose everyone say he is my brother?" I asked and stood up.
"You really remember do you?" she said. I looked at her.
"Come on." She said and phased us through the door and to her room. "We will go cheer you up." she said.
(Kurts POV)
Gambit was knocked out and taken away, Logan said he would make sure that he wouldn't come back. I heard girl's laughing on the other side of kitty's door.
"Wow thats funny." Lavenders voice said. "I never know that."
"To be honest it was kind of scary at first." Kitty's voice said. "Oh, before I forget whay was Kurt chasing you?" Kitty asked.
"Oh, he made me bite my tongue then laughed at me so I squished my banana in his face."
"Yea, but now I kind of regret it because I'm hungry."
"Well come on it's about lunch time." Kitty said.
I movedfrom the door and teleported to the kitchen. Kitty and Lavender phased in.
(Lavender's POV)
"So you don't remember anything." Kitty said.
"Well, I remember my power's and that's really it." I said.
"Well that must suck." Kitty said.
I nodded and was going to say something when someone crashed through the large glass window. Kitty and I screamed and covered our face. When we looked it was a guy with long blond hair and fangs.
"Ah, Lavender so good to see you again." He said.
"Who are you?" I asked and Kitty and Kurt got in front of me.
"Don't you remember?" He asked and I shook my head. "Well let me remind you." He said and lunged at us.
Kitty grabbed me and Kurt phasing us though the floor. Again we ended up in the danger room, but it was on Logans training session. Kurt was going to teleport us out but got hit. Kitty and I tried to help him, but Kitty got hit to and it seemed that it couldn't get any worse Sabertooth appeared. I didn't know what to do. I squeezed my eyes shut andput my hands up in front of me and hoped something would happen. I heard Sabertooth then suddenly I didn't. I opened my eyes a little, he was gone. I lowered my hands. He was no where in sight. Logan came up the danger room on pause.
"Hey, trouble maker what was that?" He asked.
"I...don't...I Don't Know." I said looking at my palms.
The profecer called me in to his office. I sat down in the same chair. The profecer looking at me.
"Lavender, what happened in the danger room?" He asked.
"I don't know." I said. He sighed.
"Well, let me show you." He said and suddenly I was in his head looking at what happened, just a couple minutes ago.
I was standing, Kitty and Kurt out cold on the floor. I put my hands up, Sabertooth in midair jumping for me. Then suddenly fire came out from my hands and consumed him and he disappeared.
"Is that nothing?" The profecer asked.
"I never said it was nothing." I stood up for myself.
"Lavender, we just have to no what happened to him." Xaiver said calmly.
"I don't no where he is." I said.
"Maybe I can find out." He said and put a hand on my head.
It was odd all I could see was colors. I landed in a place it was so familiar.
"Where are we?" Xaiver asked.
"I dont know..." I said unsure.
I began to walk and someone appered. It was Gambit, he was wearing his brown trench coat and his staff on his shoulders his hands resting on it.
"Brother!" Someone yelled.
Both the profecer and I turned around. It was me. I ran up to Gambit I was wearing all black.Black pants, black tang top, black jacket half zipped up, andblack boots that went to my knees.
"Hurry up sis, damn your slow." He said.
"Shut up." I said. "It's your fault, you just had to have it."
"Hey, Remy likes it." He said holding up a necklace.
I touched my neck, it was the same necklace.
"Remy say you eyein it." he said and put it around my neck.
It started to fade away and they appeared back in Xaivers office.
"Lavender." Xaiver said.
"I'm going to bed." I said and hurried to my room. All my stuff was put away but something didn't seem right. I walked around and picked up a bracelet that was on my dresser.
I don't remeber you. I said to myself. Then again, I don't remember anything. I put the bracelet on.
Suddenly my head hurt so much. I put my hands on my head and fell on my knees. Memories came back all at once.
When I was born, growing up, thief's gild, everything. I opened my eyes to see Kurt with a worried look on his face, and then everything went black.
Everything seemed to look fuzzy. I pushed some hair of my eyes. My mouth felt dry.
"Your awake." Someone said. I looked up to see Kurt.
He hugged me and i hugged back.
"Hey." I said.
"You have be out for hours." He said pulling away looking at me.
"What happ...." I said but Kurt pressed his lips to mine.
My eyes widened, and I kissed back. But suddanly he pulled away. I opened my eyes to see Gambit holding Kurt by the coller.
"And what doo you think your doing." He said.
Kurt was about to respond but i shook my head. He teleported away.
"Brother." i said sitting up.
"so u remeber." he said smirking.

hoped u liked it.

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