Sasuke Love Story part 1 Past and Present

I had a brief moment of lightbulb above-my-head-ism(I had a idea), I found the picture on google and it linked me to quizilla! How wierd is that?(not very) I just found inspiration for this story in a day dream i had while trying to think of chapter 11 in Miz Story...I actually think this is the longest thing I ever wrote on Quizilla...Please rate I need to know if it was okay...

Created by bejealousgirl on Monday, August 24, 2009

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About you...
1218642943_4255_full.jpg(you and your awesome outfit)
Name::Hebi(meaning snake in japanese)(i looked that up 2)
Family::Orochimaru's daughter
Personality::When on the battlefield, you like to play with your opponents head. You take your time in spilling thier blood. But when off the battlefield you are constantly busy with training, reading, or the occasional chat with Kabuto.
Story starts...NOW!
Just like every other day I was training again, with Kabuto again, and holding back...again. Unknown to many, I was Orochimaru's one and only daughter. Well sortof.
Flashback Story...
Once Orochimaru had came upon a women dead against a tree when he was 38. Lying next to the women was a small new-born child. It was clear to him that the women had died after giving birth to the child. And he called on his assistant Kabuto to see if anything of use could come of the child. Kabuto did as he was told and went to pick her up. But the baby would not have that and slowly she started to dispurse great amounts of chakra, and while it had absolutley no effect on the man holding her, she herself began to turn red, and then as suddenly as it had happened she had fallin' asleep from using so much of her energy. Orochimaru was intriged by the power of such a small child, that he himself claimed her a his, and raised her as his daughter. During the time of her childhood, Orochimaru became tired of her running around not answering to his demands. That is until she jumped into his lap, being as small a child as she was, and began to pull at his hair. And everytime she started pulling his hair, it was known she had wanted something. Orochimaru had played along and asked her what she had wanted, and she simply said 'name'. He was utterly confused until Kabuto, being the little girls translater for 4 years now, told him that she wanted a name of her own. That way she could come when you call, and know when you need her. He sat and thought, 'what name suits the little girl?'. And he thought, and thought, and finally he decided that he would name her Hebi, meaning snake. The girl was very pleased as she jumped of the mans lap and headed back to Kabuto, so he could carry her around on his back and tell everyone her name. And he would do it to, he always did everything little Hebi asked of him, because that is what Orochimaru wanted him to do, he had specifically told him to grant her every wish, with in reason of course. If she asked him to dress up like a monkey, he would do it, not that she ever would ask such a thing. But if she asked him to bring harm to anything that involved Orochimaru he would have reported to Orochimaru right away and sent Hebi to the imprisonment cell for days. But thankfully she asked for neither of these things, for she dearly loved both Orochimaru and Kabuto. They were her only family and she wasn't planning on letting them go anytime soon. Of course thats when she was young and there was no Sasuke Uchiha taking her dear fathers time. Kabuto still remained with Hemi, more out of habit then orders. Orochimaru had relived him of that order long ago. 3 years ago to be exact, right when Sasuke came into Otogakure.
Now here I am with Kabuto my ever loyal friend. Yes he was in fact older then me by about seven years, but he is my best friend. He is the only thing that Uchiha hasn't stolen from me. Kabuto told me about Orochimaru's order long ago, andIhad decided that since he was sticking with me he was truely my friend.I would ask him to get me supplys every now and then, I didn't like to leave the village, as a matter of fact I wasn't allowed. He would always ask why I needed such suppies and I would tell him I was making art. I knew he wouldn't believe me, but he knew it didn't have to do with Orochimaru's plans, so he went and got them for me anyways.
What I was really doing is exploring the world of jutsu. Kabuto had told me on the day of Susuke's arrival about his life. I listened with entrigue as he told me about a Puppet Master named Sasori that had brainwashed him into spying on Orochimaru. He said that Orochimaru released him of his jutsu and gave him the option to join him. Thats how Kabuto joined up eith Orochimaru, but I kept asking questions of the Sasori man. About how he could control a puppet with chakura strings, and once I knew just how he had done it, I began to experiment for myself. Of course I trained with Kabuto, not letting my abilitys show through, for I was old enough now to relize if I ever wanted to prove something I had to do it on my own. And then I began to control my chakra to make the strings. That was three years ago that I had started with one measley barbie doll Orochimaru had gotten me at the age of 9. Now I am controling 6 hand made puppets, that would be absolutley lethel to touch, for I to like the Sasori man, had made a deadly poison that spread across the enemies body like a fire and slowly caught them in a Genjutsu created by my creatively sadistic mind. It locked the victim in a never ending street with angry oversized snakes. It was awful, I should know, I've tried it on myself. And at that time I was very thankful to Kabuto for teaching me healing techniques, for I thought I would have died without them.
But back to now. Kabuto was a great fighter don't get me wrong, but I honestly found it hard to lose to him. If I honestly had to fake another failed dodge I might just explode. Put in my podering I failed to notice that Kabuto was just standing, back to me, bowing to another one of my fathers followers. Kabuto then turned back to me with a slightly worried grin, and motioned for me to come with him. I followed were he was going annoyed by his slow pace, the one thing Kabuto knew about me was I had very little patience and I was very, very fast. And everytime I would tell him to go faster he would just snicker and slow down his pace. I noticed that we were heading back to the base, and noting the fact that Kabuto had cut training early meant it could not be good. He never let me leave early. Then as we started to near the base I could see my father standing in front of it with who I asumed to be Susuke. The only time I had ever seen him was when hecame intomy room on the first day he came here and glared at me, as father was explaining how Sasuke was going to be staying with us for a while, and I was not to attack him, for I would surely die if I did.
Y-Why is my father and that thing just standing there?
K-Ahh, so it is true. You have been fakeing your true abilitys. I knew there was something off about the way you always seemed to be leaving with barely a scratch on you during our training sessions.
Y-What are you saying?
K-Do you relize even I can't see them yet? I think you've been hiding something from me.
Y-And I was doing such a good job at it to.
K-Don't give yourself that much credit. One of the maids found your puppets, thats the whole reason were going back to the base so early.
I was worried. I was very skilled with those puppets, and if that maid had found them, I can only hope she wasn't stupid enough to touch them, for then my true trick would be revealed and I would be forced to give them up, I think..
We were about there I could see that Kabuto had seen them to, and them bam, we stopped directly across from them. Susuke seemed very content, and didn't even shift his sight at are arrival. But Orochimaru was a little taken aback by the fact that I was standing in front of him.
Y-Lord Orochimaru? Kabuto said you needed to see me?
O--deep Orochimaru laugh-Hebi? Is that really you? It seems as if you've grown...alot.
Y-You haven't seen me in 3 years. I would think I would have, Lord Orochimaru.
O-What is it with this Lord Orochimaru? You used to call me father, even on occasions you would call Kabuto brother.
Y-Kabuto is my sensei, and you are still father to me. Its just a habit now.
O-oh so you do not consider Kabuto as a brother? You used to be so close.
Y-Out of your orders, and ultimate control over him.
O-Heh. You've became smarter too, I see. We found semisa dead. It looked like someone teared her to shreads. I must ask how?
Y-She must have touched Allure, he's known to do that.
Y-Ahh, so it talks...(extra emphasis on the it)
O-Hebi. Who is Allure?
Y-He's my favorite. I spent most of my time on him. He looks very similar to Kabuto, but not exactly.
O-He's your favorite what?
Y-Oh, he's my favorite puppet. Didn't you see them? They were all along the wall of my room.
O-I never bothered to look in your room. What kind of puppets are these?
Y-Heh, their very special. Deadly too. I take it you have heard of Sasori, have you not?
His face was stricken. He was definatley shocked I knew of Sasori.
O-Yes, go on.
Y-I learned very much about him, how he uses puppets as weapons, even turning humans into them, keeping the chakra that theyhad and using thier jutsu. So I took it a step further, I took my own knowledge and created puppets out of humans, but instead of just hiding weapons in them I covered every inch of each one in a special genjutsu. Each puppet has his own, I try to keep the genjutsu similar to its puppet. But it takes a while to create such jutsu and it takes quite a few days to recover from it, if you can recover that is. So instead of using my self each time I used my next victim as my practice. It was quite a quest too. Allure was my most recent and thanks to that maid I now know he works.
O-Hebi, what have you been doing?
Y-Well alot more than puppets,I can you that.
O-What have you learned?
His voice was still caring, but I could tell he was slightly surprized. He thought I would never excel. But here I am about to tell him about everything I have learned.
Y-Well for one I know have to use that summoning snake thing of yours. I tried it once, but that was when I was facing Allure, he was quite a opponent it took a while to kill him. But thats about the biggest thing I've learned to do. Besides that I've learned a few of your techniques, and by a few I mean every single one that I've heard of. And I've learned a great many of Kabuto's. Ah and I have learned just one of it's.
I pointed to Sasuke, his eyes grew abit but he soon settled. But as for father he was intriged. I could tell he wanted to know just which one I learned of it's.
O-Hebi, exactly which one of Sasuke's have you learned?
He was bending down now, staring at me with his snake like eyes. It was intimidating, but I have known him long, and grew used to it.
Y-Well I don't exsactly know how to spell it, but I'm pretty sure it sounds like Sharingan?
S-You couldn't have! Your bluffing! That is inherited, and I can assure you your are of no relation to me.
Y-Silly Mutt, I don't need bloodlines, I have my own way of obtaining jutsu! Even my father here couldn't do what I do!
S-But how! You can't just learn something like that!
Y-Puppets Uchiha, puppets.
S-What do puppets have to do with this?
O-Susuke! Calm down, it is not going to help when you scream at her. Please continue Hebi.
Y-Very well. I have a total of six unique puppets. The first one, Omar, is the weakest. the second and third are Sakon and Ukon, remember them, hah not the best. But they did take longer to make into puppets, after they were brought back to the village thier bodies were very useless, but I made due. theforth is just a simple hade made puppet. It looks quite a bit like you Sasuke, I use it for target pratice time, heh. And the Sixth as I said is Allure my favorite.
O-And the fifth?
Y-I was getting to that. The fifth is none other then Setsuna Uchiha. He ran from the leaf village a long time ago. I had found him while training with the rest of my puppets. He was a rather cruel man, but his eyes entrigued me,after killing him,I used his jutsu and transfered his entire knowledge and abiltys to my body. Then once I had what I needed to assess the ability of Sharingan, I transfered it back to him, leaving just enough so that I could control it. Which in a matter of weeks after that I had controled the full power of the basic Sharingan. But the puppet seems to have lacked in power after that, so I went back a extracted every once of its power, turning it into a plain puppet. Now I am capible of learning more than just the basic's. Its quite amazing really.
Y-I wasn't happy with being bored so I learned. I'd bet everything I own that I could kill that mutt over there without a second glance, at least right now I could. While he's confused. But I'm not a miricale worker here, I haven't had time to perfect every jutsu I have, they are quite pathetic actually. The only one I know how to control to the best of my abiltiy is the puppets. And seeing as they are safely put away I have only second rate skills.
S-hnn, I bet if you tried, you could master everyone of them.
Y-Are you mocking me?!
S-No, it was a complent. I'm impressed actually. And here I thought Orochimaru was caring for a little usless brat. hnn,I think I should train with her, Orochimaru. She seems very skilled, and maybe I could help her control the Sarringan a little.
Y-What makes you think I would train with you?
O-What if I asked you to do it?
Y-Woah, you want me to!? What if I get killed! Then what? Or am I just another one of those experiments of yours?
O-No, no, I am pretty sure Sasuke wouldn't kill you, but don't you ever think of yourself as an expirement. You know as well as I that Kabuto's the only one who can help me with that, and even if I begged him I don't think he could do it. Anyways your my daughter, and I wouldn't kill you, and hopefully neither will Susuke, he seems intent on helping you.

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