iEmma [Characters]

iEmma is going to be a series of stories about a girl named Emma. It's going to portray her life which is filled with drama, boys, high school, boys, drama, and did I mention boys? This is going to get interesting... Stay tuned for updates! xoxo SMILEnatLUVSyou

Created by SMILEnatLUVSyou on Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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iEmma is going to be a series of stories about a girl named Emma. It's going to portray her life which is filled with drama, boys, high school, boys, friends, boys, drama, and did I mention boys?

The first story takes place the Summer after her junior year in high school.

It is going to be called:

iEmma; My Summer in a Small Town!

This is a story about high school teenagers who live in south east Michigan. The main character,

Emma Elizabeth Willow played by Shenae Grimes
16 years old [turns 17 early in the story]
Birthday: June 22nd
From: Ann Arbor, MI

is forced to spend the summer up north with her older sister due to family troubles.

Samantha Lynn Willow played by Jessica Stroup
[Emma's older sister]
25 years old
From Ann Arbor, now lives in Pleasantview, MI

Chelsea Cole (CiCi) played by Miriam Mcdonald
17 years old
Emma's Best friend
Ann Arbor, MI


Emma and Chelsea have been best friends since they were 6!

These two girls have been through just about everything together...

They have lived in the same neighborhood for their whole lives, and they would be lost without their best guy friend, and neighbor:

Jayden Thomas played by Zack Efron
17 years old
Ann Arbor, MI

The rest of the characters live in Pleasantview, MI:

Brad Tyler played by Tom Welling

26 years old


Logan Tyler played by Alex Evans
17 years old (turning 18 August, 21)


Blake Stevens
19 years old


Callie Stevens played by Demi Lovato
16 years old

Peter Xavier Brown played by Jamie Johnston
16 years old

Hunter Alexander Brown played by Alex Pettyfer
19 years old
Pleasantview, MI


These will be the characters! More information will be revealed as you read each chapter! Also, more characters will be introduced as the story progresses!



Riley Walker played be Cintia Dicker

17 years old



Tanya Green played by Taylor Swift

17 years old


Aubrey Mitchell played by Hadyen Panettiere

17 years old


Nicole Harrison played by Leighton Meester

17 years old


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