.:Bleach:. Ichigo ~One shot~

First of this kind of type thingy so be easy on the rating please. ^_^ Message me if you want someone else.

Created by toshirofan14 on Thursday, September 03, 2009


"Man fighting hollows is getting more and more tiring everytime i fight them." A light sigh slipped out of your mouth as you walked down the street to your house. "HeyShizukowait up!"
"Huh?" You turned around to see Rukia running straight at you. "Oh hey Rukia." You smile as she catches her breathe. "Shizuko you up for a party at Ichigo's?" You said still breathing hard from running after you. "What!? Right now?" You ask as she raises her head. "Yes why are you doing something else?" She gave you a glare as you rubbed the back of your head. "Well no not exactly, but I just got done battling with a hollow and well I'm not really party fit." She sighed "Fine go home get ashower change then come over to Ichigo's house alright. "Uh...o-ok."
"Good!" She smiled thenran off.
You just atch until she disappears from your sight thencontinued to walk to your house. Minutes later you cameup to your door opened it and headed straightfor the shower. Once you were done you put on a cute blue top, short black jean shorts and lastly pulled your hair up into a high ponytail. "Alright time to go over to Ichigo's." You grabbed your house keys and left.
*5 Minutes Later*
"Well I'm here." You walked up the path to the door and knocked.
Renji opened the door opened the door.
"Oh hey Renji are you here for the part-" He cut you off by yelling she's here, grabbing your wrist and dragging you up stairs into Ichigo's room. "Whoa Renji slow down!" You yelled as he realesed your wrist and ran into Ichigo's room. "Wait Renj-Ahhh!" You tripped on the last step and fell face first into floor. "Ouch!" You moaned as you lay there on the floor until Rukia came out and pulled you up and into Ichigo's room as Renji tried to earlier. "Man whats with all the pulling?" You looked around as Rukia went to a corner and bringing a bowl towards you. "Shizuko pick something." Rukia smiled at you then went back to her seat. "Uh whats going on here Rukia?" You asked staringat the bowl now in your hands. "You'll see, now pick!" She spat. "Okay, okay." You reached your hand into the bowl and pull out a little strawberry key-chain. "Aw how cute!" You smiled and started swinging it in circles. "Whoa whats going on here!?" You yelled as Renji picked you up, walked over to the closet and threw you in. "Renji what was that for? Let me out of here!"
"Not until 30 minutes are up!" You backed away from the door and thought for a moment then it struck you 30 minutes in heaven! It ringed inside your head over and over. "No way." You walked over to a corner and sat down. "It's ok maybe I'll get someone who won't try anything." The door opened and closed.
You wanted to know who you got so you crawled over to the oppsite side of teh closet feelign around until you hit something hard. "Ow." You heard someone say. "Oh man I'm sorry I didn't mean to I just wanted to know I was in here with." You said. "Don't worry about it." You noticed something just then who you had got. "I-Ichigo?" You mummbled. "Yea."
Oh no you thought. You had the biggest crush on Ichigo for the longest time but never told him. You quickly turned away and crawled to the other side of the closet, but without looking you rammed into the wall. "Ow!" You yelped. "Whats wrong are you ok?" You felt someone beind you and you jumped back causing him to fall to the floor withyou on top of him. "Oh I-I um sorry ichigo."
You both blushed and before you knew it Ichigo's lips connected with yours. You froze and he pulled away. "I'm sorry it's just I have liked you for awhile and couldn't help myself." He blushed even darker shades of red as he spoke. Youcouldn't believe what you were hearing. Then after a minute of telling yourself you weren't dreaming you took Ichigo's face in your hands and kissed him roughly. "Ichigo I like yu too." You said. He smiled "Does this mean we can have some fun together after all?" You nodded and before you knew it he had you pinned aginst the wall. One arm holding your arms the other stroking yoursides. "I-Ichigo." He put a finger over your lips. "Hush I said we're going to have fun and we're going to do just that." He smirked as he crashed his lips onto yours. He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance and you let him in. You didn't fight him and let roam your mouth with his tounge. He slowly moved down your jawline and to your neck. You went down your neck searching for your soft spot. He found it and when it sucked on it made you moan. He let his hands wonder down your stomach and rest on your hips. You rested your arms on his chest and felt his muscles. He tugged at your shirt seconds later, you took the hint and lifted your arms over your head as he pulled off your shirt. He kissed you agian and tried to stick his tounge in your mouth but you wouldn't let him in. He smirked "So thats how it's gonna be." He pulled you away from the wall then smashed back into it making you gasp. He took the chance and slid in his tounge, but you didn't give up and bit his tounge. He quickly pulled away. "Ow!" He groaned sticking out his tounge. You giggled then leaned in close to his ear. "If I don't give you the key, don't come in." You smirked a seductive smirk, walked over to the corner where your shirt was andpulled it on. You reached into your pocket and took out lipgloss, put some on your lips and slipped it back into your pocket. "Shizuko I don't under-" You cut him off this time with a soft kiss leaving him wanting more of youand thenstepped back to the other corner. You heard Ichigo mubble one word after licking his lips..."Strawberries?" You smiled "Smart boy." A few moments later the door flew open to reveal Renji standing in the doorway holding a camera. "Ah man you guys didn't do anything." Renji complained. "Oh we did something." You winked at Ichigo, smiled at Renjiand walked out your hands in your back pockets. You walked back to your seat and Ichigo wentto his, but the whole night you two never stopped exchanging glances at one another.
Hope you liked it and it wasn't to suckish, but it was my first one. Please rate and message. ^_^

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