Tell me-wolf-who am i?part1(a koga quiz)(sorry girls only)

thank you sweetfoxysasuke for the banner! U r a girl that looks anyway u want,but have golden eyes,u r a orphan who lives with abusive foster parents.u have 2 friends called Melody and katlyn,katlyn is short with brown hair,and melody is tall with blond hair.

Created by kogas1girl on Thursday, December 15, 2005


Read memo!~QUIZ START~U guys were just leaving a party and were talking about a talent show that was coming up.U guys were in the park when u heard a sqwaky small voice say"But Mi'lord,why r we folowing these wenches?"Since u guys were the only people who were in the park,u knew what 'whenches'he was talking about.So u guys were running like HELL!u didn't get far untill someone grabbed u."When i let go,"said a monotone voice behind u,ur captore."U will not scream."u nodded ur head so he knows u will not scream.your friends were just ahead,ready to run when u get lose,u were the best fighter in the school.u turn to look at the guy when he lets go.he had golden eyes just like u,he also looked familiar,"I am Sesshoumaru."he said."i am Kathy"u said.He looks u up and down before he says"Jaken, knock the other 2 out.""WTF!"u yell when u see a toad like thing come into veiw"RUN U GUYS!AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?AND U BETTER NOT TOUCH MY FRIENDS OR ELSE!"u manage to say before he ko u out.....this is where i leave u off.plz rate
WTF I THOUGHT THIS WAS A KOGA QUIZ!k1g:it is just wait.
see u soon!this is sesshoumaru!and Koga.

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