Loss and Love (sasuke) ch 7

Created by franny404 on Monday, September 07, 2009



You had just parted with kari. **WHy did she lie to me** yyou found yourself wondering. You shook your head. "Baka! It shouldnt matter" you said out loud. SUddenly there was screaming and yelling a few blocks down and sirens went off. You turned to see what the comotion was about. You couldnt see a fire or anything. **What on earth is it then?" you wondered. Being as you werent tired you decided to go and see.

A few blocks later you realized you were on Karis street. **Guess she knows whats going on** you thought. "Sir the entire family is dead except for 2 missing bodies. Kari and her father" said an officer behind you. Your eyes widened in shock. **Missing*** you thought. The word echoed through your head. **Her families dead??** You sprinted into the roped off area ignoring the protests from gurads. "Kari!? KARI?" you called. No one aswered. **damnit Kari where are you** you thought. Quickly you calmed our senses trying to sense her chakura. With a relief you felt it. But it was so faint that she had to be far away. **Towards the forest!** you realized. You sprinted off in that direction

your pov

Tears streamed down your face as you ran. You were alf blind being it was pitch black out. Sobs came from your mouth. "No no no" you cried over again and again. Suddenly a root caught your foot and you fell to the ground hard. You struggled back up but you just gave up and collapesed in the pouring rain. LIghtning stuck somewhere close and you shrank away from it. **Mom... Kio*** you thought. Slowly you got to your feet and leaned against a tree.


The dyeing face of kio flashed in your head. "No" you whispered.


"KARI!" you called. The worry of your pride and arrogance had completely left your mind. All you could think about was kari. Lightning flashed again lighting up the forest. Your eyes widened. Just ahead of you was Kari. On her knees against a tree. Facing down. "Kari" you whisperd.

your pov

"Kari" came avoice from behind you. It scared you and you snapped around eyes wide and pannicky. It was Sasuke. "Sasuke" you whispered. He walked up to you. "Kari" he said helping you up. You closed our eyes trying to hold back more tears. But they came never the less. He put his forehead against your and you clung to him.


(ignore his jacket)

But still knowing it was sasuke you didnt fling urself in his arms. Though, you realized, you wanted nothing more then to do exactly that. However, to your surprise he pulled you into his chast and carassed your head and back. You struggled to get away wanting to run away. But he hed you tight. "Their dead!" their dead their all gone!" you sobbed into him. "I know... I know" you whispered. You found your vision fading and eventualy you colapsed out of exhastion


Heres an AMV link of the last two chapters and the future ones to come :) please watch it and my other ones :)


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