The fox leaves the wolf. (A Jacob Black story) [15] Stone house.

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Created by Callypop on Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Emerson travelled so fast I couldn’t see where we were going blurred colors of different shades of green flew by us. I could feel the temperature drop as we travelled farther away from Jacob. Splashes of white seem to blur into our surroundings. It was also getting harder to breath. I never bothered looking forward I kept staring behind us. I can still see Jacob’s face, it was burned into my eyelids every time I blinked.

Emerson had stopped for a few seconds. We were standing in front of a small broken done stone house. He set me down and dragged me into the house. The snow crunched under my stumbling bare feet. Corliss and Thatcher were sitting at a small round wooden table playing a game of cards. Corliss looked up at me and grinned evilly at me. She got up from the table and went to move for me. Thatcher grabbed her by the arm and forced her back down into her chair. She glared over at him.

“But we have them all now! You said once we had them all we could eat them.” Corliss said.

“You really want to eat her. She smells repulsive.” Emerson said looking down at me.

Corliss sniffed the air towards me. She shook her head in disagreement. “She just smells like the wolves. Like the others girls did. Just hose her off and put her with the rest of them.” Corliss said slumping down into her chair.

Emerson dragged me through the small living room. The room was cold and dirty. It looked like this place only had been lived in for a couple of months. Emerson pushed opened a door that led to a filthy bathroom. He opened the shower door, threw me in and turned on the water. The water was freezing against my skin. He grabbed a bar of soap from a cabinet above the toilet.

“Here.” He said tossing it to me.

I caught it, looked at the soap and looked up at him. He closed the bathroom door and leaned his back against it. “Well, start washing yourself. I’m not leaving you in here all by yourself. Don’t want you to get away.” Emerson said crossing his arms.

Slowly and hesitantly I started washing myself, but never once did I look away from Emerson. He smirked as he watched me. “You know you’re not like the other girls. There’s something different about you. I just haven’t figured it out… yet.” His voice was beautiful and cruel.

“Where are the girls?” I demanded.

“Don’t worry you’ll see them. As soon as you wash the god awful scent of that wolf of you, you can see them.” Emerson said smirking. A low growl came from my throat. Emerson just chuckled at me. “You’ve been around that damn wolf for too long your starting to mimic him.” Emerson said.

I turned off the water after I was finished washing myself. Emerson threw a towel at me. It hit me so hard in the chest that the force of his throw threw me into the back wall of the shower. “Here put these on.” Emerson said pointing to some bunched up cloths on the bathroom sink. As I pulled the shirt on I noticed to smelt like hemlock. After I got dressed Emerson grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the bathroom. He dragged me past Corliss and Thatcher. “You didn’t hose her down to well. She still smells like those wolves.” Thatcher said placing two card down and taking two more from the deck. Emerson ignored Thatcher and unlocked a metal door just on the other side of Corliss and Thatcher. There was a small glass window in the door. Emerson opened the door and threw me in. He slammed the door behind me. After I heard the door lock I looked around the room. The room was pitch black I couldn’t see anything.

All of a sudden I was pinned to the ground someone was sitting on top of me. I felt their hands grip around my neck. Their grip tightened around my throat. I grabbed the arms and threw them off of me. Suddenly the light flickered on and I saw who was trying to choke me.

“Emily!” I screamed running over to her. I wrapped my arms around her tightly embracing her in a hug. “Sarah!” Emily said gasping for air. I let go of her a blushed sheepishly. “Sarah!” I heard a familiar high pitched voice say. A small pair of arms wrapped around my waist. “Claire your ok!” I said looking down at the little six year old on my waist. I looked around the room. All girls were staring at me with relived looks on their faces. Kim and Rachael rushed towards me. Both of them wrapped their arms around me.

“Are you guys ok? They haven’t hurt you have they?” I asked frantically.

Kim, Rachael, and Emily looked down at their hands. “What have they done?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows together. Kim covered her face with her hands and started crying. Rachael starting rubbing Kim’s back trying to comfort her. I turned to Emily. “Thatcher and Emerson haven’t….” My voice trailed off. Emily quickly looked up at me then down at her hands again. She nodded slowly. I shot up from the floor and ran to the door.

“You stupid bloodsucking creatures. I swear I’m going to rip each of you apart for what you’ve done!” I screamed slamming my fists into the metal door. My fists made some decent sized dents in the door. I looked through the window Emerson was standing with his eyebrow cocked up. He looked down at the dents in the door. Thatcher and Corliss stood behind him looking at the dents I had made. They all looked at each other in confusion. All of a sudden Corliss’s eyes went wide.

Corliss whispered something her brothers. Thatcher was not amused at all while Emerson looked at me with interest. He walked up to the door and rested his arm against the door. “So you’re a wolf yourself? I knew there was something different about you, but something’s off you don’t smell completely repulsive. Can’t wait to find out what that is.” Emerson said. He leaned in closely. “I’ll get an answer out of you by pain or pleasure.” He whispered.

I couldn’t take it anymore, he made my skin crawl. I balled my fist up and punched through the glass window. Glass shattered everywhere as it sliced through my skin. I did however manage to catch Emerson off guard. My fist collided with his face. It felt so good to hear the face of his skull crack. My blood splattered all over his face. He stumbled back, Thatcher managed to catch him but my blood all over his face distracted him and Corliss. They jumpedon him trying to drink my blood off of him. He was trying desperately to fight them off. While the vampires were busy fighting with each other I pulled my arm back and worked quickly. I painfully started pulling each shard out of my hand. Rachael quickly tore a long piece from her dress and wrapped my hand. A few minutes later my hand was all healed. I threw the bloody piece of cloth out through broken window.

The metal door unlocked and flung open and Emerson walked in. The girls ran behind me. I crouched down slightly in a protective threatening position. Emerson walked over to me grabbed me by the hair and started pulling out of the room. “You stupid little bitch! I was going to be nice to you and force the answer out of you by pleasure but you had to be a bitch.” Emerson said throwing me on the ground.

“Get up.” He spat.

This was my chance to get back at Emerson. I didn’t have to worry about Corliss or Thatcher because they were laying on the ground unconscious, which kind of had me worried. If he could do that to two vampires imagine what he could do to me. I was starting to panic he could kill me, but I still had to fight. I was the girls’ only source of protection.

I stood up and slowly started taking off my clothes. Emerson smirked at me. His position wasn’t as tense as it was before. He let his guard down a little. Men are so predictable. “There see how easy it was to give yourself up to me.” He said slightly softer. I unwilling nodded. “Come here.” He said. Again I unwilling nodded.

I gave Emerson what he wanted. I defiantly came to him, but he didn’t specify in what form I had to come to him in. I lunged towards Emerson in mid lunged I changed into my fox form. His eyes went wide as I tried to sink my teeth into Emerson. Only problem was my mouth still hurt from biting into Edward.

Stupid Edward I thought.

SARAH! Jacob’s voice screamed in my head

Hearing his voice distracted me. Emerson grabbed onto me by the skin on my neck. He held me up and started grinning. “So this is your big secret. I suppose this is better than a wolf. Foxes are easy to kill.” Emerson said. He walked me over to the room with all the girls and threw me in. I landed on the floor pretty hard.

“Sarah!” Rachael yelled running over to me. She picked me up and cradled me. The rest of the girls crowded around me. “Sarah are you ok?” Emily asked. I slowly nodded my head. “Sarah I’m scared.” Claire cried. I leaned over to her and gently licked her cheek.

The girls! I heard Quil say.

Sarah what’s going on? Sam asked.

Jacob! Jacob I’m sorry. I was forced to say all that! I would never leave you. I’m so sorry. Corliss threatened me if I didn’t do what she said she would kill the girls. I’m so sorry please forgive me. I pleaded with my mate.

We kind of figured it wasn’t you saying it. Since when do you know the word confined. Quil asked.

Ah shut up I know lots of words. I retorted.

And usually when you leave someone so cruelly like that you don’t cry. Sam said

I was hoping someone would catch that I said.

Is Kim alright? Did those blood suckers hurt her? Jared asked.

Kim’s alright. They kind of her hurt. All of the girls are ok. Kim Emily and Rachael have… My voice trailed off. The wolves already knew what I was thinking.

Those stupid fucking bastards! Paul yelled.

Sarah where are you guys? Sam asked.

I don’t know Emerson travelled too fast I couldn’t see where he was taking me. But the house we’re in is made of stone and there’s a strong smell of Hemlock in the air. Oh and there’s snow on the ground. Wait and it’s really hard to breath here. I answered.

The smell of hemlock is everywhere around here. Quil said.

So we know there close. Sam said.

They’ve got to be somewhere up in the mountains. The high altitude makes it hard to breath. Seth said.

That answers the snow part. Sarah you’re going to have find out more information about this place, and protect the girls. Sam said.

With my life. I assured them.

Sarah… Jacob said lowly.

Yes Jacob.

Be strong, protect the girls. I will find you. I love you. Jacob said.

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