ICarly Fanfiction - Chapter One: Taken.

Carly, Sam, and Freddie are taken. (Seddie, sorta.)

Created by cookiesandmilk456 on Sunday, September 13, 2009

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"And we're clear." Freddie said as usual one night in the ICarly studio. "Nicely done, girls." He said with a grin. "Yeah, yeah. You too, Fredward." Sam said flopping down in a squashy purple bean bag chair. There was an abrupt Ding-a-ling-ling! And the two girls jumped, Freddie hurried torward his laptop and said, "Calm down! Oh, look we got a new e-mail." Freddie did some clicking and read aloud, "Dear ICarly, My partners and I would like to talk buisness with you, we'd like to advertise ICarly at some of the Seattle football games. We'd be delighted if you'd meet us at our warehouse in Seattle at 52nd Street on this Saturday night. Please respond soon, The Seattle Seahawks." Their response was instantaneous, the trio shrieked in unison, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" They jumped up and down and then Carly said, "That tommorow night!" Sam smiled, "I know! This'll be so cool!" "Yeah!" Freddie agreed. They ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where they all hugged Spencer tightly, well Freddie did for a second until Sam gave him a look and he let go in fear of losing the use of his legs if he didn't. "Why are we hugging?" Spencer said loudly over Carly and Sam's loud, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"'s. "We-are-gonna-be-advertised-at-Seahawks games!" Carly said breathlessly hugging Spencer tighter. "Ack! Not breathing." Spencer gasped and Sam and Carly loosened their grip. "Well thats snazztastic!" Spencer said happily. The hugging stopped. "Snazztastic?" Sam said. "You know, fantastic added to snazzy..." Spencer trailed off or he could have kept talking but it was not heard over Carly and Sam's "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"'s again. The next night Carly and Sam were sitting in front of a small mirror staring at their reflections critically. "Hey, I'm here." Freddie said pushing open the door. "I- woah." He stood in the doorway still when Sam turned torward him. She looked even prettier than usual, he thought. "Is it too much?" Carly asked. "No, it's fine. Ready to go?" He asked them. "Yeah." The girls said. Looking in the mirror self-consciously Sam grabbed a nail file and stuffed it in her pocket, her nails were like jagged daggars. "See you later, Spencer!" Carly called pulling her coat off the hook by the door. "Okay! Call me if you need anything!" Spencer's muffled voice called back from the shower. About a seven blocks later they had reached their destination. "Well, here we go." Freddie breathed and they all walked in. "Er- You go in first, Freddie." Sam said nervously, checking her reflection in a tinted window. "Okay, fine." Freddie said and walked in. They all entered a lobby, Freddie in the lead, and followed a winding corridor to a pair of doors. "Okay, lets go." Freddie said and took a step in. No sooner had he stepped in that he had been hit hard over the head with a long piece of plywood. Freddie fell to the concrete floor and before Sam could shriek, "FREDDIE!" That someone had grabbed her and Carly and taped their mouths shut and blindfolded them. Sam tried to scream but the tape held strong, her hands were tied behind her back and she was being dragged away. She was roughly thrown into a colder room when she felt a hand in her pocket. It retrieved her phone and a voice said, "Thanks, luv." And she heard the door close and lock as he left. "Carly?" Sam called. "Sam?" Sam was terrified, "I'm here where are you?" Sam heard Carly scooting across the floor and then she felt her bump into her, "Oops, sorry. I'm here." Carly whispered. "Where's Freddie?" Sam whispered back. "I don't know." Carly replied. Sam felt around behind her and felt a stabbing pain in her palm, "Ouch!" Sam whispered and picked up whatever had done the damage. "What?" Carly whispered back. "Nothing I found some kind of, " Sam felt it and realized it was a sharp rock, "It's a sharp rock or something." Sam whispered. She suddenly got an idea, she started sawing off the ropes around her hands. They broke free and she pulled off the blindfold and tape. "Carly, turn around." She whispered and untied her and Carly removed her own tape and blindfold. "Thanks." Carly whispered with a grin. Sam turned around and whispered frightened, "Freddie!" Freddie was lying on the ground on the other side of the small cell, unconscience, or worse. No not worse, Sam thought desperately. Freddie!" She whispered crawling torward him, Carly behind her. "Fred-ee." Sam whispered, waving her hand in front of his closed eyes. "Can you hear me?" She whispered and he let out a muffled groan.

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