Vampiric Seduction (Lesbian)

This is a story about girls falling love with girls. i am not a lesbian, i thought it would be a very interesting thing to write about. if you like it, please comment it. i f you dont, then why waste your time sending me a bogus comment.

Created by VampireFanatic73 on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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I watch her undress in the locker room, her pink lacey bra pressed tightly against her chest, breasts protruding the fabric. She turns and smiles at my eager eyes.

“See something you like, Becca?”

I look down, my face totally flushed. My own breasts were so small, and she had a lot more curves than I did. I was plain old Rebecca, and she was exotic Michaela. She was gorgeous, not to mention older than me. And she loved girls. Younger girls especially.

I had been in love with her ever since she first started talking to me. This being a practically lesbian academy and all, it was only natural that I had affection for one person. Michaela, being almost every girls prime interest, had been mine as well. She was beautiful, a Hawaiian princess. She knew how to sing, and act. She looked like a pacific goddess when she danced. I had been blessed by being in the same P.E class as her. Although I didn’t get to show off with anything like physical strength, but I cheered her on when she played sports.

Especially basketball. The way her breasts bounced up and down as she dribbled drove all of us crazy. Or when she bent over in her cheerleading outfit. She was such a tease. And way out of my league.

But I managed to snag a locker next to hers. We even lived in the same dorm as each other. On the same floor. And I ran into her at the bathroom one night, as she just exited to shower. Without her towel on.

“Hey Becca,” she said with a smirk. God her breasts were huge. And she had an awesome torso. Not to mention and awesome….

“Oh hey,” I say with a flushed face. Turning to the sink I unzip my toothbrush bag, and pull out my floss. that’s when I see her reflection in the mirror.

Her arms wrap around my neck, and she presses her enormous breasts into my bare back. Shockwaves drill throughout my body, and she nibbles my earlobe.

“You’re so cute, I feel like eating you up.”

Perverted, but it made me tingle with pleasure.

“Come see me sometime. My dorm mate is always with her girlfriend. Maybe we could have some fun.” she whispers. I feel one of her hands sliding down my stomach, to the top of my underwear, and sliding underneath them. And her long, beautiful fingers brush across my….

And as they do, I feel them creep inside, and I hold my breath. And I wait as she jerks them around pushing them harder, going further.

I cry out softly, and she licks my jaw line.

Her other hand, grips my breast tightly. I have no idea how. There was barely anything there. I feel my own hands clasping hers, making her grip them tighter.

“Lovely Becca, I cant wait to continue this. Come over anytime.”

I snap back into reality, and realize that me and Michaela are the only ones left in the locker room, and school is already over. She is taking her bra off, and is only a few inches from me.

“So Becca, when did you want to come over? The rooms all mine tonight.” she said with a sly smile. “I’ve been missing you.”

That made me smile a little. Michaela was so gorgeous, and so awesome, and so cool and she wanted me. She unclips the fasten to her bra, and her glorious boobs spill over the fabric, sending a flame up my east coast. she notices how much it thrills me, and strips her underwear as well.

And I totally almost fall over, before she catches me, her nipples pressing against mine. Well, mine were still inside a bra but same thing. She traces the cheekbone under my left eye, and I can see the glint of lust in her eyes. And her lips mold into mine, and I feel her lifting my cheerleading skirt above my hips. And then she pushes my underwear down to my knees.

I feel her tongue against my lips, and I invite it in, massaging it with my own. She unclips my bra, and unzips my skirt, pulling it off my legs.

“Becca, you’re so innocent. So young. God your so sexy.” she whispered in my ears. She pulls of my underwear as well, and her mouth comes so close to my pussy, that I can feel the steam coming from her breath. And that was when, our coach walks in and finds us about three seconds away from having sex.

“It’s against school’s policy.” she says taking a good look at both of us. “Having sex with the underage students especially, Ms. Kulai. Its very tempting I’m sure, but Ms. Ross is still under eight-teen.”

That was when she turned to me.

“You, Ms. Ross, are still only a freshman. Having a romantic relationship with a senior is prohibited.” she said, looking me over once more. If she would’ve told us to get dressed I would’ve been less convinced that she had the hot’s for Michaela.

“Yes, we understand, Coach Edwards.” she said, her dazzling smile fixed on the coach’s face.

We were free to go.

As Michaela slips on her underwear, she winks at me. She leaves her bra off, and puts a very thin, see-through tank top on.

“Please, return this to me later.” she whispers, stuffing the bra into my hands, and then grabbing my ass as quickly as possible.

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